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Reader This was previously published under the same title. Although it’s been re-edited and minimal content added and removed, the story itself is the same from the original.

There's only one man Gillian's ever loved, and it's the man who used to be married to her mother. The years have gone by, and her relationship with David was closer than ever. But what she wanted from him she knew she could never have. David saved Gillian seven years ago from an attack. After that, his feelings for her changed into something dangerous. He would do anything for her, even if that meant following her and making sure she was safe. He wasn't ashamed in what he did, because it was all in the name of love. But when another man took an interest in Gillian, David knew he couldn't stand by and let that happen. He wasn’t stalking Gillian… he just loved her.

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She’s mine, and she’ll find that out soon enough.

He kept saying that in his head repeatedly, the mantra making this animal rise in him. Primitive, possessive, and angry that he couldn’t control himself the way he wanted to. David didn’t want his desires and needs to dictate how he acted, but when it came to Gillian, he had no control.

His obsession for Gillian was so strong, so powerful, that David let it grow and didn’t want it to stop or dim. He let it consume him until she was all he thought about anymore. He watched her, made sure she was safe so that no motherfuckers touched her.

He could admit it was creepy as hell, made him a stalker, but he didn’t care. She was his world. David didn’t care that their past might be controversial, that she had been something different to him back in the day.

He might not know when his desire for her had been so consuming, but he knew the exact moment his need to make sure she was safe too precedence.

He could see that day so clearly in his head, knew it had been the defining moment in his life where he had said ‘fuck everything else’ aside from Gillian. It was years ago, well after he’d gotten the divorce from Gillian’s mother, but to him, it was still so fresh, so raw.

David sat in the car, the sun setting and the lights on the art gallery bright, casting a glow on the sidewalk in front of the building. He could see her inside speaking with a young man, the same little asshole who worked there with her. David’s jealousy over Gillian was like a living beast inside of him, threatening to take over until there was just this primal, animalistic need inside of him.

Like clockwork, she lifted her hand in a wave toward the prick, left the gallery, and walked to her vehicle. David scanned the surroundings, made sure no one was going to fuck with her, and only when she was in the car did he exhale. The gallery was decent, but it wasn’t in the best neighborhood.

She started the engine, and before she pulled out of the parking lot, his cell went off. Only glancing down long enough to grab it and look at the screen, his need coursed through him stronger with the fact it was Gillian calling him.

She trusted him, and that made his desire for her beat like a war drum throughout his body.

“Are you okay?” was the first thing he said even though he was staring right at her, unbeknownst to Gillian.

“Hi to you, too, David,” she said in her very feminine voice, a chuckle coming from her. “I just wanted to ask if you’d want to go with me to a gallery opening next weekend.”

He kept his focus on her car, watched as she pulled out of the lot, and did the same. He wanted to make sure she got home okay, and even if following her, watching her, was so over the fucking line, he couldn’t stop himself.

He had a job, and although that meant he couldn’t watch her every second of the day, he wanted to make sure she was protected.

I’m crossing the fucking line doing illegal shit, and if she ever found out, she wouldn’t want anything to do with me.

“You know I’m not into that art shit,” he said, but he would have gone, anyway.

“I know, but it will be a pretty big turnout for a well-known artist, and I thought a little cultural experience might do you some good.”

He could tell by her voice she was smiling. “I’m sure you have someone closer you’d like to take. Maybe a friend from school?” He tightened his hold on the steering wheel, kept a respectful distance from her car, and watched as she drove down her street. Fortunately, she only lived a little over ten minutes away, but still far enough she wasn’t in the shitty part of town.

“Sure, I could ask some of my girlfriends, but I know you don’t get out of the house much.”

If she only knew.

He pulled his car to a stop down the street from the small house she rented, cut the lights, but kept the engine running. Gillian got out of her car and headed inside, all the while talking to him on the phone and not knowing what a son-of-a-bitch he was.

“Whatever you want. Just tell me the time and place, and I’ll be there.”

Once he knew she was safe in the house, he started back home. After he spoke with her for a few more minutes, he finally ended the call and drove the rest of the way in silence, his thoughts on her.

David was a motherfucker, he knew that. Knew that watching her, following her, and being an all-around piece of shit stalker would ruin the relationship they had. But he couldn’t stop himself. Gillian looked at him as a friend, and he knew it could be nothing more than that on her end.