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For the record, putting the Sousa clan to sleep for five hundred years is not Amaru’s fault.

At least he’s found his two, count ‘em two sexy, hunky, adorable, overprotective dragon mates because of it, and they’ll help him wake up his clan.

So why. Are his mates. AVOIDING HIM? Especially Luka. This should not be as hard as they’re making it.

What’re the proper tools to fix relationship problems? Is it screwdrivers?


Chaos thine name is Amaru, one keeper is not sufficient, hence triad, lost clans, malfunctioning magic, confused dragons, the whole enchilada, 500 years is one hell of a power nap, zipper are awesome, Ravi has twins, pray, relationships are work, hope is too, who needs sleep when there is nookie, don’t touch the screwdrivers, all unattended electronics will be taken apart, breaking traditions, dragon cuddles are the best cuddles

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Vasily smiled at the man in front of him, helpless to do otherwise—the man was far too charming, damn handsome, and familiar in an odd way. This dream man was slender with lean muscle, and his nearly black shaggy hair fell into his enormous chestnut brown eyes. Vasily found him to be incredibly cute. Even as he stood there, he radiated a certain amount of energy. Like he was between two different tasks and ready to try doing both at once. It wasn’t the first time Vasily had dreamed of this man, but it was the first time he’d seen him so clearly, felt him so distinctly.

“There you are,” the man said with such obvious delight it felt like the smile gave a sucker punch right to Vasily’s feels. “I’m finally awake enough to feel you. Where are you now?”

He was so charming, and this was only a dream anyway, so Vasily didn’t mind answering the question. The man had been like this before in the other dreams—floating about in midair, between land and sky, with Vasily in human form.

“I’m in Brazil. Near the beach. Why?”

“Oh good, you’re not too far. You need to come find me.” The man came in closer, taking Vasily’s hands in a firm grip, his expression earnest. “I can only count on the two of you. Come find me.”

Vasily felt his dragon lift its head, protective instincts engaging. “Are you in danger?”

“I will be if you don’t get me out of here soon. I don’t have the ability to do it on my own.” The man rolled his eyes. “Gods above, I told them not to go with this design, but did they listen to me? And now we’re all suffering for it. You remember the path I’ve shown you before?”

“Mostly. Are you leading me to you?”

“I’m certainly trying. I’ll start again from the beginning. Make sure you memorize the path.”

The dream abruptly shifted. The man was gone, nowhere to be seen, and that alarmed Vasily to no end. He felt the fear take root in his bones. He frantically spun, looking about, heart clawing its way up his throat.

Shhhh, that smooth tenor voice whispered in his ear. I’m right here. Pay attention. I can’t maintain this for much longer tonight. I’ll show you where to go.

With that voice in his ear, Vasily settled, assured that the dreamer was still with him.

The dream shifted again, the location spinning and blurring around him in a dizzying array of greens and blues until he was in a location he knew. The ruins of the Sousa Clan. Only it didn’t look like it was now, but more…intact? Pristine? Like it must have looked hundreds of years ago when the inhabitants still lived there. Streetlights lined all of the roads, glowing faintly. No people to be seen, but the impression of people was there, like they were just out of sight inside the buildings. From this aerial view he could see that the buildings actually did form a very large spiral that ended in the central courtyard.

Vasily had never seen it in that condition, so how could his imagination picture this all so clearly? He felt like he’d stood here before, had been led here before, but was only now remembering it clearly. How many times had he had this dream and only retained fuzzy impressions of it?

He had no time to question. It felt like he was dropped right over the center of the city, oriented northward, and then he was flying through the sky. The night air was cool over his skin, the feeling pleasant, although it felt strange to be in human skin while flying like this. Was this how the mages felt when flying with them?

Then something happened—an impact against his chest, not hurtful, but jarring. Vasily blinked awake, startled by the sensation. Oh, Luka was restless. He must have bumped against him.

Wait, shit, the dream had abruptly ended. Dammit, come back! Vasily had more questions than answers right now.

Ugh, it was just getting to the part where he actually remembered something, too. He hated dreams that toyed with him like this. And what had that dream been, anyway? It had felt so distinctly real. Real enough he could almost feel the traces of moist night air lingering on his skin.

Luka stirred again in his sleep, muttering under his breath. Such a sleep talker, this one. He’d always been one to talk in his sleep. Vasily looked at him fondly, remembering some nights when he’d taken advantage of it and gotten Luka to agree to all sorts of things. Like getting a credit card and maxing it out on video games. That had been a memorable one. Luka had chased him around the beach for hours, irate but secretly laughing, too.

“—know where that is,” Luka muttered, huffing as if in frustration.