My Boyfriend’s Big Daddy – My Boyfriend’s Dad Read Online Lena Little

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When my son comes into the office to inform me that his girlfriend will start working in my company, I almost throw him out onto the street. No one tells me what to do, least of all this good-for-nothing boy who acts like he’s entitled to everything.
I’m ready to tell the girl I’m not hiring, but when she steps into the room and meets my gaze, I feel naked hunger all the way to the marrow of my bones.
I want her. But she’s off-limits. I shouldn’t even think about how my body goes haywire in her presence. I shouldn’t think about her. Period.
But when she breaks up with him, my conscience is nowhere to be found.
I burn with the need to have her and mark her as mine.
And Blair…she may be young and innocent.
But she knows.
What Daddy wants: Daddy gets.

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“What do you mean she’s going to start working today? Did I wake up in a different universe where you’re the boss?!”

I'm fuming. Actually, fuming isn't even the word for it. I'm so angry that I think smoke is coming out of my fucking ears. Damnit, of course, Tanner would decide to dump something like this on my plate at the beginning of the week before I could even get my bearings. I just walked into the office thirty minutes ago!

The absolute last thing I need is my spoiled son telling me, not even asking, that he brought his girlfriend to work in MY office. What in the actual fuck is wrong with this kid? Did the boy think this multi-million empire is a playground?

Beckett Enterprises is the mark I will leave in this world. It’s mine, and Tanner acting like he can make the rules here in my territory is annoying as hell.

“It’s not like she’s gonna be your secretary.” Tanner shrugs. I notice he hasn't even put on a suit today and is still in jeans. “Just the office bitch.”

Annoyed fury morphs into something darker, and I'm sure it comes through in the way I ask, “You’re calling your own girlfriend a bitch?”

“What? Like that’s not what you call these chicks doing menial jobs like photocopying documents and making your coffee.” He laughs, crossing his arms. “She's just eye candy. You can pay her minimum wage or whatever.”

I simply stare at my son, a muscle twitching in my jaw.

Absolutely not. I don't demean women in any way, especially the ones who are helping me run my company, not yours. Mine, I think. Out loud, I tell him, “No. I don’t. They're a vital part of the organization, no matter how big or small their contribution, and your clear inability to understand that shows me just how ignorant and disrespectful you are...and how you're nowhere near ready to take over the reins of this company, no matter how much you think it's a done deal because your last name matches the one on the top floor of the building.”

Resigned, the boy holds up his hands. “Okay. If you won’t budge, then can you at least tell her no? I’ll bring her in.”

Splaying my hands on the desk in front of me, I lean forward. “Why don’t you do it, boy? You’re the one who promised her a job. Be a man for once."

Tanner shakes his head. “Just tell her no and then we’ll leave.”

“You will do your own dirty work, Tanner, but since I’m feeling generous today, you can bring her in and I will back you up after you tell her at least.”

About thirty minutes later, my son opens the door and brings his girlfriend in.

As asinine as it is for me to have to fire this girl before she even starts, it's at the back of the list of things I'm worried about for the day. Halfway through making a mental checklist for the morning, I hear the door to my office creak and the soft sound of footsteps on the Persian rug. But when I look up and see the girl, every single thought about turning her down flies out the window.

Oh, fuck. She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

My eyes travel the length of her, drinking her in, taking in her toned legs and perfectly pert ass, which is being hugged by a tight black pencil skirt.

Her torso is covered by a lacy camisole that dips between the sweetest, fullest pair of breasts I've seen on a woman, and an open blazer that matches the skirt. She's short and probably only reaches my shoulders. Thinking of what she’d look like bent over my desk immediately makes me hard.

The girl is wearing a pair of high-heeled sandals, but they are clearly not comfortable since she is already shifting from foot to foot. Her wavy blonde hair is in a low ponytail, but it's so long that it brushes her back. I can already imagine what it would feel like clenched in my fist as she’s on her knees in front of me.

Shit. Shit. I can’t be thinking like this.

“G-good morning, Mr Beckett,” she greets, a blush coloring her cheeks as she realizes the way I'm looking at her.

Tanner clears his throat. "Dad, this is Blair. My girlfriend. Remember I told you I was bringing her in today for an interview? And Blair, this is my dad, Brian Beckett."

She blushes harder this time. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Beckett."

I stand, but only halfway so she can’t see my hard-on, extending a hand for her to shake. "Likewise, Miss Blair. Call me Brian."

I hold her hand for a little longer than I should, and she pulls away, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. "It's nice to meet you too, Mr. Beckett."