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Kizzy finds herself on her uncle’s farm, realizing her fathers’ unusual behavior after breakfast. When she questions their distraction, they admit it’s due to her accidentally exciting them earlier. Apologetic and eager to help, she offers to do extra chores to assist them in focusing on their work. As her fathers gather around her, she notices their discomfort, realizing the cause of their distraction. Curiously, she reaches out and touches one of them, and they suggest a solution to ease their discomfort.

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Chapter One


It’s the hottest time of the year, and I feel sorry for my daddies working out in the sunshine all day. I’m lucky that I’m only in charge of taking care of the house so I get to stay cool in the air conditioning while I tidy up. I’m also lucky that living with three boys—um, men—isn’t so bad because they do a good job of cleaning up after themselves.

After my grandma died last year, I was sent to live with them on the farm until I turned eighteen. That day has already come and gone, but I’ve got no desire to leave. They are all so good to me and treat me like a princess, so why would I want to go? I also love it here with all the animals even if it’s in the middle of nowhere and hours from the nearest neighbor.

Technically, only one of them is my daddy, but I don’t know which one. My grandma didn’t, either, and she didn’t know my mom. I was dropped off at her doorstep when I was a baby with a note saying one of her sons was my father. Since they are all brothers, it doesn’t really matter, and as soon as I got here they asked me to give them all the same title. Since then, it’s been Daddy Rowdy, Daddy Dalton, and Daddy Stetson.

Seeing the sun bright in the sky, I decide to take some cold drinks out to them in the barn and ask if they need anything else.

This morning, they were all a little distant, and I couldn’t figure out why. It might have been because I’d been washing dishes and accidentally poured a pot of water down my shirt. I usually only sleep in one of their old white T-shirts, so when it got soaked, it was practically see-through. I bet they were mad I ruined their shirt, and that’s why they didn’t talk to me before they left.

It could have been because of last night when we were watching that scary movie and I had to sit in Daddy Dalton’s lap. He seemed mad every time I jumped, and he kept having to readjust me. Even Daddy Rowdy was scowling at us instead of watching the movie.

Maybe Daddy Stetson told them about me lying out in a bathing suit yesterday afternoon? I thought they’d be at the barn all day, so I put on my bikini to get some sun. The suit was a couple of years old, so it didn’t fit right anymore, but he was so mad when he saw me in it, he took one look and stomped out.

They are usually so sweet and spoil me with pretty dresses to wear around the house, but lately, it’s been tense. The last couple of dresses they bought me didn’t fit so well, and I could see the frustration in their eyes as I modeled them. I’ve still been wearing them anyway because I don’t want to disappoint them. I guess my body is growing faster than they anticipated because the pale yellow one I’m wearing today is so tight across the top my boobs are nearly spilling out. Thankfully it’s flowy around my waist and thighs, but it’s short, and I have to be careful when I bend over. It’s probably three sizes too small, but I put it on anyway because I don’t want them to think I’m not grateful.

Grabbing a big pitcher of ice water, I hold it against me as I step outside into the hot summer sunshine. It’s so warm it’s already starting to melt as I make my way to the barn, and I’m sweating before I get there. I’ve only been out here for thirty seconds, so I can only imagine how hard this is for them. My poor daddies are out in the heat working so hard that they deserve a break to cool down.

When I get to the barn, I see the three of them on the other side with pitchforks and bales of hay. They’re shirtless as they clean the horse stalls, and I stand there for a moment watching.

Daddy Dalton is the biggest of all of them but not because he’s the tallest. He’s so wide and strong, but he’s got a big belly too. I love how cuddly and soft he is when we hug or watch movies. He’s the first person to give me a squeeze in the mornings or before I go to bed, and he’s always happy to eat anything I cook.

Daddy Rowdy is the slimmest, but he’s all muscles with not an ounce of fat on him. His six-pack and chiseled arms flex as he digs in the hay and tosses it in the stall. He’s always helping me around the house, even though I never ask for it.