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Littleworld is an amazing vacation spot on an island reserved strictly for age play. Adult visitors can indulge in regression without fear of being judged. In fact, it’s mandatory and addictive. Some guests find themselves unwilling to leave the island…

Josie has sensory sensitivities that make it hard for her to be brave and face the world. She’s been a member of the Dungeon for a while, but talking to a Daddy has always been out of the question. Until she meets Chase—the first man who doesn’t even flinch about her idiosyncrasies. Now, she’s his, but something is still missing from her life.

Chase has had his eyes on Josie for months. When he recognizes her sensitivities, he knows he’s the man to help her navigate life. He’s willing to be her everything. He’s also hoping a trip to Littleworld will prove to them both that a deeper submission is just what they need.

Josie is keeping a secret though. The sooner Chase can get her to open up, the sooner he can reveal his own secrets. He’s certain she’ll be pleased, if she would just listen to him.

The books in this series include strong elements of medical and age play. If this genre is offensive to you, this may not be the book or series for you.

Josie’s Daddy is a follow-up story from Princess Josie, a novella in Twisted Daddies from the Twisted Tales Anthology Series. You don’t need to have read the previous book to enjoy Josie’s continuing story, but if you want to know how she met her Daddy, Princess Josie is the place to start!

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“Josie, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile as brightly as you’re smiling today. Tell me all about it,” my counselor, Melissa, says as soon as I sit down on the loveseat in her office.

I’m sure I beam even brighter as I smooth my hands on my thighs. “I met someone.”

Her eyes widen. “A man?”

I nod, giggling. “Yes. His name is Chase. He’s a detective with the local police department. And he’s a Daddy Dom. The bestest Daddy Dom in the world. And he has a sister with sensory processing disorder, so he understands me.”

“Wow.” She smiles back at me as she leans back in her chair. “Where did you meet him?”

“At the Dungeon.”

“That makes sense. Did you just meet him for the first time?”

“Not really. I’ve known him for months, but last Friday, I had a bit of a breakdown when I arrived for the costume party I was telling you about, and he noticed and helped me. It was so sweet, and I’m in love.” I can’t keep from blurting all this out.

“You look happier than I’ve ever seen you, Josie. I’m so excited for you.”

“He even met my parents yesterday,” I inform her. “They love him too.”

“That’s wonderful. And you say his sister has some sensory sensitivities? I bet that really helps him understand you.”

I nod. “Yes. He has special padding on the seatbelts in his car, and he changed all the roses in front of his house from red to pink because I told him I don’t like red, and he bought me green catsup. Did you know they make green catsup?”

She chuckles. “I think I’ve seen colored catsup before.”

I keep rambling. “And he understands about my aversion to zippers and buttons and stuff. He changes into a plain T-shirt after work for me, and he bought new sheets for his bed that match the ones at my apartment.” I clap my hands together. I know I’m giddy.

“That’s amazing. I’m so happy for you. Do you think you’re taking things too fast? It’s been just over a week, and you’ve already seen his sheets?” Her brow furrows in concern.

“I’ve seen him every day, and he was the perfect gentleman for an entire week. We didn’t have sex until Saturday,” I inform her.

“I guess that’s impressive.”

“He has the best house, and he even has a nursery for me. He’s been looking for his Little girl for a long time, and he added stuff to it after he met me. Did you know that Daddy Doms have nurseries in their houses?”

Melissa chuckles. “Yes. I’ve known Littles who’ve had nurseries before. Have you experimented at a younger age since you met him?”

My cheeks heat as I bite my lip and nod. I know Melissa understands my kink and works with other people who enjoy age play, but I still worry about how she might react to how young I’ve been playing.

“Does that embarrass you?”

I shrug and fiddle my fingers in my lap. “I guess kind of. I mean it doesn’t bother Chase, and he encourages me to spend as much time in whatever age range I want, but it’s kind of weird talking about it out loud.”

Melissa nods. “I can understand that, but I want to make sure you’re the one making the choices. I know age play is often a total power exchange, and I assume if you’re spending time under the age of one that you’re also letting Chase make most of the decisions for you. It’s important to remember that you have to give that power willingly. He can’t take it. Have you discussed that?”

I nod. “Yes. Chase is the bestest Daddy ever. He hasn’t pressured me at all. I promise. He’s really good at recognizing what I need and providing it for me. And you know what the weirdest part is?”

“What’s that, Josie?”

“I hardly have any triggers when I’m with him. I like it when he touches me. I like to sit on his lap. I don’t even mind his jeans when sometimes the button or zipper touches me.”

“That’s great, Josie. I’m really happy for you. How is work going?”

“Good. Daddy set up a desk for me so I can work at his house sometimes. He messages me throughout the day too. I’m comfortable at his house, and that’s huge. I don’t like to go to other people’s houses. They make me nervous. The first time I went, I was kind of scared, but when we pulled up and he told me he’d had the red rose bushes torn out to be replaced with pink, I knew he was the one.”

“At this rate, you won’t even need me anymore soon,” Melissa teases.

I frown as panic sets in. “That would make me sad. I like seeing you.”

“I like seeing you too, Josie. Don’t you worry. I didn’t mean to imply that you should stop coming. We’ll see how things go. If you continue to be this happy and well-adjusted, you might be able to start coming less often though. We can address that possibility down the road sometime.”