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Wedding Cake Crasher (Wedding Cake #1)

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Alexa Riley

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Sugar is here for the cake and nothing more. She’s not proud of the fact that she sneaks into weddings just for the dessert, but she can’t help herself. There’s so much love in them and they’re so special and she knows she won’t ever get one for her very own. But everything changes when she has a taste of Hank.

Hank works in construction, so he’s good with his hands. He never thought he’d have to step in as a baker, but when his brother's cake gets destroyed the morning of the wedding, what choice does he have? One look at the unfamiliar woman eating his sweet treat and he’s ready to give her more.

Warning: You think we can base a whole romance around a woman’s love for wedding cake? You’re g*ddamn right we can! Come for the cake and stay for the romance… We promise to leave you satisfied!
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Wedding Cake Series by Alexa Riley

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Chapter One


“What do you think of this one?” Nikki does a shimmy in her form-fitting red dress. It’s really pretty and looks new and damn her that we don’t wear the same size. She’s tall and lean from hours spent in a dance studio and I’m short and curvy from hours of sitting at a desk answering phones all day.

“I love it. When did you get that one?” I don’t recall seeing it before and we both have a thing for dresses.

Our styles are different. Hers are sleek and sexy at times and mine are fluffy and fun with cute patterns. The one she has on tonight though is super hot, and if it fit me I would have worn it for a change of pace.

My life could use one right now. I’m stuck in a rut of doing the same things over and over again and my job isn’t helping. I’ve been trying to move up from running the phones at the car dealership to actually being a salesperson. I’m not sure if it’s ever going to happen because they aren’t giving me a chance. I do tend to be more on the shy side, but I thought sales might help me come out of my shell.

“Too sexy?” she asks, turning to give me her backside.

Her long blonde hair cascades down her back where the dress does a zig-zag and shows off part of her black bra. I think that style is in right now, but I don’t follow trends like Nikki does. I grab what I like off the discount racks we find at thrift stores. Those places can be treasure chests sometimes and we almost always luck out.

“I think it’s fine.” The wedding we’re crashing tonight starts later than most.

We sneak in after the bride and groom have their first dance and drinks begin to flow. People don't notice much after that and it’s probably why we’ve never been caught. We’ve snuck into at least twenty weddings by now and we are getting way too good at it. Though that dress will get her noticed, that’s for damn sure.

“Maybe tonight is the night.” Nikki smiles, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. I’m not the only one in a rut but she won't say it out loud.

To Nikki, if you stay positive about everything, then positive will come your way. If it was that easy she’d be married with a few kids by now. The hearts that always dance around her head are fading and it makes me hurt for her.

This motto of hers is what got us into crashing weddings to begin with. She goes to dance and find true love. I go for the wedding cake, and let’s not forget the free food. A girl has to eat and I’m on a budget. A budget that enjoys buying pretty dresses way too often.

“Weddings are filled with so much love and everyone is so happy.” I’m not sure if she’s talking to me or herself.

She’s convinced she’ll find true love at a wedding. So much so that we have been going to one every Friday and Saturday night. I was resistant at first until I realized I could have access to wedding cake on the regular. And wedding cake is so different from all other cakes in the world. You can’t pop into a store and get a cake that tastes like love.

They are made with so much care and take time. Every cake is beautifully crafted and you can tell the baker knows how special it is. I was worried some of Nikki’s crazy ideas about finding love would rub off on me, but I just believe in the cake and not in groomsmen. I fight a shudder thinking about all the groomsmen I’ve met lately. I don’t know how these men haven’t ruined Nikki’s idea of finding love forever.

They tend to be handsy after a few drinks, and I don’t understand why everyone has to rub up on each other when they dance. What is wrong with a little space? I don’t need men I don’t know rubbing their junk against me. The next thing you know they’re trying to kiss you and think you’re going home with them because they bought you a drink. You don’t even have to buy drinks most of the time because it’s an open bar.

I’ve seen too many crap relationships in my life, and my mom’s love life is the worst. Every few weeks she’s on to another man. She’s been married five times and I’ve stopped counting her engagements at this point. She calls me every few weeks to tell me how she’s found the one. Again.

Men always came and went from my home growing up and some were better than others. My second stepdad was my favorite and the only one I still talk to on occasion. We make sure to have dinner together at least once a month and I appreciate that he still makes the effort.