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Belong Together (Three of Us #2)

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Ella Goode

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Olivia knows that loving her two men isn’t conventional, but she’s determined to have them even if the whole world disapproves.

Levi and Zeke have claimed their girl, but not everyone is happy for them. There are some arrows that even the two of them can’t block.

The three will have to stand strong in order to convince all that matter that the three of them belong together.
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Three of Us Series by Ella Goode

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Chapter One


“Are you walking bowlegged?” Strands from Erika’s high ponytail fall over her shoulder as she glances down at my legs.

“No!” I whisper-yell at her, but her question makes me wonder, and I can’t help but sneak peeks downward as we walk to class together. To be honest, if I am walking strange, it wouldn’t be shocking. The twins have put me through a workout this whole week. Still, I didn’t much enjoy the idea of everyone knowing I’m being sexed up six ways from Sunday based on how I move.

For all I know, I’ve been walking funny all week. I’ve had my head in the clouds since the night of my birthday. Normally I’m all about doing what I’m supposed to in class, but I can’t stay focused. Well, at least on the things I should be focused on. My mind doesn’t want to do anything but linger on the Audley twins.

During class I try to concentrate on what the professor is saying, but soon my mind floats back to the night before and everything we did. Before long I’m fantasizing about what else we could doing and checking my phone to see how long until I can see them again.

I’ve shamelessly slept in our bed with them every night since my eighteenth birthday. I’m not sure if it’s against the dorm rules, but even if it is, I’d still be there. Besides, I wouldn’t exactly call what we were doing “sleeping.”

“It sure looks like you’re walking a little different this past week.” Erika eyes me again. “You want to tell me all the juicy details about the sudden hitch in your gait?” My roommate’s smile spreads across her face as she teases me.

“I don’t kiss and tell,” I retort with a devilish grin. Okay, I don’t kiss and tell all. The fact is, I told her little bits and pieces and she was greedy for more details. I’m really starting to think she wants a man of her own. She’s been trying to get me to spill the beans all week. Between class and sexing the twins up every night, I haven’t really spent that much time with my roommate. It’s easy to get wrapped up in my twins and forget about the rest of the world. Since the night they had popped my cherry and officially made me theirs in all ways, I haven’t slept without them next to me. I knew that night would be special, but I never imagined my body could feel the way it did when we were together. I thought we were close before, but this is different.

“Earth to Livvie! Did you hear what I said about going to the game together tonight?” Erika says, sounding a little frustrated with me.

“Sorry,” I say apologetically. I keep getting lost in my own head. “Of course we can go together,” I add quickly, feeling like a jerk. “Let’s grab some food after class and then head over to the stadium.” I grab her arm and lock it with mine.

We continue to walk towards our next class. Erika keeps obsessively looking around searching for someone. “Who are you looking for?” I ask her, and try to follow her line of sight, but her eyes are darting everywhere.

“No one,” she says, but she looks a little skittish all of the sudden. I’m not sure if she’s trying to convince herself or me that she’s not looking for someone.

“Is everything okay? I know I haven’t been around much this last week, but I want you to tell me if something’s wrong,” I push. She’s acting a little strange, and that coupled with her wanting to go to the game leads me to believe something’s up.

Erika lets out a deep breath and throws one last look over her shoulder. I follow her line of sight and smile when I see Zeke following not far behind us. I wondered if they would cool down with their constant need to have eyes on me all the time, but they haven’t changed one bit since we made things official.

“I swear someone has been watching me,” she finally says. I stop in my tracks.

“Are you sure it’s not one of my guys?” I motion towards Zeke, who stops, too. I kind of want to laugh. If you put a suit on him, everyone would probably think he was in the Secret Service.

“I feel it when you’re not around, too.” She leans in a little. “Even at night when I go over to the theater,” she whispers, like someone will hear her.

She shifts on her feet. “Is this why you want to go to the game? You don’t want to be alone?” I ask. I was kind of shocked when she said she wanted to go but thought maybe she wanted to hang out and knew I would be going.