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Disaster #3: Date Night

Date night! Date night!

It's date night!

Life has settled down and Nolan has agreed to go on a date with Sky. There's just one Sky has to promise that it's a totally normal, non-magical date.

I bet you can already see where this is going…

It would have been a totally normal, non-magical date if it weren't for the purple fungus, a completely minor nonlethal mostly harmless but useful poisoning, and the pig.

Sigh...Will Nolan give him a second chance after this mess?

How the Necromancer in the Gold Vest Saved My Life is a serial comprising four novellas that follow the insane adventures of necromancer Skylar Wallace and his next-door neighbor Nolan Banks. This is book three of four and contains vampires, werewolves, witches, spells gone bad, good friends who should never call during a date, and a pig. Really. This will make your worst date look amazing. And did I mention it’s a full moon?

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Chapter 1

Skylar Wallace

Date night!

It was date night at last.

Sky was singing those two words repeatedly in his head. Date night! Date night! Date night!

He was finally getting his date with the elusive and sexy neighbor who’d dodged his every attempt to draw him in. The man with the crunchy, grumpy exterior and gooey-soft interior.

Sure, it had taken a threat from a vampire and somewhat scary magic to get the job done, but Nolan Banks had agreed to go out on two dates with him.

Of course, it had also taken them a week to actually get to their glorious date night. Nolan had been horribly behind on his current project (see also: his good-for-nothing brother and the now double-dead vampire, Christoph Sandor). There was no way Nolan would relax and enjoy their night out if he was worrying about work. So, they’d postponed their date for a week to give Nolan a chance to play catch-up.

The wait was made all the more tolerable thanks to them agreeing to eat dinner together each night. Nolan had blocked out one hour for them to chat over the kitchen table and eat good food—which had included vegetables. Sky had done most of the cooking, though Nolan did prove that he knew how to use a Crock-Pot with that yummy pork roast he’d made.

But Nolan’s book was safely in the hands of his editor, and the harried author was looking more relaxed. Sky might have gotten a sexy text in the middle of the day from Nolan where the man had flashed his stylish new haircut.

Tonight was going to be a perfect, normal date with no magic and no weirdness. He had everything planned out. They were going to hit an outdoor art festival for about an hour and then wander over to the Italian restaurant where he had a reservation. After dinner, they would drive a short distance to this cute whiskey bar that had live music. If all went well, he’d get a special nightcap from Nolan when they got home.

Sky stopped one final time in front of the hall mirror to check his appearance. He’d decided to be a little more subdued tonight with dark slacks, a pale-gray button-down, and a dark vest with colorful tulips stitched onto it. He slid a hand over his golden hair one more time, making sure every lock was in place. Yes. Perfect.

“Should I expect you back tonight?” Grammy teased.

Sky shifted his gaze from the mirror to where the ghost of his grandmother hovered in the hall a few feet away, a smug smile lifting the corners of her lips.

“If I’m lucky, I won’t return until morning, but don’t jinx it! Tonight has to be perfect.”

Grammy chuckled. “The boy likes you. He knows your secret and he’s still hanging around. Don’t worry about things being perfect. Just have fun.”

Sky tamped down the snort that wanted to escape. Nolan didn’t have much choice in terms of hanging around. He lived across the street.

But it had been Nolan’s idea that they have dinner each night so they could spend time together despite his hectic work schedule.

Yes, Nolan wanted to see him. Everything was going to be fine.

He grabbed the sports jacket he had tossed over the back of the sofa, slipped it on, and snatched the bouquet of flowers he’d gotten for Nolan. With his keys, wallet, and phone in his pockets, he slipped out the front door and practically skipped across the street to Nolan.

He glanced down the street to see Old Mr. Franklin sitting in a lawn chair in his driveway, watching him walk to Nolan’s. The nosy old fart had been out there all week watching him and Nolan crossing the street to each other’s homes for dinner.

But tonight, he had backup. He was joined by Mrs. Jenkins and her annoying yappy dog, Mr. Binks, and Mrs. Carlisle, who was rocking a stroller as she talked to them. The old woman must have been babysitting another of her grandkids. He waved to all of them and held up the bouquet as he shouted, “Wish me luck!”

There. That’ll give them something to gossip about.

Just as he reached the stairs leading to Nolan’s porch, the front door opened and the very sexy man grinned at him.

“Are you shouting at the neighbors again?”

Sky skipped up the stairs and presented the flowers to his date. “Their lives are boring and lackluster without me entertaining them.”

“You could introduce them to Frank,” Nolan replied as he accepted the flowers, his smile softening to give Sky a glimpse at the gooey-ness inside that Nolan liked to claim wasn’t there.

“I said I wanted to entertain them, not give them heart attacks. I’m pretty sure Mrs. Jenkins is in her eighties at least.” Sky winked. “I don’t make the dead, baby. I just raise them.”