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What could be better than getting to meet your celebrity crush?

How about rescuing him from a horde of hungry groupies.

What started as a pretty good day shot straight to spectacular in the blink of an eye.

And it just keeps getting better and better.

Because not only did I save Asher Forbes from a fate worse than death by sticking my tongue down his throat, it appears I also stole his heart.

Not too shabby for a curvy girl looking to spend a little time with some of her oldest friends while attending the hottest concert in town.

If you like curvy girl, rockstar, over-the-top, insta-love romance with a little bit of humor and very little drama, this Loni Ree short story is perfect for you.

This will be one boy band reunion to remember...When former boy band heartthrobs, Soul Obsession, announce their long-awaited reunion tour, a group of friends seize the chance for an epic girls' getaway following the tour from city to city.Backstage passes help them rediscover their sisterhood...until sparks fly between the gal pals and the guys in the band. Suddenly, this reunion tour becomes a harmony of the heart, where new romance blossoms. Soul Obsession's farewell tour is about to become the love note of the year.Seven of your favorite instalove authors are taking you on a rom-com adventure to remember this Galentine's Day. Grab your girlfriends, get your tickets, and prepare to swoon!

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I must’ve lost my goddamn mind. Why did I agree to this fucking reunion tour?

Oh, yeah. Because the record company bigwigs dangled the “get out of jail free” card in front of my nose. All I have to do is get through this fucking tour, and I make big bucks and never have to deal with their greedy asses again. Too bad, I already have more work on my plate than I’ll ever be able to keep up with.

I stare at the window, watching my bandmates’ reflections behind me while the plot twist I’m adding to my latest romantic suspense novel takes root in my mind.

I’m mentally filing away my idea while watching Crue, the band’s heartthrob, as he leans nonchalantly against the wall.

My eyes move over to Jax, sitting on the sofa, strumming his guitar like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

Jameson, the band’s crooner, screws around on his phone while Mason, our dancer and drummer, taps his fingers on the table, never missing a beat of the rhythm.

Crue clears his throat to get our attention, and I take a deep breath before turning to my friends.

“Alright, ladies, gather round. We all know why we're here. One last album, one final tour. Then we're free. We've got a lot to cover before we hit the road again.” His “asshole in charge” attitude returns in force.

“Who put you in charge, Crue? Last I checked, this wasn't a dictatorship,” Jax grumbles, causing Crue to roll his eyes.

“Fine, we'll take a vote. All in favor of me leading this meeting, say "aye.”

“Aye,” I pipe in first, ready to get this shit over with so I can get back to the hotel and get a few words in before I fall into bed exhausted. None of my bandmates—scratch that—no one except my literary agent and editor know I’m a romantic suspense author. With my first book slated for release two months after this tour ends, I’m keeping my cards close to my chest on this one. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll ever let my bandmates in on my little secret. Especially if my second career path tanks big time.

“Aye. Let's just get this over with,” Jameson grumbles.

“Aye.” Mason sighs.

“Excellent.” Crue already knew it was a foregone conclusion, but the fucker has to be a dick. “Then, by the power vested in me by the band Soul Obsession, I now call this meeting to order.”

“Do you need a gavel there, Judge Crue?” Jax lives to be our resident asshole.

“First order of business—the setlist. Management wants us to focus mostly on our old hits, with a couple of new songs sprinkled in. I think we should open with "Girlfriend" since that always got the crowds pumped up.” Crue gets to business.

“Agreed. Can I sit out for that one this time? I'm really not looking forward to all those synchronized group dances we used to do. Dancing was not in my original job description as the drummer, you know,” Mason asks.

“What exactly was in your original job description, Mase? Sit there and look brooding while hitting stuff with sticks?” Jax cuts in, needling Mason.

“That's the dream.” Mason doesn’t let Jax’s asshole attitude get to him one bit.

“A proctologist appointment sounds more appealing to me than synchronized dancing.” I can’t help but add my two cents.

“Come on, guys. It wasn't all bad. We used to have fun together. Don't you remember how great it felt to hear the crowd roar? Doesn't that count for something?” Crue puts on his Molly Sunshine hat.

“Oh, yeah. Nothing fills the soul quite like having underwear thrown at you every night by screaming teenagers and running from paparazzi during the day.” Jax reminds us of what we’re setting ourselves up for.

“It sounds like hell.” I’m regretting my decision to go on this fucking tour for the millionth time today. “Please remind me why we’re doing this to ourselves again.”

“Alright, alright. I'll admit the fans could be… intense. But the point is, we had some crazy times together back in the day. It wasn't all bad.” Crue’s optimism isn’t catching.

“Says you! You weren't the one getting blasted by the press for every late night out or questionable girlfriend. "Soul Obsession's Bad Boy Caught in New Scandal" They ate that shit up.” Jax struggled a lot more than the rest of us, and ten years hasn’t erased the trauma one bit for him, it seems.

“Only because you kept feeding it to them! If you didn't sneak out to a party or hook up with a new girl every night, they'd have had nothing to write about. Or maybe if you didn’t get stoned and tumble out of clubs?” Crue finally gets fed up with Jax’s poor me shit.

“I was nineteen, man! What was I supposed to be doing, knitting sweaters and baking cookies?” Jax throws his hands up in the air.