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All I’m doing is substituting for a class.
It’s easy. Simple. I’ll teach a couple of lectures and collect a paycheck, no problem.

But the first time I lay eyes on Noelle, everything changes. She’s gorgeous, smart, and sweet, and I burn with desire for her, a never-ending fever under my skin. I struggle to find my breath when she’s around, trying to distance myself.
But…I should’ve known that eventually my tether would snap.
When it does, staying away from her is no longer possible.

I’m determined to make her mine, but there’s just one problem—she’s my son’s ex-girlfriend.
Unfortunately for him, zero part of me cares.

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I haven't been up this early in years, and it's frustrating as hell. These conditions should be illegal and considered inhumane—not for the students but for the professors, at least.

But when my son's school calls and asks me to substitute for just a few weeks of classes, with the perk of a hefty percent coming off his tuition, I can't exactly say no. Which is why I'm entering the mostly empty lecture hall at 7:15 am for the 7:30 English 101 class at the University of California Irvine.

Setting down my things on the desk, I blow out a long breath. I adjusted my morning routine, waking up hours earlier to get my morning run in before class, but I still don't feel totally awake. The class's actual professor, Dr. Gray, had an unfortunate car accident a mere two weeks before Christmas break, and I just so happened to live nearby and meet the criteria to substitute. I haven't taught in years, not since I found significantly more success in textbook research and writing, but my love for English hasn't faded. Students on the other hand...

I've never been overly fond of students. Maybe this time it will be different, but I doubt it.

The freshman and struggling sophomores file into the lecture hall as I organize my sparse amount of teaching accessories and grab the list of students off the top of the pile of papers Gray left me. The college kids don't look all that different from when I was teaching, and the ones in front of me look more alert than I'm feeling, which is impressive. I've always preferred to teach upper-level English courses, but this is an easy gig. I'm here to help them through this last final they have, and that's all.

"I'm Professor Nathan Nolan, I'll be taking over the rest of Dr. Gray's classes," I announce after the last student is seated, their attention turning toward me. "For this first day, I'm just going to review his lesson plan so you aren't confused, and then you're free to leave. If anyone has any questions, please raise your hand. I'll start by calling roll..."

I make it about halfway down the list, disassociating until I call a name that rolls off my tongue, smooth like butter.

"Noelle Henry?"

I raise my head and scan the sea of faces before I hear the sweetest sound.


I follow the voice and the moment I lay my eyes on her, a jolt surges through me. My pulse kicks into overdrive, and my brain is firing on all synapses. I have to force my mouth to continue the roll call, even as the world slows and every part of me becomes hyper-aware. Holy shit, she's beautiful. The most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and this is California. There isn't exactly a drought of beautiful women. But this one...she puts them all to shame.

Noelle's a young thing, a freshman by the looks of her, honey blond and with sapphire eyes that are round and intent on me. Her pale skin is a stark contrast to the bright red sundress dress she's wearing. It clings to her curves, leaving little to the imagination. At first, it strikes me as strange that she'd be wearing so little in December, but it's an unseasonably warm day, and she must be taking advantage of it.

There's something else I'd like to take advantage of...

I've never been the kind of man to lust after a woman, especially a student. It's not who I am. But as my heart continues to beat hard in my chest, I can't tear my eyes away from her. I'm on autopilot, reading off the papers that Gray gave me and looking up to focus on Noelle every chance I get. I'll have to read over this lesson plan later because I'm not retaining a damn word.

I have to get this girl to stay after class, even if it's just to prove to myself that I'm in control. But oh...even with her rows and rows away in her seat, I can feel my control fraying and an erection growing at the simple thought of being alone with her.

When the class is over, the students are slow to shuffle out, and I'm practically losing my mind, trying to bullshit a reason to keep her back. But luck is shining down on me today because as everyone else gathers their things to leave, Noelle shoulders her pale pink backpack and comes down the stairs, heading my way.