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The enclosed short stories are best enjoyed after the Secret Desires series, as they are the follow-up tales of Beautiful Dreamer, Lost Boy, and Good Boy. I hope you enjoy this extra peek into the lives of some of my favorite characters.

Sleepy little Ollie was misunderstood and alone until Daddy Holden became his strength and peace. They share a beautiful life together, and the only thing that could make it better is a beautiful wedding.

Frankie was a lost boy - tossed away and forgotten, and nearly out of hope...until he met Shawn, who showed him that life was worth living. Now Frankie has found himself and his paradise in his Master's hands.

Blake was ridiculed for his desires, but Zack helped him feel confident and accepted. Zack showed him just how wonderful life could be, and what a good boy Lucky could be for his Master. Now the playful pup is full of life and light.

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I smiled when I saw Zack and Blake sneak into the venue and take their seats in the front row next to Franklin and Shawn. I was getting a little worried that they wouldn’t make it in time because they’d been in the kitchen checking on Zack’s catering team. But I should’ve known better; our friends would never miss Ollie’s and my big moment.

It was the day I’d longed for and imagined for years; the day I would wed my sweet, perfect boy. We’d planned every detail together, including choosing the location - a historic train depot about an hour outside of the city where we lived.

I’ll never forget the day we visited the depot for the first time. I heard about the venue through one of my clients when I made an offhand comment about wedding planning. As soon as I heard the word ‘train’, I knew that Ollie and I at least had to check it out. My boy’s obsession with trains grew stronger by the day.

I didn’t tell Ollie where we were going; just that I was taking him to a possible venue for our ceremony. I parked a block away and had him close his eyes as I led him down the sidewalk by the hand. When we stepped into the depot, I told him to open his eyes and held my breath for his reaction.

He didn’t disappoint. Ollie slapped both of his hands over his mouth and his eyes widened to the size of saucers as they searched every inch of the old building. His chest swelled with quick, shallow breaths and his hands trembled. Luckily, we’d worked with Ollie’s doctor to find the perfect blend of medication to help his Narcolepsy condition; it had helped reduce his cataplexy attacks when he got scared or excited. Otherwise, my sweet boy probably would have been limp in my arms.

As soon as he got himself under control, Ollie came alive while making plans. He pointed to every corner and depicted his vision of flowers, bows, and lights. He looked at me with large, watery eyes and declared that it was the perfect location to become my husband. And how could I ever say no to that?

And now that I was standing at the front of the room, waiting on my precious groom, I hoped the space was everything he dreamed it would be. It was perfect in my eyes; aged brick and exposed wood filled the venue and gave it rustic charm.

Globe lights hung from every rafter, casting the room in a warm, pleasant glow. The venue was packed with men in tuxedos and women in gowns - all of our friends, colleagues and clients gathered to celebrate with us. They were seated in rows of classy black chairs on either side of a white aisle runner, which was covered in red rose petals.

Front and center were our four closest friends. Originally, we wanted Shawn and Zack to stand with me as my best men, and for Franklin and Blake to walk in with my boy, but Zack was afraid that he’d be called away for help in the venue’s kitchen and didn’t want to let us down. So, all four of them decided to be our support system in the front row and take as many pictures as possible. It didn’t matter if they were standing beside me or sitting in front of me. They were all my best men, best friends, and family.

When a trio of violinists in the back corner began playing Make You Feel My Love, everyone in the venue stood from their seats. Shawn offered me a wink and thumbs up before he turned with the rest of the crowd to gaze at the pair of wooden French doors in the back.

I held my breath as two ushers each pulled one of the doors open. The moment I saw Ollie, tears bubbled over my eyelids and streamed down my cheeks. I’d never seen a sight so beautiful.

He was dressed in black slacks, a white dress shirt, and a black bow tie, but the most eye-catching part of his outfit was his red tuxedo jacket. I didn’t know what he’d chosen to wear; he only told me that it would be something ‘very special’. He was right; the jacket was not only his favorite color, but it matched his big, beautiful personality.

When he saw me, Ollie placed his hands over his heart and broke down into tears. I was surely not as lovely as him with my gray hair and my thick body wrapped in a classic black tuxedo, but he always looked at me like I was the only man in the room.

He sniffled and whimpered down the aisle. I wanted to run to him; to wrap him in my arms and hold him against me, but I couldn’t move. I was too awestruck by the magnitude of the moment and the love I felt radiating off of him.