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In a world shrouded in secrets and desire, Quinn's life takes a treacherous turn when she witnesses Adriano, a dominant and possessive billionaire, commit an act of ruthless vengeance. Quinn faces a choice: give up her life, or become Adriano's wife.

Caught between her past and a dangerous present, Quinn discovers an unlikely sanctuary in the arms of a man trained to kill.

In this gripping story of seduction and power, Quinn and Adriano navigate the dangers of the mafia world. Can obsession be the language of love? Can love transcend the barriers of loyalty and revenge?

"Adoration," a stand-alone novel and spin-off of the Rossi family saga, features a steamy, enemies-to-lovers billionaire romance with a dirty-talking hero who has finally met his match. Mature readers only, please.

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“Waterproof my ass.” I stand in front of the huge set of mirrors in the Bella Notte restroom and purse my lips. It turns out the drugstore special that advertised mascara so waterproof you could wear it to a funeral was a big fat lie. I grab a paper towel and dab at the streaks of black but only manage to smear it even worse.

A buxom blonde gives me a look of concern as she adjusts her generous breasts in the mirror, but doesn’t ask anything. There’s an unwritten rule at Bella Notte that you don’t ask people if they’re okay unless they ask for help. Some people come here because they want to get fucked up.

My mascara didn’t smear a little because I cried, don't get the wrong idea. It was more that I was kind of… maybe…perspiring a bit. The little streak of white I’d added to my brunette pigtails earlier is a bit askew, so I adjust my hair until I’m satisfied.

Things get a little heated when one is dominated.

When the blonde leaves, swaggering out with the overhead light glinting off her sequined dress, I stare in the mirror. Smiling at myself, I strike a power pose—head held high, chest lifted, hands anchored on my hips. I heard somewhere that if you take a power pose, it energizes you and makes you feel stronger. I like to take one at the club. It reminds me who I am and why I’m here.

I grin in the mirror and give myself a high five—another power move—because right now, at this moment, my nipples are still numb from the clamps, my ass is deliciously on fire, and I can still feel the friction of tied ropes on my wrists.

Squeeee. I have never felt better.

And the night is young. It's only nine o’clock and if I know this Dom, he’s gonna want to go all night long.

Of course, the beauty of this situation is that he’s the rich one. To be a member of Bella Notte you need to have big bucks. Like serious, gold-filled teeth big bucks. I don't have that kind of cash, but I love it here. So, I let him have his way with me and I’m not complaining. We're not exclusive and that’s the important thing, enjoying the best of a friends-with-benefits relationship.

Although, things have gotten a little weird lately. I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched, but I wonder if it’s just wishful thinking. I am an exhibitionist, after all.

I thought at first things were off because Eden and Sergio aren’t here as often. They have a baby now, though. Still, I feel a bit more vulnerable without my best friend and her husband, the owner of Bella Notte, watching over everything.

I go back into the club, halfway to cloud nine, riding the euphoria from our session.

First, I go to the private room where we planned to meet.

He isn’t there.

I walk down the hallway to the community room and while there are several faces I know, there are many I don't. In the last year and a half since Sergio Montavio opened Bella Notte, the Montavio clan has expanded. I don't know a lot of the details, but I just happen to be besties with Sergio's wife, and I know it has something to do with him being in a greater position of power because they're married with a kid. Old-fashioned rules? Ha. You could say that.

Supposedly the Montavios are still allies with their cousins the Rossis, but as both groups grow, so do their numbers. I’m not sure what the Montavio list of requirements is, but I kinda wonder if being seriously jacked and hot is on that list. Because all of these guys are jacked… and so hot.

Let's just say Bella Notte is a lot more fun these days and me not having an exclusive relationship is crucial. That said, I’m booked for the night and I’m starting to get a little pissed I can’t find the Dom that agreed to take a crop to my ass.

Sergio has hinted that even if I wasn't with a dominant at the club he would give me a pass, probably because I'm besties with his wife. This all spins through my mind while I look through the beautiful, well-appointed club for my missing Dom.

Where is he? I thought we were just warming up.

Now I’m starting to get a little fired up because he's not here. I check in at the bar. The long, shiny surface of the bar top is smooth under my hands as I lean in, the overhead chandelier glinting against the beautiful bottles and glasses.

"The usual, Quinn?"

I shake my head. I'm not drinking tonight. I like to be in full control of my faculties when I allow someone to intentionally abuse me.