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Kissing Her

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Alexa Riley

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Bee Armstrong is used to being the ugly duckling in her family. Her sister is the one who gets all the love and affection, including from her parents. She’s learned to deal with being alone, so when a strange man can’t keep his eyes off her, she’s not prepared for what she feels.

Ragnar Black isn’t a decent man. He makes his money illegally and does whatever it takes to get what he wants. One night he’s walking home after a job and sees a girl so beautiful he can’t believe his eyes. He should walk away and not look back, but she calls to him like nothing ever has before.

Warning: Will Ragnar do every dirty thing in the book to his sweet, innocent Bee? Come on, this is us, and we wouldn’t let you down! Find out just how far he’s willing to go to make her his. Spoiler: it’s all the way!
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Chapter One


I reach for the glue gun, but my sister Melina grabs it before I can. I pick up the glue stick instead because it will work all the same. When I glance over at her, she has a smug look on her face. I smile because I don’t care. If I fought Melina on everything, it would be all I do. She can have the dang thing. It’s her bridal shower after all. I already burned my finger on it three times and my scrapbook looks terrible and there’s no saving it. It’s a freaking mess, while Melina’s is perfect. This isn’t shocking because everything she does is always perfect. It’s the story of her life. It’s the life everyone at this bridal shower should want—or so I’m told. It’s the life my mom and dad keep insisting is right for me.

This is my first time getting to go to one of these things. You aren’t allowed until you’re eighteen because things might be talking about, things adults think I shouldn’t know, but I know. I might be sheltered, but they can't hide everything. As much as my parents tried, I still heard stuff and saw it on the internet.

For me, I found most of my dirty information in the books I checked out at the library, probably before I really should have known about stuff like that. If my parents knew they’d never have let me go back. They think it’s sweet I spend so much time there, but the reality of it is that I use it to escape. It’s the only way I can ever get away from my family It’s the one place they never question if that’s where I say I’m going.

“You can take the car, Bee. Brandon is picking me up.” I look up from my scrapbook that has way too much lace on it and stare at my sister. Mom and Dad are gone for the weekend. They’re off on some nature retreat with a bunch of people from the church. They’ve been doing that a lot lately and it’s nice to have the house mostly to myself. “And keep your trap shut about it.”

She narrows her bright blue eyes at me and I nod. Everyone always comments on how pretty her eyes are, but I’ve always thought they’re cold as ice. I love my sister, but she’s mean as the devil and vindictive. The ice matches the inside of her and that’s just the way it is.

I don’t know why she’s warning me. I’ve never told on her before, so I don’t know why she thinks I would start now. My only complaint is that she’s going out with Brandon. The guy is a jerk—a jerk who’s going to be my brother-in-law soon and then I’ll never escape him. As mean as my sister can be, I still don’t want her with him. I always reasoned she handled how strict and overbearing my parents are with us with anger and gave her a pass.

“I won’t,” I say and she smirks.

I’ll never understand why she’s always mean to me though. She’s the favorite, prettier, and always gets what she wants. I don’t get why she’s not happy and always trying to take a jab at me. It’s like she’s trying to win some tug of war game I’m not playing.

“Brandon and I need some time alone,” she whispers under her breath for only me to hear.

I wasn’t asking, but she felt the need to tell me anyway. Everyone else is carrying on about the wedding. For once Melina isn’t making sure everyone’s attention is on her, not when she’s up to something she shouldn’t be. I don’t blame her. If I had someone to sneak out with, I would. I’m nineteen, I shouldn’t be sneaking. She’s twenty-one and she’s whispering that she’s going to hang out with her fiancé. It’s all ridiculous and I grew up living like it should be normal.

Maybe I can sneak out. I’ll be alone and I’ll have the car my sister and I share. I could go somewhere and no one would ever know. My mind drifts to the possibilities, but I can’t think of anything to do. I’m too young for a bar and I’m past the age when everyone hangs out at the movie theatre or the mall. At least I think I am. My parents never let us go with the other kids.

We only got to hang out with kids they knew, and for some reason I never clicked with anyone. Melina did because she can get along with anyone if she wants to. I only got stuck going out with her and her friends because I think my parents wanted me to watch over her. They thought if I was with her she couldn't do anything bad. They were wrong.