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Too Hard

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Alexa Riley

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Harlow Harrison has just moved into a new apartment. The only problem is that Harlow thinks she can do everything on her own when it’s better to leave it to a professional After a disastrous water leak and an emergency call, the man that comes to her rescue might be more than she can handle.

Butch Barton is busy running his company and raising his adopted twin sons. They’re almost ready for college and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with himself when they’re gone. One night on an emergency call he meets a young woman who calls to every dark place inside him. He’s old enough to be her dad and he has to keep his distance. The only problem is, Harlow doesn’t agree and it won’t take long for her to break down his resolve.

Warning: Butch isn’t too old to find love and Harlow isn’t too young to be taken like she wants. Find out what happens when these two finally give in to what their bodies have been begging for.
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Chapter One





I pull my eyes away from my computer screen to glare towards the kitchen. The sound of the pipe dripping is driving me insane. It only started this morning, but it’s the first thing I heard when my eyes sprang open. I fell asleep on the sofa again while I was working.

I put my laptop down next to me and go to the kitchen sink. I lean down and see the pan I put under it hasn’t filled up much. It isn’t that big of a deal and it will hold until the contractor gets here, but it’s the sound that’s driving me crazy.

My old kitchen didn’t have this problem and I still don’t see why it needed an update to begin with. I look around the kitchen my cousin redesigned for me. It’s a starter project for her since she just graduated from design school. She’s looking to fill her portfolio and I let her redo my kitchen. After that it all escalated rather quickly.

The kitchen is done but now she’s moved to my office. Which is why I’m working in my living room. I’m going to have the fanciest apartment in this whole building when she’s done. I don’t care where I live, I just work and play on my computer. Where I do that has no impact on me unless there’s an annoying sound driving me crazy.

The kitchen is pretty, though, and she did an amazing job. I’ve never given the space much thought and I never use it except for washing a random dish from my takeout food. Nellie did, though, because whenever she came over she wouldn’t let us order in. She cooks for the both of us, saying it’s the only way I get a home-cooked meal. Another reason I’m okay with her redoing it. She uses it more than me and I enjoy the food she makes for us in it.

To be honest, I just enjoy having her over here since I’m not prone to going out. She’s my main source of social interaction and she’s not only my cousin but more of a sister to me. We grew up together since our moms were thick as thieves. Both of them were single moms and the four of us always stuck together. We even all lived together at one point. I was the oddball of the four of us since I always had my nose pressed to a screen of some kind. It was either a computer or some kind of e-reader. I’ve always found technology fascinating.

Our moms both own a hair salon together and Nellie went into design. They all have an eye for making things look pretty when I can’t put an outfit together to save my life. If it wasn’t for my mom and aunt I’d probably look like a hot mess, but I wouldn’t know it if I did. I enjoy our monthly salon dates even if it isn’t my thing. They never make me feel like I’m anything less than fabulous. They dote on me while they do what they call upkeep. I never care what they do to me while I’m there, I just enjoy being together. We can all get busy with work and we make sure we hold our dates with each other.

I pick up my cell phone from the counter and hit the call button. “The contractor will be there tomorrow,” Nellie says when she answers the phone. “It must be driving you nuts if you’re calling and not texting.”

That’s the truth, because who calls people anymore? Okay, our moms call, but over forty is the exception to the rule; also, moms can do whatever they want.

“I can’t get anything done.” I motion to my laptop sitting on the sofa as if she can see me do it.

“I’m sorry! This contractor is usually so good, but he just can’t get there today because it’s Sunday,” she reminds me, and I know her tone. Without saying it, she’s telling me I shouldn’t be working anyway.

It doesn’t count though because I really enjoy this project. A new company contracted me to try and hack their system. For the first time in a long time it’s a challenge. It’s both annoying and fascinating and I should be locked into finding a way into their system and accounts but the sink is driving me bananas. I’m going to blame the sink on the fact that I haven’t cracked their system yet. I’m not used to giving a report that says “your online security is perfect.” Mom would tell me I couldn’t win them all if she were here.

“Fine. I’ll wait,” I sigh. The contractor did a good job on the rest of the kitchen and it’s pretty. My office is coming together, too, but I’m just impatient.

“Liar,” she says, and I can hear the smile in her voice. “You stay away from that sink unless you’re emptying the pan under it.”