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She needs me, because she needs money.

I don’t need her. Just her complete submission…

Maybell Jacobs is the Wallflower: quiet, shy, socially awkward and hell-bent on hiding even from herself, that is until a chance encounter takes place between us.

Instantly she hates me and for good reason. I'm a walking-red-flag. Filthy rich jock, short tempered, and violent.

I can have anyone and anything I want.. except her.

Little does she know her disgust, anger, and hate for me fuels my obsession to own her, completely in every single way.

Maybell resists, predictably... but her fight only makes her more desirable and I have plans that will lead her right into my lap and never want to leave.

When she joins the sinful tradition put on by the elite of the town, the Hunt, I’m shocked. The pretty little thing has no idea how much danger she’s in if she decides to become my prey.

Sweet, innocent, and fragile like a flower. I'll have to be careful or risk breaking her.

Because I’m the ultimate predator and when I play there are no rules.

I don’t chase. I capture.

And I like to own my bait.

★ Tropes include: secret society, college, touch her and die, CNC & chasing bait fantasy ★

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In football, there are two people, winners and losers. Nothing else in between matters, and with my last name and image hanging in the balance, there is absolutely no way I’m fucking losing, not even in practice. I give the asshole trying to stand one more vicious kick to the ribs, then step over his body. He'll be fine. He's wearing football pads.

My friends come up behind me, the men I trust most in the world. Lee, Aries, and Sebastian take my back as I jog slowly toward the training center to clean up after our practice.

The rest of the team, and even the coaches, follow at a healthy pace as if they want to keep their distance.

I'm amped up, as I didn't get nearly enough time to run off my energy. That dick groaning on the ground back there tried, unsuccessfully, for a sack. After his failure, my boys and I taught him a lesson. The coaches called practice over, but I'm still amped up for a fight.

I pull off my practice jersey and start unstrapping my pads as I head into the locker room. It takes a minute to strip them off, leaving me only in my pants and shoes.

Once I jerk my locker open, I shove the equipment inside and throw myself onto the bench to strip off my cleats.

Lee plops down beside me, his dark hair standing up in a sweaty mess. "You alright, man?"

I lean back into the locker, letting the cold metal cool me down. "Yeah, fine. Just wish we would have stayed out a little longer today. I have to work off some energy."

Aries leans in, his dark curls equally messy. "Want me to go find you a girl? Give you something to preoccupy yourself with?”

I shake my head and stretch my feet outside the confines of my shoes. "No, I'm saving it for tonight."

"You can go find me a girl, Ari," Sebastian says, his tone dark and deep. "I might need a little appetizer before the main event. It’s hard as fuck to wait until tomorrow. Just a little thing to suck me off, tide me over. It’s always good to get someone to take the edge off."

Aries narrows his eyes at Sebastian. "The last time I found you a girl, you fucked her throat raw, and now I can't go near that sorority house ever again."

Sebastian snorts. "She wanted it. She begged me before I let her have it. The only reason she got bitchy about it afterward was because I told her I wasn't fucking a cunt every man on the team has had. She could have my fingers or nothing, and she chose nothing."

Lee snorts from his spot at his locker a few paces down. The room is full now, the entire team filing in and stripping down to shower.

The boys rib each other a bit more, but I lean my head back, clenching my fists, thinking about tomorrow night’s big event. I can't wait to sink inside some little doe-eyed beauty who doesn't have enough sense to run when I finally catch her. That’s what my body waits for, what my dick waits for. I should have realized nothing else would do.

The guys strip off their own gear, shoving things in lockers and harrying the towel boy as he comes through to hand out the fresh towels.

I snatch one off the stack and shove him faster through the row to get him out of my sight.

"Sebastian, is everything prepared?”

I leave the planning for The Hunt to the most depraved of us. Sebastian always comes up with fun little surprises. He might appear to have his shit together, but he’s far from ordinary. The guy makes me look like a gentleman, and that’s saying something, given how fucked up I am myself.

Sebastian strips his undershirt off and drops it to the bottom of his locker. "Of course, it's all finished. Who do you think I am? Invitations have been sent out and shared by the guys. Every detail is in order.”

I stretch my neck from side to side, thinking. "And the pack this year…anyone who might pique my interest?"

Sebastian grins at me over his shoulder. "What do you think? There are at least a couple of virgins and a few lovely girls who have no idea what they’re getting into. I suspect a few of them might bring their own clueless friends along.”

Lee and Aries both chuckle at this.

Aries scrubs his hair away from his face. "I want one with a little fight. She might start out clueless, but when I catch her, I want her to make me bleed, and maybe I'll return the favor."

Lee shrugs. "I like surprises. I'll chase, and we will see what I happen to scare up."

I let out a long sigh and stare back and forth between them. "You all know what I want. But this time, I want it to be fucking real. None of this pretends not to want it while her cunt is sopping wet bullshit. I want to see the whites in her eyes. If she fights, fine, but I want it to be out of fear, not pretense."