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Harper Haven belongs to me.

I’ll move heaven and earth to be with her. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been a priest. As a man of the cloth, my vows to my faith and parishioners should come first, but Harper opens my eyes to a world of happiness I’m missing out on.
Not only do I find myself falling head over heels in love with her, but she’s also able to find things in the church’s financial documents. Things I’ve overlooked because I trusted another supposed man of the cloth.
When Harper’s findings put a target on her back, nothing can stop me from protecting what’s mine. No harm is coming to the love of my life, even if that means giving up my position as a priest.
Love has me ready to change my life and renounce my vows to the faith. The future I see with Harper is undeniable. So what am I supposed to do when my faith, integrity, and love come head to head?

I’ll be damned if Harper doesn’t come first in my bed, in my heart, and in my life. God willing, she’ll always belong to me.

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The congregation of Saint Alban’s Church of Christianity is a welcoming one that makes becoming its new priest a simple transition.

The Conklin County parish has been without a priest for months, and I’m here as a placeholder of sorts. If the attendance and participation in charity work climb, I’ll get to keep this position. If not, the Archbishop may have to merge this parish with the one in the next county. I have a lot on my plate taking over this congregation and I don’t want to screw it up, but something’s nagging at me.

A year before I turn 40, my journey as a priest is at a crossroads. The temptations of secular life are weighing heavily on me, and I yearn for the touch of a woman. Celibacy is a tenet I’m supposed to agree to as a priest. However, coming to this church is making me rethink my vows to God.

The moment I see her, my heart skips a beat from the lust building inside of me. Her wavy blonde hair flows to her shoulders. Whenever she comes in, I want to take her into my office to do things no priest should want to do, especially with someone as young as she is.

Winter is rolling in and the church is at its height of charity work. Harper Haven strolls into the nave where the congregants sit for mass. My stance on the pulpit, in front of the altar, allows me to see everyone milling around the back of the room. There are a few parishioners helping with the current coat drive. Harper and her mother are some of the more active participants.

The smile she wears draws me in like a moth to a flame. It’s like she’s taunting me, teasing me, making me want to taste her lips while holding her in my arms. I lose myself too easily in those beautiful blue eyes. I find myself daydreaming about drowning myself in her juices, her kisses, her warmth.

With every step she takes closer to me, my mouth is watering for a mere morsel to satisfy my sexual appetite, but this isn’t the behavior of a priest. Wanting her is wrong, but if there’s ever been a reason to question my vows of celibacy, it’s Harper.

“Father Hudgens,” Harper says with a warm smile and slight twang. “I have a few extra boxes I’d like to bring by, but I see that today’s the last day of the coat drive.”

I force myself to snap out of the trance she has me in. My heart’s pumping every ounce of blood across my chest before sending it straight to my cock. Thankfully, the podium is in front of me where I see bible scriptures staring at me to remind me of my position in this church. It takes a few breaths to calm my pulse, where it isn’t beating loudly against my eardrums.

“Harper.” Her name on my lips isn’t the only piece of her I want rolling off my tongue. “I can stay here a few extra hours tonight. What time can you expect to come by?”

“I have some errands to run and I’ll be at my brother’s place until the end of business, so I guess maybe seven?”

I nod. “That’s perfectly fine. I’ll be here for you, Harper.”

Our eyes don’t shy away from locking onto one another, with her licking those supple tan lips that make me want to suck, nibble, and claim them as my own.

She swallows. Her eyes tear away from mine, peeking down to the floor before returning to me. “Thank you, Father.”

Something in the way she says Father makes me want to hear it whispering softly in ecstasy as I bring her to one orgasm after another. I shouldn’t have thoughts like these, especially about someone so much younger than me.

“Uh, Harper.” My heart races as I don’t want her to leave just yet. Her scent of flowers lingers delicately around the air, and I want her close. I want to see her again, coming up with any reason to have her come back to me.

“Yes, Father?” she says with the slightest hint of a smirk.

There it goes again. Only now, it makes me wonder about what she'll call me when I'm not wearing the priestly collar.

My desires and urges have to take a back seat. “I appreciate everything that you and your family do for the church.”

“It’s my pleasure.” The tone in her voice is far more alluring than I want to acknowledge.

I try my hardest to push every lurid image of her writhing under me out of my head. Still, I’m selfish. “You’re fairly young, Harper.”

Her eyes crinkle, wondering where I’m going with this. She attempts to correct me. “I’m 21, Father. So I’m not that young.”

I nod in agreement. “You’re correct, not that young at all. I hoped that your volunteer efforts would help persuade other young members of the church to get involved. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with me.”