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A secret relationship with his best friend's baby sister? This hockey star may be in over his head.

Kellan's story is coming soon.

These hockey stars know a thing or two about winning, but when it comes to falling in love, they're in for a few surprises. Get ready to laugh, cry, and swoon as these over-the-top men go all-in when they meet the women meant for them. This time, they're not just playing to win. They're playing for keeps. And the whole world is watching.

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Six Months Ago

"Earth to Jonas." I snap my fingers in front of Jonas Michaud's face, trying to get his attention for the third time. He tuned out mid-conversation and hasn't tuned back in yet. I don't know where his mind is at, but it's not in this room.

He turns his gray eyes in my direction, blinking. "Did you say something?"

"Jesus Christ," Theo Kline says with a chuckle, shaking his head. "What the fuck is up with you? Did you get hit in the head with a puck tonight?"

"No." Jonas barely even spares him a glance, his gaze shifting around the crowded bar. We just won our first game of the season. Spirits are high, and the liquor is flowing. "Why?"

"Uh, because we've been talking to you for fifteen minutes, and you haven't heard a word we've said," Theo says.

"I'm looking for someone."

"Who, the fucking Pope?"

Our teammates all laugh at Wes Davies comment. Everyone except Jonas, anyway.

"My sister, you jackass."

Our captain, Kristján Jónsson, smiles. "Parker was at the game tonight?"

"Yeah. She's here for the weekend, trying to convince me to sponsor her visa application," Jonas says. "She's supposed to meet me here."

"She's moving to the US?" Kris waits for Jonas to answer. When he doesn't, I nudge him to get his attention. Kris repeats the question once he's focused on the table again.

"Thinking about it," Jonas says. "She's been trying to convince me to let her move in with me. I told her I'd consider it."

Kris and Wes both seem surprised by the news. I've never met her before—the last time she was here, I was out with an injury—but if she's anything like Jonas, I can guess why. He's completely feral. I'm guessing his sister probably is too. Setting her loose in a city like Nashville has bad idea written all over it.

"You sure that's a good idea, man?" Wes arches a brow. "You nearly started a riot in the stands last time she visited."

A dark scowl crosses Jonas's face. "Those fuckers were hitting on her. And they were about thirty years older than her."

"It's your funeral," Wes mumbles, undoubtedly referring to Kelsey Lane, our publicist. She does not like dealing with scandals or misbehaving players. They make her twitchy.

He and Jonas bicker back and forth. I tune them out, scanning the bar. My gaze lands on a curvy blonde talking to the bartender. Her jeans hug her round ass just right as she leans halfway over the bar to say something to him. When she drops back down to her feet, she turns in our direction, laughter on her lips and a smile in her eyes.

Fucking Christ. She's gorgeous. Her animated expression makes me want to smile too.

I plant my hands on the table, prepared to stand up and introduce myself. It's not something I usually do, but I'm making an exception for this woman. I want her name, her number, and her babies.

"There she is," Jonas says from beside me, momentarily distracting me from my mission as he lifts his arm, waving someone over.

The world moves in slow motion as the curvy blonde waves back and starts in our direction. Fuck me. This is Parker Michaud, Jonas's baby sister? The universe has to be fucking with me. There's no way this goddess is related to the giant Canadian at my side.

"Jonas!" she cries, flinging her arms around him in a tight hug. "Thank God you're eight feet tall because this place is a madhouse."

"Hey, baby sister."


I release the edge of the table, dropping back down into my seat. Parker Michaud is a goddess I'd like to fuck. Unfortunately for me, she's also entirely off-limits. Jonas is a friend and my teammate. You don't date the siblings of friends. If there are rules to dating, that one is sacrosanct. The last thing we need is animosity between us causing ripples for the entire team.

"You remember the guys, right? Kris, Wes, Theo, Gray, Logan, and Kellan," Jonas says, pointing to each of us. "Guys, you remember Parker."

"Hi." Parker's gaze drifts around the table before landing on me. Her eyes widen as she looks me over, an adorable blush staining her cheeks. I can tell by the way she's looking at me that she likes what she sees.

"Hey," I mutter, feigning disinterest.

Everyone slides over, making room for Parker. She squeezes onto the bench beside me, her shoulder brushing mine. I inch away from her, trying to put space between us as her sweet scent swirls around me.

"Sorry," she whispers, turning a bright smile on me.

I grunt instead of answering. I'm being an asshole, and I know it, but the less I say to her, the better. My dick is hard as a rock in my pants, and her brother is sitting not even two feet away.

Her smile slips.

"Are you here for long, Parker?"