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Helping Havana Bradley, my friend and associate’s younger sister, break into a stranger’s home goes against my code of ethics as a locksmith. However, not helping this little girl find jewelry stolen from her apartment by a shady plumber goes against my code of ethics as a man. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she gets back what belongs to her, even if that means confronting someone dangerous from my past. Anyone who messes with this young, innocent beauty has to deal with me. And anyone who’s lived in Conklin County long enough knows better than to want to be on the receiving end of a Haven’s wrath. Nothing and no one will stop me from keeping her safe in her home…or in my bed. I just have to show her how a real man treats his girl, pump her full with my seed, and prove to her that the best place to be…is by my side. I sense on a primal frequency that she’s already mine…even before our mouths even touch. Us Haven men don’t half-ass things. We go big or go home. And for Havana? I’m all in. F*ck everything else.

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What the hell is it this time?

It’s close to midnight when my phone rings.

The life of a locksmith is interesting and never-ending. There isn’t a feeling of panic pushing me out of bed, but the possibility of booking an emergency overnight fee to help someone locked out of their car gets me to sit up.

The number flashing on my phone pops up with a picture of a blonde girl with pigtails, and it takes a minute for me to read Havana’s name. I answer the call immediately because her brother, Brody, is one of my good friends. He takes bodyguard gigs for my company, and I know he’s out of town for the next 18 months.

“Yeah, baby girl.” I try to mask the fact she’s waking me up from a good night’s sleep.

But she understands from the tone of my voice, saying, “Aww. I’m sorry, Mr. Haven. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Just call me Hendrix,” I tell her because calling me Mr. Haven makes me feel much older than the 37 I actually am. “What do you need?”

My mind immediately wishes she says me and this tool I’ve been wanting to sink into her sweet pussy for a while now. But I’m the kind of man that’s going to show up for her no matter what. She needs me, and it’s a feeling I can’t let go.

“I lost my key in a sewer grate and my landlady isn’t answering the phone. Can you help me get back into my apartment?” She’s begging, and I’m not going to turn her down.

“Anything for you, baby girl. Text me your location. I’ll be there soon.” I end the call and throw on some clothes. It only takes me a few minutes to hop in my truck to reach Havana. She’s standing on a corner down the street from some bar.

I get out of my truck, watching her as people walk up and down the street. The bar must have just let out as guys shout things at her while she stands near the spot where she lost her keys.

Blonde hair falls down to her elbows. Her phone is in one hand while she uses the other to tug down one side of an extremely short dress. She swipes one side of her hair over her shoulder as she looks up and down the street, waiting for me. I won’t keep her waiting.

By the time I hit the median, she spots me, waves with so much energy the low neckline of her dress lets me see her cleavage move up and down. Jesus. Havana Bradley is simply gorgeous and dangerous for my sanity.

When Brody showed up with her in my office, I could feel the floor rushing up to meet me.

I have never seen anyone more beautiful than her in my life. It’s a face and body that demands appreciation. And it’s not even just her beauty. There’s an innocence in her that turns me feral, makes me go crazy with need. The need to have her. The need to make her mine. The primal instinct to strangle anyone who touches her. Because fact is, she belongs to me now.

As I watched her, the whole package stiffened my dick into a crowbar. She saw the tent in my pants, widened her eyes, and gave me a knowing look.

That meeting started this little dance, with her pushing my buttons and testing my wafer-thin control.

The minute I’m within earshot, she starts talking. “I’m sorry to get you out of bed so late. I didn’t know who else to call, but this is where they fell.”

Before I can tell her not to worry about it, she bends over to flash the light of her phone into the sewer cover. Her dress rises in the back to partially reveal the bottom of her ass, forcing me to get behind her so she stops exposing herself to everyone around us.