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Series: Fever Falls Series by Riley Hart

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Whiskey Throttle (Fever Falls #3)

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I’ve done a good job getting over my past. I’m not only proud of who I am, but revel in it. Still, I don’t let myself get too close to people. With closeness comes questions and those pesky feelings, and I’m having none of that. I’ve got a great job, friends, I’m cute and twinky, and my bed’s never empty. What more do I need? Except I can’t stop sleeping with Rush Alexander. I try, I really do, but I just can’t stay away, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is stressing me out. Rush has the power to hurt me—something I swore I’d never let happen again. Unfortunately, things become a little more complicated when I tell a white lie that lands me in a fake relationship with him. Yeah, not my best moment.

I’ve always been an easygoing guy and don’t let many things get to me. I’ve worked hard to make my dream of becoming a professional motocross racer come true, and everything else is icing on the cake. Like Lincoln Gray, for example. I need to tread carefully, even though I want more from him than our occasional hookups. If I give what we have too much throttle, we’ll crash and burn. But when Linc accidentally announces we’re boyfriends in front of my mom, the race is on. First, I have to show him there’s more between us than the way we burn up the sheets together. When Linc finally trusts me in ways he doesn’t anyone else, there’s no turning back. I’m a firm believer that nothing worth having comes easily, and Lincoln Gray is worth it all.
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Two guys surrounded me, one grinding against my front, the other against my ass. The guy behind me was hard, his dick rubbing against me as we moved. His hands were on my hips. His boyfriend wrapped his arms around us both, then leaned in so they could kiss over my shoulder.

Not gonna lie, it was hot as fuck.

I was really playing with the idea of being between the two of them all night long. Why the fuck shouldn’t I? I was single, sexy, and safe, so I didn’t see the problem with playing when I wanted to.

And I liked playing…a lot.

I’d worked hard to change who I was, from that lonely, quiet boy who was teased, ridiculed—oh, and who everyone thought would be so easy to destroy. Fuck that. I came back better, twinkier, more flexible, and more wanted than any of them, thank you very much!

Right? It was real, wasn’t it? How I felt now?

Danger! Danger! I nipped those thoughts in the bud before they had the chance to spread like the weeds used to in my aunt’s flower garden. I should know. She made me pick the damn things. It was one of the few things I had been good for.

I wasn’t going to let that negative shit bring me down, so I lifted one arm and wrapped it around Front’s shoulders, my other arm going behind me so I could touch Back too.

Obviously, I didn’t know their names. We hadn’t had time to get that far yet. We might not exchange names at all.

The music was blasting from the speakers. It was Saturgay, the one night a month I always hung out with my friends at Fever, our favorite bar. Well…except Rush was only there September through the end of December, when he wasn’t racing dirt bikes. Depending on whether he was riding motocross that year or not, he could have summers off, but racing was Rush’s life since the moment he was born. His name was fucking Rush, for God’s sake. He’d only taken one summer off since I’d known him.

And Beau…he missed every once in a while now because he and Ash were in love, and apparently that meant you had to miss Saturgays with your friends sometimes and didn’t hang out with your bestie as much either.

Not that I was bitter or anything.

As soon as the thought hit me, the guilt rolled in, and I silently berated myself for being so needy where Beau was concerned, but I couldn’t help it. There was no one in the world I trusted more than him. The only one who had always been there, who I knew was in my life because he wanted to be and not just because I was forced on him or we had mutual friends.

I glanced over and saw him dancing with Ash. They were fucking slow dancing to a fast song, little hearts racing and shit over their heads, and I squashed my bitterness because Beau was happy, and no one deserved happiness more than him.

The rest of our Saturgay crew consisted of Camden and Sawyer, who were brothers, and who at the moment had their backs to me. Sawyer was gay, Cam was bi, but he leaned heavily toward men. He was currently chatting with the bartender, a cute little twink I might have been jealous of if I didn’t have two men attached to me.

“Mmm. You feel good,” Back said as his hands roamed up and down my chest.

“You do too, sugar,” I replied. He really did. They both did. I was definitely feeling them, which was a bit of a relief because it had been a while since I’d hooked up with anyone other than Rush. Speaking of Rush, where was he?

My eyes darted to our friends. Nope, Rush wasn’t there. Lights flashed in my eyes as I looked across the sea of people in the packed bar, trying not to be too obvious about it.

Finally, I saw Rush leaning in and talking to a blond twink standing against a wall. My pulse lurched strangely as I recognized the way Rush looked at the guy. I’d been on the receiving end of that look too many times. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’d been stupidly enamored just like the twink was. I mean, how could I not? Rush was fucking gorgeous—tall, with chocolate-brown hair, long, lean muscles, scruff dusting a perfectly square jawbone, and cheekbones for days.


I wasn’t going there. I wasn’t hooking up with Rush again, damn it!

But then Rush looked my way, his gray eyes snagging on me. He kicked up the right side of his mouth in a half grin that made my dick twitch and my hole tighten. Ugh! Stupid Rush Alexander. Why in the fuck did I like sleeping with him so much? I rarely did repeat performances…except with him.