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He was supposed to be focusing on his new businesses. But he couldn’t help it if the first client to walk through the doors was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

One who had a desperate need to learn to use a gun.
One who also wanted to rent out his guest house.
And who had three small kids she needed to protect from a past that seemed to be nipping at her heels even as they started to explore what was growing between them…

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“Are those titties all over your shirt?” Dezi asked, making me turn my head to see the shirt in question. Yet another in the seemingly endless collection of Hawaiian shirts owned by the club’s newest prospect, Sully.

Sully was ex-military, but didn’t have any of the typical outward signs that usually lingered. He had his brown hair longer than most of ours. He always had a relaxed posture. He did have some ink, but I didn’t think there were any military tats.

“Nice, right?” Sully asked, pinching the material to hold it out, so you could see all the various tits more clearly.

“Judging by the representation of all different types of tits,” Nave said, coming in from the kitchen with a mug of coffee, “I’m guessing that Billie gave that to you.”

“Did it come with a cock one too?” Dezi asked. “This is Billie we’re talking about here.”

“Just the tits and the note that All tits are good tits. To which… I concur,” he declared, getting a nod out of Dezi. “It was a birthday present,” he added.



That had gotten through the grapevine and back to me. Learning that his birthday was coming up, and that no one had anything planned, the girls had taken him out. To a strip club. Where they showered him with gifts, being their new favorite club member.

I got it.

He was seemingly all ease and affability. Not to mention his love of all things rom-com, eighties, and literally anything that had to do with women.

He was an easier pick for the girls than, say, Callow or Sutton. Sutton, the big, burly, fit Texan who was likely going to get his own club someday and head back home to start it, so it didn’t seem worth their time to start up a friendship with him. Then Callow, a little more serious, definitely older, he just wasn’t as willing to tag along when the girls wanted to do something, well, girly.

As for the other guys, Finn and Nave were family, and Brooks was like an honorary chronically frustrated-with-their-antics older brother. All of whom would be buzzkills if they wanted to get crazy or say raunchy shit.

So Sully was their new favorite toy.

Tit shirts included.

“I hear interesting things about a possible pussy shirt,” Sully added. “She said her ma has stock in the fabric or something.”

Yeah. My Aunt Peyton—not actually my aunt, but our family was just as much “found” as it was blood—was the pussy printed fabrics queen.

“Oh, look, a prospect standing around not doing any work,” Brooks said as he came in from the garage, carrying several packages.

“Hey, now, I did plenty of work this morning,” Sully claimed.

“What work?” Brooks asked, immediately skeptical.

“I drew up the plans for the pool.”

“We’re not putting in a pool,” Brooks said.

“But don’t you think we should?” Sully asked, giving Brooks a slow nod. “Pretty girls, bikinis… I’m seeing no downside here.”

“That’s actually not a bad point,” Nave agreed.

“Christ,” Brooks sighed, shaking his head as he walked away.

“Nice work,” Dezi said, offering his fist to Sully. “Frustrate him enough that he forgets to give you a job. That’s a page out of my playbook.”

The only job I ever remember Dezi volunteering to do was grocery shopping. And he’d spend the entire fucking budget on junk food, prompting Brooks to ban him from doing the task in the future.

Then, like the mention of actual work had summoned them, in walked Sutton and Callow, bodies sweaty and dirty from ripping out the fucking mint that Billie had planted in the back of the yard years ago. The mint had, as mint does, as she said it would, and claimed it was the reason she wouldn’t plant it at her own place, taken the fuck over.

Sutton glowered at Sully as he walked past, but everyone decided to stay silent about it. The tension was always palpable between those two, thanks to some beef they’d had when they were kids. Sutton was holding a grudge. Sully seemed calm and unaffected. And as a somewhat former shit-starter myself, I had to conclude that Sully was the guilty party and Sutton was the victim of whatever Sully had done.

Callow, however, just went behind the bar, grabbing two cold beers from the mini fridge, and holding one out to Sully as he smirked at the man’s shirt.

Callow, like Sully, had been in the military. And, clearly, the two had served together at some point. Which put Callow directly in the middle of the beef with his old friend and Sutton, who he’d gotten close to before Sully showed up.

Typically, he just stayed neutral.

And given how Sutton tried to avoid Sully, it was easy enough to do.

“Thinking about hitting the beach,” Sully said. “Anyone interested?”

“After I clean up,” Callow agreed.

“I’ve got nothing going on,” Nave said, nodding.

Dezi was going home to his woman, but likely stopping for donuts first, so they didn’t bother to ask him.