Visiting the Variks (Lords of Discord #6) Read Online Jocelynn Drake

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It’s time to visit the Varik Clan.

While everyone has found their happily ever after, the four brothers and their loving father are still finding mischief and tender moments.

This collection of EIGHT stories touches on each of the Variks and includes a never-before-release novella, Gideon’s Ghost Story.

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Marcus Loses His Mind

This was a mistake.

An enormous, horrible mistake.

Forcing Ethan into hunting when his mate was in a mood was turning into a test of Marcus’s willpower. He’d forgotten to take into account that his mate had a wicked streak a mile wide when pushed.

And Marcus had pushed.

Right now, Marcus was leaning against the wall in the dark nightclub, his hands balled into tight fists, as he watched his adorable mate flirt lavishly with another man who was supposed to be Ethan’s meal.

The problem was, Ethan seemed to be purposefully dragging out the process. He was practically hanging on the man’s arm and touching his chest as he flashed his sweetest, most attentive smile. It was part of hunting humans: Vampires lured them in, getting them lost in sexual energy so they could steal a bit of blood.

And Ethan liked to torment Marcus when he was pissed. He’d picked his prey based on how similar they were to Marcus. He’d touched and flirted outrageously, drawing out the moment, as if he were trying to make Marcus finally snap.

Marcus was at the end of his rope. He’d been so busy with Aiden and dealing with other vampire clans wanting the king’s time that he’d had little time to spend with his mate. If he’d not set the reminder on his calendar, he wouldn’t have remembered that tonight was the night Ethan needed to feed. His mate had been a vampire for barely two years. There was no way Marcus was allowing him to hunt alone just yet.

Ethan’s eyes slid across the room, meeting Marcus’s with flawless accuracy, an evil grin spreading on his lips. The man tried to follow his gaze, but Ethan placed his hand to the man’s cheek, turning his head back so he saw only Ethan.

That gentle caress pushed Marcus to his limit. Those touches and smiles belonged to him and him alone. He shoved away from the wall, starting to wade through the crowd of scantily clad people listening to loud, obnoxious music.

At that second, Ethan pulled the man into his arms and pressed his mouth to his neck. Marcus halted sharply, teeth clenched so tight his jaw was aching, but there was also relief. Ethan was feeding at last. Their eyes locked over the man’s broad shoulder, and the anger burning in Ethan’s eyes was hot enough to light Marcus on fire.

Feeding took only a couple of minutes, and to the world it looked as if the two men were simply making out. When Ethan was finished, he carefully directed the man to sit in a tall pub chair, partially leaning him against the wall for support. Ethan murmured something that was drowned out by the music, and Marcus honestly didn’t care what it was. He grabbed his mate’s elbow and dragged him through the bustle of people to the nightclub exit.

Bitter cold air smacked him in the face as they hit the sidewalk, but it did nothing to cool his temper. Ethan tried twice to pull free of his grip, but Marcus didn’t loosen his hold. Wisdom said they needed to at least make it to the car before they argued, but he knew he couldn’t wait that long. He needed to remove the memory of that man from Ethan’s lips, from his fingertips.

Ethan was his mate. He was also his fledgling. Marcus had been one of the vampires to make him. He was the master, and Ethan needed to follow his directions. It was a deeply ingrained instinct to only teach and protect a fledgling, but there was also a darker need to possess. And Marcus had no interest in tempering that need right now.

He pulled Ethan into a narrow alley two buildings down from the nightclub. When they’d found some shadows heavy enough to cloak them, he released Ethan as the young vampire attempted to jerk away yet again.

“What the fuck!” Ethan snapped. “You were the one who insisted I feed tonight. I fed. Are you happy now?”

“No,” Marcus just barely managed to grind out between his teeth before he shoved Ethan against a rough brick wall. He crowded close and slammed his mouth over Ethan’s in a brutal, demanding kiss. Sharp fangs nicked his tongue, mixing a hint of his own blood with the rich taste that still coated Ethan’s tongue from his meal.

Instead of fighting him as he expected, Ethan clawed at his black button-down shirt, trying to pull him closer, as if he could make them one person. A rush of hot, angry desire pumped through Marcus, flowing straight to his cock. It swelled painfully, pushing on the front of his pants, begging for more attention.

Marcus jammed his hips forward, pressing his cock into Ethan’s hip and wringing a needy cry out of his mate. Fingers twisted in his hair, sending a sharp pain through his scalp. Ethan stretched up on the tips of his toes, rubbing his own hard-on against Marcus, his motions frantic and a touch desperate.