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Whitley has finally escaped her gilded cage, but she isn’t prepared for life on the outside. Working at a strip club seemed like a good idea, especially since they don’t ask a lot of questions. But one night a handsome stranger makes her an offer she can’t refuse, and things get complicated.

Mack’s been hired to find the daughter of one of the world’s most dangerous crime bosses. On paper it looks like an easy job, but when he finds Whitley, there’s no way he’s taking her home. Stealing her wasn’t the smartest idea he’s ever had, but letting her go isn’t an option.

Warning: Is kidnapping a love language? If so, these heroes are fluent! Pack a bag and stay a while because these guys aren’t letting you go anywhere.

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Chapter One


“Whit, you got this,” my roommate Quinn says, and I know it’s because she’s trying to cheer me up. She’s the closest relationship I’ve got that isn’t controlled or contrived, and that’s pretty messed up because I’ve only known her for seven months.

When Quinn came into my life, she felt like a guardian angel. Although I suppose I’m the one that entered hers. Who knew one could find an angel inside a strip club? Well, not counting the woman who uses that as her fake name. I’m not sure what her real one is, but it’s deceiving. Some of the dancers at the club are nice, while others are lethal.

“I’ve never lived alone.” I often felt alone, but I wasn’t.

My father always kept a tight leash on me, and there was always someone watching over me. That’s why it took me so long to get my freedom to begin with. He swore it was for my own good because I’d never make it in the real world. My mother hadn’t.

When he talked about the real world, what he meant was his world. One that’s always filled with a cloud of darkness. I have no idea what he does, and although I might be naïve, I’m not stupid. Any time I entered a room and my father’s men were talking, they all stopped. I’m not allowed to even knock on his office door. There were times when I was told to stay in my room until he said I could come out. That was when he’d have guests over.

My plan took over three years to finally pull off, and I’m honestly not sure how long I’ll have this freedom. My life before was being trapped inside of the family estate, and I’m not sure how many know of my existence. It was rare I’d get to go beyond the beautiful gates that held me captive.

My father, Roy, always had his guards patrolling the grounds, so I knew the only way I’d ever be free is if I ran on one of the rare occasions I was allowed out. Even when I got sick, he’d have a doctor come to us.

My education and activities were all done behind the gates. After I got my certificate for graduating high school, I asked what was next, but I knew from his expression there was no next for me. There was nothing beyond those walls, and I don’t know why I thought when I turned eighteen I’d be allowed to leave. I hoped I could at least go off to college or something, but that wasn’t an option.

There was so much of the world I wanted to see, but it was never going to happen unless I fought to get out. I wanted a first kiss and friends and to go to the movies or out to dinner like normal people do, so that’s when I started to plan.

Ever since I was a little girl, my grandmother who came to visit on holidays or my birthday would give me a gift and a card. Each time there was cash tucked away inside the card, but I’m not sure where she thought I was going to spend it since I couldn’t leave. Instead, I put it away in one of my dressers and then all those years of cards started to add up. I had a small nest egg that I hoped was enough to get me by until I could set up a life. What I hadn’t planned on was needing an identity.

“Interesting.” She smirks. “Another little clue.” Quinn always teases that she knows nothing about my life before. This is my life now, and that’s all that matters. “I know you’re not running from a boyfriend.”

“A husband?” I suggest. We play this game all the time, but I like to offer up silly suggestions as a way to dodge her questions. I’ll miss this silly part of our friendship.

“Right.” Quinn snorts a laugh. “You might work in a strip club, but you’re too innocent.” My cheeks start to warm at her comment. “See! You’re blushing thinking about being with a man.”

“Men are gross.” All my fairytale ideas of men have slowly died over the months. At one time, I wanted to fall in love, but not so much now.

“They are. Remember that.” Her face grows serious. “Stay off the pole.”

When I made my escape, I quickly realized I didn’t have any skills. Once a year, my father would take me to a ballet since dancing was one of the things I was allowed to do. He hired a ballet instructor for me when I was four, and for a long time it was the one thing that gave me joy. I could spend all day dancing, and I often did. Then I used the only thing he gave me to escape him.