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She thinks happily ever after only happens in romance novels.
He can’t wait to prove her wrong…

Falling in love is not on Raven Walsh’s agenda. Running from her past keeps her way too busy for that. She can, however, handle a friends-with-benefits scenario with the hot billionaire who co-owns The Back Door bar. But trusting him with her heart? Not a chance…

Remington Sterling has had his eye on the smart and sexy Raven since she started waitressing at his bar. He knows she’s gun-shy where relationships are concerned. But he’s ready to do whatever it takes to convince her he’s worth the risk…

When Raven’s secrets catch up to her in a big way, she must decide if the potential cost of trusting Remy is more than she’s willing to pay—and Remy will need to figure out how far he’s willing to go for love…

Just One More Moment, book 1 in the Sterling Family series (all can be read as standalones), is a spicy contemporary romance featuring a ready-to-run heroine and the possessive, protective alpha hero who is more than ready to catch her.

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Chapter One

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the—” Before the officiant could finish his sentence, Zach Dare swept his bride into his arms and dipped her head for a long, nearly-inappropriate-for-an-audience kiss.

Raven Walsh joined the rest of the guests, clapping for the newlyweds as they joined hands and made their way back down the white rose lined aisle.

“I adore a good second-chance love story,” Stevie Palmer, Raven’s friend and waitress at the bar she managed, said. Stevie rose from her seat and Raven followed suit, waiting for everyone in their row to file out and head for the reception.

Raven laughed. “You and your romance novels.” She shook her head at her book-loving friend. “But in this case, I have to say I agree.” Even she, with the lack of a relationship in her life, couldn’t deny these two deserved happiness and a long future together. “If anyone was meant to be together, it’s Zach and Hadley.” They’d lost each other once due to circumstances beyond their control and fought hard upon Hadley’s return. In more ways than one.

The bridal party, consisting of Hadley’s young sister, and all seven of Zach’s brothers, sisters, and sisters-in-law, followed the couple down the aisle. So did the best man, Zach’s best friend and business partner.

He also happened to be Raven’s boss and the star of her fantasies. Wearing a black, double-breasted tuxedo with wide lapels, a white shirt, and black bow tie, Remington Sterling was the epitome of sexy. His brown hair was lightly gelled. Choosing not to shave, he’d kept the beard she loved and imagined scraping along her thighs. Which would not be happening. Bad, Raven. She shouldn’t be having naughty thoughts about her boss.

He might flirt up a storm whenever they were together but as much as she wanted to know him better, and end up between the sheets, Raven had to keep her distance. Her past was always waiting to pop up and destroy anyone she got close to. These days, that past was getting closer than ever. She shuddered and pushed the thought out of her mind.

Remy walked down the aisle and stood parallel to her row. He caught her gaze, treating her to a wink before striding forward, leaving her with a view of his broad shoulders and back, and a tingling feeling low in her belly.

Beside her, Stevie let out a whistle. “That man wants you.”

And Raven wanted him.

Too bad she wasn’t destined for the happily ever after Hadley had found. Raven didn’t begrudge her friend the love she and Zach shared. She just wished one day, she could have the same. But fate didn’t seem to cut her any breaks. Still, she’d created a good life for herself and wasn’t one to dwell on the negatives.

The people beside her started to move and Raven followed the woman next to her out of the row. A little while later, she and Stevie stood with a glass in hand, looking around the Meridian NYC Hotel room where the cocktail hour was being held.

“I have to say, this drink is delicious.” Raven took another sip of the wedding couple’s specialty offering, a peppermint white Russian, made with Kahlua, her favorite liqueur.

“Rich people and their signature drinks,” Stevie said. “My friend got married at the VFW Hall in my small New Hampshire town. Guests paid for their own alcohol. I’m sure you get it, right?”

Raven stilled mid-sip. For all outward appearances, she was just like Stevie. A New York City working girl. Her clothing was a mix of thrift store finds and affordable fashion, she shopped at inexpensive grocery stores and ate at home more often than she spent money in restaurants. When she did go out, she knew all the good but cheap places and her recreation choices were the same. Free museum days, outdoor art in the summer, and free movies at Backyard at Hudson Yards.

Her upbringing, however, was the same as Remy’s. Private schools, expensive restaurants, summers in Sag Harbor…


She shook her head. “Sorry,” she said to her friend. “I got lost in thought.”

“I was saying I’m sure you understand how out of place I feel at this wedding. The Back Door is much more my speed.”

Raven stepped closer so she could talk lower and still be heard. “Actually, I grew up like this.” She gestured around the gorgeously decorated room.

“You’re kidding?” Stevie’s eyes opened wide.

Raven shook her head. “My biological mom died when I was five and I went into foster care. I was quickly adopted by a wealthy family and had all… this.” And so much more, she thought with a shiver.

Stevie raised her eyebrows. “But you’re so unaffected.”

Raven laughed. “Much to my mother’s chagrin. She wanted a frilly, girly girl. Instead, she got me.”

Stepping back, Stevie looked her over. “Well, if she saw you in that dress, she’d rethink her assessment, at least on the surface.” She lifted her glass to her red-stained lips and took a sip. “And if Remy’s stares are anything to go by, he also likes what he sees.”