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I told myself I'd never fall in love.

It just wasn't the trajectory my life was going to take.

Maybe I should've read the fine print on that vow because not falling in love doesn't mean no marriage.

I woke up with a gold band on my left hand and very few memories of how it got there.

Beth Moore needed an escape, and I needed one more night like we shared.

When she asked if she could come back to New Mexico with me, I opened my mouth to tell her that wouldn't be a great idea but YES came out instead.

To save her the embarrassment of what we did, I played along.

Besides, no one falls in love after they get married.

That's supposed to come first, and I told myself I'd never fall in love.

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Chapter 1


Despite the raging headache pounding in my head, I wake with a smile on my face.

The plan was to come to Lindell with Cerberus, to make sure that the town was safe during their memorial event. Finding a woman who rocked my world was extra whipped cream and the cherry on the top of a very kinky sundae.

I lick my dry lips, my eyes only managing to squint with the sun shining through the hotel room blinds. The warmth of her skin against mine makes me want to stay in bed for the rest of eternity.

She hums her approval when I pull her closer, positioning her body nearly on top of mine. My fingers tangle in soft, silky hair, and that perfectly flowery scent I became addicted to yesterday fills my nose once again. The woman is delectable. Her body moved against mine last night as if we’ve had years to perfect the sex.

“Morning,” I whisper, pressing my lips to the top of her head.

She grunts her response, and I can’t really get upset about that. I kept her up until the sun was threatening to come up. I bet we’ve only been asleep for a couple of hours, but duty calls, and Kincaid wouldn’t be impressed with me being late, no matter how good I got laid last night.

“We have to get up,” I say, putting forth no effort to get her off me.

Her fingers curl into my skin, and I’m hit with the memory of her nails digging in my skin as she pulled me closer, begging me for harder—faster. I gave her everything I had, and her mewling sounds of pleasure will live inside my head for many years to come.

If only I could remember her name. It would make our separation this morning a little easier.

“Sweetheart,” I say, nudging my shoulder when her body relaxes all the way, telling me she’s fallen back asleep. “I have to go.”

She sucks in a sharp breath, trying discreetly to wipe at her mouth, but, honestly, she’s wasting her time. She proudly slobbered on more than my chest last night, but maybe now isn’t the time to bring that up.

Tired, red-rimmed eyes look up at me, but there’s a smile playing on her lips.

“Last night was fun.”

I grin down at her when she starts chewing the inside of her cheek, a nervous gesture.

“It was,” I quickly agree.

Jesus, the woman is so freaking pretty. Her silky straw-colored hair is a mess of tangles and curls, and she’s the epitome of rode hard and hung up wet. Her shoulder bears the evidence of my mouth, making me wonder when I last gave someone a hickey—probably not since high school.

I trace my finger over the biggest one on her shoulder before running my hand down her spine. She curls into the touch like a lazy cat stretching in the sun. The goosebumps that chase my touch make me groan, my hips lifting a few inches to press harder into her.

“You said you have to get up,” she says, a sly smile turning up the corners of her mouth.

“Oh, I’m up.”

Her laughter is like angels singing, and just that corny-ass thought makes me pause.

I’m not the type of man to have such thoughts. I’m not a hearts-and-flowers type of guy. I’m the type of guy to make a woman laugh with a string of one-liners before letting them know rather quickly that my only goal is to get them in bed. I promise a great night, no bullshit, no strings attached, and most women appreciate that. Some will slap me in the face or scrunch their nose in disgust, but a single guy in a new town for a couple of days doesn’t really have the luxury of getting to know someone. Plus, you don’t go to a hole-in-the-wall bar looking for love.

“How much do you remember?” she asks, running her hand up my side until the tip of her index fingernail is hovering near her mouth.

“What’s that?” I ask, the sun filtering into the room, glinting off the ring on her finger.