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MilaMy family is affluent, well-known and expects me to become my mother, a flighty, nip-tucked socialite with no substance. I want more. I want a career, a family, and something I can be proud of. Then I met Jacob, on a rainy night in a mechanic shop like straight out of an Instalove book, except this was Instalust at first sight, right down to my soaked panties. He saw right through me, made me feel, and made me want. He called me his from the start and though I had no idea how much he had ruined me in that one second, I knew I would never be the same.For months we fell in love and passion and then the whole world tipped and it seemed I was going to lose it all. Except like he promised, Jacob will take care of me and anything that stands in our way. I didn't realize he had a plan all along. One that would make us a family in nine months. He came, he saw, he bred me and I enjoyed every fucking minute of it.JacobLittle Mila. My angel. My dirty little virgin. She rocked my fucking world in one second and turned me into a savage predator willing to take down anyone who tries to keep her from me, including my own family. She's small, sweet, caring, and sexy as hell and did I mention innocent? I could smell her cherry the first time I sniffed her neck pinned against the wall of my mechanic shop. I listened to this dirty little virgin whimper in my ear even though I wasn't touching her and the primal beast inside of me roared to life and haven't slept since.I should be ashamed to admit it but I knew my end game from the moment I saw her. Bred her. Keep her. Love her. Every minute of every day is spent trying to think of ways to tie her to me forever and I am not ashamed of how I went about it. Then, her father tried to take her from me and give her to another in exchange for his own fucking debts. The rage in me spilled over and the burn was felt for miles and by many.I did what I had to do and took my woman and kid from this place, burning everything to the ground behind me.Mila is my life, my world, my everything. I bred her to keep her and I would do it all over again.

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Chapter 1


September, 2005

“Hey Mila, are you good with the new twist?” I turn and smile at Carly holding up my thumbs.

“It's great. I love how it spins towards the end.” My neck is sweating bullets and my ponytail swinging on the back of my neck is not helping. I reach into my bag and pull out my towel and wipe my head.

“Hey Mila looking good out there.” Coach yells from her office while I walk through the locker room. This is the best part of my day, cheerleading practice. This is the part of the day I know I am good at. I was built for this. This is where I get to be myself; enthusiastic, active and a mess. But now, with practice over I am heading to my least favorite part of my day. Home.

My family comes from the wealthy part of town. My father is a real estate developer and banker or something and has made a name for himself in this little town of Norwich, Vermont. Lincoln Pruitt carries a lot of weight and not always the good kind.

My mom is the opposite of him. Don’t get me wrong she loves the money and prestige and the wagging tongues, but she also doesn’t want to have to lift a finger to get it. To her, a self proclaimed southern belle, all she needs to do is look pretty and tell the maid where to pour the champagne. Yeah she is that type of woman.

I often sit in my room, staring out of the window at the world from high on the hill wondering what it is like for those not bound by social rules. How much fun do they have? It's ironic really because I am sure they wonder the same about us, those more fortunate. Well I would tell them it is lonely on top and filled with stress and falsehoods. I never know who really likes me or who likes me because of my family.

“Shoot.” I look at my watch and realize I am running a little late. My mom freaks out, texting and sending out police cruisers if I am not home by seven thirty on the dot. She seems to think that not living in Georgia where she grew up means there is a higher degree of likelihood I will be kidnapped and trafficked or used for ransom. Did I mention she is a complete drama queen?