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Three of Us (Three of Us #1)

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Ella Goode

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Olivia is ready for two things: college and her men.
Despite dating the Audley twins since she was fifteen, it’s been a chaste relationship. No matter how she tries to tempt them.
Her men haven’t even kissed her, and she’s tired of waiting. The minute she hits campus where the two men have been hiding out for the last two years while somehow still keeping tabs on her every move, she will shake their world.
Levi and Zeke made a promise to Olivia’s mom they wouldn’t touch her until she was ready. They’re not sure what that means, but they know they will wait forever just to have her. The problem is that Olivia keeps testing their vows. It’s hard not to give your girl what she wants when that’s all you’ve ever wanted to do.
The minute the clock turns midnight, though, all bets are off.
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Three of Us Series by Ella Goode

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“Aren’t those the Audley twins? Why are they here in the girls’ dorm?”

“Is someone dating one of them?”

“No way. Literally, they think they are too good for anyone here.”

“They are too good for anyone here.”

“I think they’re assholes. Last semester, Hope Decker offered them homemade brownies, and they left them on the porch where animals ate them.”

“Hope Decker cooks? How? Doesn’t she live in the Delta house?”

“She bought them from Sanchez’s bakery and they were homemade there.”

I catch my brother rolling his eyes at this conversation. We’d been kind to Hope. She hit on both of us and we both turned her down, telling her we weren’t available, but she couldn’t take no for an answer. Leaving the Sanchez brownies out for the raccoons to eat hurt a little because Sanchez’s baked goods are the bomb but we couldn’t encourage the Decker girl. It wouldn’t be fair to her. She’s just not that interesting. Hopefully, this year she’ll grow obsessed with someone other than my brother and me. Not that it would matter much. Olivia is finally here. Olivia and all of her boxes.

My brother and I motor up the three floors, skipping the busy elevator line, and stroll down the hall. Of course, Olivia’s at the end. A bunch of girls chatter as we walk by, but I pay little attention to what they’re saying. It’s the same old stuff about how Levi and I are stuck-up fuckers. They’d still stab their mothers to ride our dicks. Not real interested in that.

There’s only one girl that gets to ride my dick and that’s Olivia. When we reach her dorm room, there’s a crowd of girls and it parts like the sea.

“Who is she?” someone asks.

“New girl.”

“I bet it’s their sister.”

Olivia appears at the doorway with her arms outstretched. “Are these the last boxes?”

I jerk my head over my shoulder. “Levi’s right behind me with the last ones. And I’ve got these, so why don’t you move your sexy ass to the right so I can put them down.”

Behind me there’s a chorus of gasps as they absorb the intel that Olivia is not my fucking sister. I drop my load on the floor and survey the small room.

“Why don’t we take a bunch of stuff over to our apartment? We can store it there,” I tell my girl.

She shakes her pretty head, her blonde silk hair moving like a curtain. “What if I need something in the morning? I don’t want to walk over to your place before class.”

“You should just live with us,” Levi says, kicking the door shut and dropping his two boxes next to mine.

“The rules say all freshman have to live on campus,” she informs us.

My twin and I exchange a knowing glance. That’s our Olivia—a rule follower to the end. She unzips a small satchel and pulls out a pair of scissors.

“I’ll unpack and then we can have lunch in”—she glances at her watch—“two hours?”

Levi pulls out an empty chair and drops into it. “You just got here and I haven’t seen you in three weeks. I’m not going anyway.” He always arrives on campus early because of football practice. “Zeke can move the truck and get us lunch. I’ll help with the boxes and you can share all the details of what went down on the car ride here.” He wiggles his eyebrows.

Olivia huffs. “Nothing, as per usual. I’m nearly eighteen now, but your brother still treats me like I’m twelve.”

“I didn’t know you when you were twelve. You moved next door to us when you were fifteen,” I remind her.

“It’s all the same. I will die a virgin,” she exclaims dramatically and throws herself on the bed, scissors still in her hand.

Levi lunges toward her and catches her arm before the scissors can poke out an important organ. Our baby is…clumsy, to put it kindly.

“I’ll open the boxes,” he says.

I give him a grateful look before pulling the keys from my pocket. “What do you want for lunch?”

“Mmmmm, how about the two of you?” She lies on her back and makes a small snow angel gesture with her arms and legs.

I clear my suddenly dry throat. Levi drops the scissor to the floor.

“None of that,” I scold. “You know the rules.”

She sits up and the oversized thin gray T-shirt that was my brother’s from high school stretches across her collarabones to expose a delicious shoulder. “The rules were that there was no touching until I’m eighteen, but my birthday is in five days. What does it matter?”

I force my eyes away from the golden skin. “It matters,” I reply gruffly. Levi hasn’t moved.

“It’s five days, you guys!” She scrambles to her knees, catching the shirt underneath her legs and making the whole situation a thousand times worse. The tearing sound fills the quiet dorm room. Levi groans and covers his face with his hand. I bore holes through the door and remind myself that I’ve waited three years so another five days won’t kill me.