Sold to the Enemy (Crave and Claimed #5) Read Online Sam Crescent

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The moment Drago Jones sees Selma, he knows he wants her. There's only one problem—she's his enemy’s daughter. With his reputation, it's not too hard to get Kent to offer up his kid, giving Drago exactly what he wants.Selma knew her father wasn’t a good man. As soon as she could, she ran from him, and tried to live a life of love and compassion, giving back to those that needed her. Now, she's away from the only life she has loved, married to a stranger. All she knows is that her father feared Drago. What does this man want with her? Will she be able to survive it?Drago craves his woman. He intends to build a life with her, have a family. Something he never thought he wanted. But now, he does—with Selma. What will happen when she is faced with the ultimate choice?

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“Go on. Do it. End it. Why are you just staring at me like that?”

Drago Jones stared at his nemesis, George Kent, for several seconds. It was true that he’d wanted to end this man for what felt like a lifetime. George had persistently gotten in his way. Deals had been thwarted because of this little bastard, and he hated him a great deal. He knew this day would come where it would be either him or George. There was no doubt in his mind who would fail.

Where George had been a pest to him, Drago had taken more of the city, spreading out, expanding faster than George could keep up with. It was all down to this—a crumbling casino, at gunpoint, where George had nowhere to go.

Drago waved his hand. “Leave us.”

One by one, his men left the room and Drago sat on the edge of the table, looking toward George.

“Are you a fool? There is no way you’d waste such a perfect opportunity to get rid of me.” George laughed and it sounded almost hysterical.

Drago stared at him, and like life had taught him many times to be patient, to wait it out, sure enough, it wasn’t long before the smile on George’s face disappeared.

This was no laughing matter.

There was no joke.

“What do you want?” George asked.

“Ah, you finally figured out the only reason you’re breathing is that I want something.”

“You have taken everything!” George slashed his arm through the air, going downward and across. “What more could you want?”

“You have one thing left that is important to you,” Drago said.

George frowned and rubbed at his temple.

“There is nothing, you have taken it all.”

Drago wanted to slit his throat. Patience. He had to be calm. There was no way he could kill this man when he wanted something.

“There is nothing precious to you? Nothing important to you?”

“No. You know this!”

He reached into his jacket pocket and held up the picture of who he wanted. Selma Kent, George’s only daughter.

Drago watched as his face went white.

“No,” George said.

“Do you not consider her important to you?”

“You cannot … no, she is, no, Selma is not like us.”

“I know she is not like us. Is that why she has nothing to do with you?” Drago asked.

He hadn’t realized George had any children. The man was a whore and loved a lot of women, but it was by accident he stumbled onto Selma, and in fact, it went back to a party a year ago.

It was rare for him and Drago to attend the same parties, but from time to time it happened. They always kept things clean. Both simply avoided each other, that way, there was no bloodshed. This time, though, George hadn’t come alone. He’d been with someone, a female someone.

Over the years, Drago had enjoyed his fair share of women. He didn’t even have to click his fingers because women were always there. They begged for a chance to be with him, so he’d never been short on bed partners.

One look at Selma, and Drago had never been so captivated. He found himself watching her, completely uninterested in everything else going on around him. All he cared about was this woman. When George left her alone, he got closer, and the sound of her voice, soft and beautiful, enraptured him, even her smile.

She was beautiful. Her long, brown hair was curled, and she had worn it cascading down her back. All he wanted to do was stroke the length. Her brown eyes held such warmth, something he’d never known before. From that moment, he knew he needed to steal her away, but he didn’t know who she was.

With Geroge gone, he’d introduced himself without saying his name, to be on the safe side. He’d hinted at who she was and why she was at the party with such a boring man. Selma had laughed and said she was visiting her father and he asked her to attend this party.