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I hate him. I really, really hate him.
But once, in what feels like another lifetime, I was so in love with him I couldn't imagine life without him.
He was like oxygen to me. I needed him.
Hell, I actually thought I'd curl up and die without him.

Why wouldn't I?
He told me he would love me forever. He told me his love was like the stones the pyramid builders used. So massive and enduring they stand for centuries. Rain, shine, sand storm. Nothing can destroy them. Not even time.

So I built my dreams on those massive stones that would stand in the face of all adversity. My dreams had children running in them, even a long Christmas table full of laughing grandchildren.

But he lied.

In one fell swoop, he betrayed me, and shattered all my beautiful, living, breathing dreams into a million pieces.

Now, the hateful man is back... with an indecent proposition for me.

I won't accept it. I will never, ever accept, even if my body cries desperately for his lips, his mouth, his hands, his skin, his...

No, Max. You may be the best-looking man I've ever laid eyes on, but I won't give you a second chance to ruin me.
A Full Length Standalone Contemporary And Romantic Suspense Story.

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-It wasn’t me-

The French doors leading to the pier beyond the bar were open, and I could detect the lights from yachts bobbing on the dark water. The smell of the salty night air mixed with the food aromas floating off the dishes of the other diners. My stomach rumbled with hunger, but I kept my gaze fixed on the multi-colored lanterns hanging outside, and took a sip of the soda water I’d requested from the bartender.

I’d been sipping at it for the past forty-five minutes. I refrained from looking at my watch again. Where on earth was Max?

The feeling of crushing disappointment slithered over me like a snake, but this was not the first time he’d stood me up. Of course, he always arrived later with an armful of gorgeous flowers, and an impeccable and totally believable excuse. They could be distilled down to one word: work. He was on the verge of something big, something so big that, once he was done with it, our lives would change forever. He was always so charming, so sincere, so sorry, I could not even bring myself to be angry. After all, he was doing it for us. Our future.

So… I would allow him to take me into his arms and let him make it up to me, but after he was only a faint manly fragrance on my pillows, I could not help worry if work was always going to be a very big part of his life, and me a secondary afterthought.

It had not always been like this .

The first six months after we started dating had been sheer bliss. I actually felt as if I’d died and gone to heaven. Then out of the blue he got sucked into work, into a big opportunity, a thing that was supposed to change both our lives forever. Since then, I lost count of the number of times Max had missed our dates. I exhaled slowly. There was just no denying the sting of feeling ignored and unimportant. I don’t know why I’d allowed myself to think tonight would be different.

Maybe because it was my freaking birthday!

I had programmed the date into his phone calendar. Heck, I even reminded him a couple of days ago. All of that had to count for something, but clearly, it did not.

I smoothed the bodice of my sexy new dress, picked specially for this occasion, and a sigh came up from deep within me. The anticipation with which I had dressed earlier as I eagerly looked forward to spending my twenty-first birthday in the restaurant he had taken me to on our first date now made me cringe. There was no denying it now. I was head over heels in love with a man who couldn’t even be bothered to turn up for my birthday dinner.

Sadly, I looked around the fine room at all the other happy couples.

My eyes dropped to the small rectangular dark blue box on the pristine white tablecloth. I fingered it pensively. Though it was my birthday, I had a gift for him. God, what a fool I was. With another heavy sigh I slipped it into my purse.

Damn you, Max.

All I wanted to do was sob my heart out, but no. Maybe later, alone in the shower. Taking a deep breath, and schooling my features, I prepared myself mentally to walk out of the restaurant with my head held high. I anticipated the subtle looks the other diners would throw my way. It sure felt like I was wearing a billboard that screamed ‘STOOD UP AGAIN’.

Just as I lifted my head and prepared to stand, I saw a tall figure approaching me. My heart leaped joyfully only to crumble once more as my eyes moved upwards and detected his perfectly coiffed wavy blond head rather than Max’s dark brown carelessly sexy straight hair. It was Robert. Physically, he was built very similar to Max. He was also his best friend and business partner.

I leaned back into my seat and waited for him to approach. The corners of his mouth tilted up in an easy smile. I smiled back and he leaned down to lightly brush my cheek with his lips. I detected the scent of the expensive cologne he always wore.

“Happy birthday, Savannah! Did you get the flowers I sent you today?”

My smile widened at the memory of the absolutely massive bouquet of roses I found on my desk at the end of recess. It sure made all the other staff curious.

“I did. Thank you so much, Robert. They were absolutely beautiful.”

He shrugged casually. “Beautiful roses for a beautiful woman, but I’m sure Max topped my little bouquet, though. Max is a ladies man. Knew exactly what they wanted and gave it to them.”

My smile slipped slightly and I looked away from him. Max had not sent anything for my birthday. Breathlessly, I’d waited all day. Twenty-first was a landmark birthday, after all. Nothing. Not even a card. I hid my disappointment by anticipating how he would make up for it tonight. Obviously, that was not going to happen either. I cleared my throat and looked up at Robert. I found him watching me with a strange expression that confused me and made me frown.