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>b>I gave him my innocence and my virtue. I gave him my love and my hate. Is there anything left to give?

Angelo Russo came like a storm into my life and left destruction in his trail. The man who hates me beyond measure is the man who put a ring on my finger and gave me his name. My husband is my worst enemy.

There’s nothing left to salvage from the wreckage of our lives. He married me to destroy me, and he did an outstanding job. He took my innocence and my virtue. I gave him my love and my hate. And just when I think there’s nothing else to give, I realize how wrong I am. What Angelo wants most is the promise of life I carry inside my body. When he’s taken that last piece of me, he’ll crush me with a smile on his beautiful face and wipe my existence from his memory forever.

Note: Kisses Like Rain is the 4th and final book in the Corsican Crime Lord series. You must read Love Like Poison (Book 1), Hate Like Honey (Book 2), and Tears Like Acid (Book 3) first.

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Corsican Crime Lord, Book Three

Banished to a house Angelo’s family vandalized and abandoned at the far end of the property, Sabella finds herself isolated and alone in a country she doesn’t know. Heidi convinces Angelo to let her take food, clothes, and bed linen to Sabella. The kind housekeeper is Sabella’s only ally in her new hostile environment.

To her horror, Sabella wakes up with lice. Her only option is walking to the village at the bottom of the valley and asking the pharmacist for help. From the inhabitants’ reactions, she soon realizes that her husband is despised in the village.

On Angelo’s instruction, Heidi brings Sabella back to the old house while the new house is fumigated and cleaned. Angelo has Sabella locked in her room to prevent her from snooping and gathering information she can give to the police while he entertains guests at home. Unable to stay away from his wife, he visits her room after dinner. In the aftermath of the sex that follows, he tells her he wants an heir. When Sabella refuses to bring a child into their turbulent world, he tells her that he won’t give her a choice.

The following morning, Angelo leaves for Marseille to recruit an informant. He wants to know what transpired between Sabella and Lieutenant Lavigne when Lavigne arrested Sabella on false charges. While Angelo makes full use of his wife’s respected name to further his own business, the cuts on Sabella’s feet and knee heal.

Heidi takes Sabella back to the new house where she meets Fabien, Angelo’s personal shopper, who refurbished and decorated the house. They immediately take a liking to each other. When Angelo returns from France that night, Sabella greets him like he ordered—naked and on her knees. She decides to give him obedience and her body but never a child or her heart. Bitter about the fact that he told her she’s not worthy to say his name, she vows to never speak it again.

Sabella continues her secret excursions to the village, sneaking away during the day, and finds a few casual jobs. Her objective is to pay the pharmacist and to stash away a small emergency fund. Slowly but surely, she befriends the locals. When she returns from the village one day, Fabien is waiting with a gown for a fundraiser she has to attend with Angelo. Angelo gets the wrong idea when he walks in on Sabella and Fabien where she tries on the gown in her bedroom. His jealousy erupts. The only reason he doesn’t kill Fabien is because he knows his personal shopper prefers men to women.

After discovering signs of trespassing in and around the house, Sabella manages to lure the person who helped himself to her food from the woods. To her surprise, she discovers that the dirty boy dressed in rags is a girl. On top of that, she’s not just any girl but Angelo’s niece. Sophie tells Sabella that she and her brothers stayed behind when their ‘grandfather’ moved back to his camp in the valley. The children live in a cave and survive by stealing food from the village.

Angelo is shocked to discover Sophie with Sabella. He goes in search of her brothers and find them at the camp with Grandpa, his maternal grandfather. As their parents disappeared, the grandfather agrees to sign over custody to Angelo. Sabella and Angelo disagree about Sophie’s future. Angelo wants to send her to a boarding school in Marseille while Sabella believes it will be a mistake to send the little girl away. Sabella makes a deal with Angelo, promising to help him put an important deal to bed by using her name and influence if he’ll give the local school a try.

At the fundraiser dinner in Paris, Sabella achieves her aim. The shipping company owner agrees to the deal with Angelo. Angelo moves Sophie’s brothers in with him, but it’s not smooth sailing. The three boys are a handful and difficult to handle. It doesn’t help that Angelo feels the strain of constantly being on his guard around his wife. She remains a threat to the family, something his uncles remind him of at every opportunity.

As punishment for his uncles’ suggestion that Angelo kills his wife, he orders them to kneel and prove their loyalty to him as the head of the crime organization. He orders his cousins to guard the new house. The babysitting duty is a demotion designed to put them back in their place.

As Angelo’s cousins don’t inform him of Sophie’s presence at the new house, he realizes that they’re either not doing their jobs or purposefully emitting some facts. He orders his guards to watch his uncles as well as his cousins.

During a walk, Sabella and Sophie stumble upon a graveyard with three gravestones. Sabella instantly knows who were put there to rest. Angelo shows up with Heidi. The fact that Angelo knew where to find them tells Sabella her husband is having her watched.