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The club's secretary and the local gym owner...BeauI've never been interested in settling down. I like having my options.Everything changes when she crashed into me. Like a switch being flipped, every woman except her ceases to exist.I'm doing everything I can to be close to her - joining the gym she just opened, helping her clean up for the day...It's not until she randomly starts pushing me away that I realize she's hurting.Am I enough to heal her, or is what she's going through going to end us for good?~*~*~MikaylaI should be happy that I opened this gym, that I'm a successful business owner now.Instead, all I feel is sadness. Because the only reason this is possible is because my parents passed away.I force a smile on my face every day, and for a little while, Beau makes me forget about the pain residing in my heart.But that day is drawing closer, and I can't handle it. I'm self-destructing.Will I be able to let Beau help me, or will my self-destructive tendencies destroy everything we've managed to build?

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I sighed, sadness settling deep within my chest as I stared up at the gym I now owned. This was supposed to be a happy time for me. Everything was set up. I was ready to open now.

Excitement should have been thrumming through my veins.

Instead, I felt like shit. I’d rather have them back than have this gym.

I had my parents to thank for this moment in my life—being able to open my own business—but I wish they’d been alive to give me the loan rather than me using the inheritance I’d gotten from their death.

They’d been taken from me so unexpectedly. I’d even been on the phone with my mom when it happened. She’d been so excited about the date Dad had planned for the two of them and was gushing to me about it while Dad drove them to the restaurant.

Even now, ten months later, I could still hear the crunching of metal and their screams as if it were happening all over again.

Blinking back tears, I drew in a deep, calming breath before making my way across the lane to the gym to open the doors for its very first day. I already had people with memberships from the deals I’d hosted and advertised the past couple of months while I worked my ass off to get this place going in a very short amount of time. So, I wasn’t opening without a steady income flowing in.

“Mikayla!” Lennox called, waving at me as she rushed across the parking lot. She was the first employee I hired, and she hadn’t even cared that it would be a while before we opened for business. While I hired other employees over time to begin work the first week, Lennox was the only one I began paying immediately due to her enthusiasm for my gym. She’d been here with me every single day, seven days a week, helping me set up and prepare. And she hadn’t complained once.

Making her my assistant manager had been a no-brainer.

“Hey!” I waved at her, a smile tilting my lips. “Ready for our first day?”

“Hell yes, I am!” she gushed. “I’ve been dying for a decent gym to get opened in this tiny ass town. You’re a fuckin’ genius for doing it, girl! I had three people ask me if we were finally opening today while I was grabbing breakfast for us.” She handed me a paper bag that smelled so good, my stomach rumbled. “It’s not healthy, but eh. We deserve an unhealthy breakfast after the hard work we’ve been putting in.”

I laughed and headed into my office, setting the breakfast she’d gotten me on my desk. “You’ve definitely got that right. And since you treated me to breakfast, I’ll treat you to lunch.”

She made a moaning sound as she bit into her breakfast sandwich. “Oooh, yes, girl. Please. Thank you. I don’t even care what you get.”

I snickered. If there was anything in the world Lennox loved, it was food. She could put away a good bit of it and still look like a million fucking dollars.

I settled into my desk chair so I could quickly eat my breakfast while Lennox stuffed the rest of her food in her mouth. After, she quickly dipped out of my office and began working. I knew Lennox would handle anyone that came in while I scarfed down the delicious-smelling food she’d gotten—

“Lennox, you’re the fucking best!” I yelled as I unwrapped the chicken biscuit. She’d even had egg and cheese added to it. Fuck, this was heavenly. Nothing better than my favorite breakfast food to celebrate my opening day.

“I know!” she yelled back, making me laugh.

I smiled and shook my head. If my day continued like this, it would be a really good day, and I couldn’t wait to experience it. I needed something to pick me up after the sadness that had been cloaking me for the past few days.