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As the captain of the fire department, I’m expected to lead my men during the yearly training drill and treat it like it’s real life, with actual victims who need our help.
I head inside the building, operating mostly on instinct, when my eyes land on someone who turns my blood to fire and awakens a primal hunger in me I never even knew existed.
She’s too beautiful to be real even as I carry her to safety. I don’t even know her name yet, but I know she’s gonna be mine.
Apparently, I’m not the only one obsessed with her because some asshole has deluded himself into thinking she belongs to him.
That changes a lot of things.
See, I’m a nonviolent guy. I go out of my way to help people, even rescue cats. But the moment this piece of shit harms a hair on her head, well…
I won’t be responsible for my actions.

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“Is practicing CPR supposed to be a full-on workout?” Janey puffs as she falls back on her ass beside me.

I laugh, shaking my head. The CPR dummy has, shockingly, not been revived thanks to our feeble attempts at pumping life back into its plastic heart. My own arms ache a little from trying.

“No idea. I feel like I’ve been to the gym, though,” I say with another laugh, stretching my arms above my head to ease the ache.

“Still worth it for a half-day off work.” Janey’s voice is so low that only I can hear her.

Our colleagues are spread out around this empty floor that’s being used for today’s training, each with their own weird plastic dummies for health and safety training set in front of them.

It’s nearly 2 PM now, and we’ve been up here learning about first aid and taking advantage of the free coffee and deli sandwich platter since 9 AM. Janey’s right, this break from routine is nice.

I like my job, I’m good at it, but it’s not the most exciting thing in the world. Hell, my life isn’t the most exciting. Is it sad that I’m grateful to be learning how to apply bandages to a cut just because it’s a change from answering phones and typing emails and signing people in and out of the building? Maybe.

“I don’t want to go back to work now,” I tell my friend with a wistful sigh as the dude who’s been brought in to lead this session announces we’re done for the day and that he hopes we’ve learned a lot.

There’s three hours left in the work day, which means Janey will go back to the main office where she works as a personal assistant to our boss. Meanwhile, I’ll go back down to the first-floor reception where I work as the first administrator for all the offices inside.

Sure, sometimes there’s excitement, like that time some guy from the second floor tried to get a dozen red roses delivered to a very married woman on the fourth floor, which sparked building-wide gossip about who was trying to get it on with whom. But the rest of the time? I’m pressing buttons and directing phone calls. And after what happened on the way to work this morning…yeah it’s safe to say I’m feeling even more over everything than usual.

“Girl, me neither,” Janey groans. “Maybe if I drop down and pretend to die, you can use all your new knowledge to save my life, and then we’ll get the whole week off.”

I snort a laugh, shaking my head at my friend.

“Oh, come on, Autumn. Don’t pretend you’re not considering it,” she teases, bumping her shoulder against mine as she stands. I pull myself up to my feet beside her, rolling my eyes.

“You’re insane,” I reply with a smile, just as the guy leading this whole thing starts speaking again.

“Oh! Before you go, we have a team of firefighters coming in to use the area for some of their yearly training drills after this,” he says, immediately catching our attention. “If anyone can spare the last few hours or so of their day, having some volunteers would really help us and them out!”

“Oh fuck yes,” Janey mumbles excitedly, a sentiment I echo.

Instantly, we both raise our hands like we’re back in elementary school, eager to be chosen to answer a question. A few others also volunteered, while others filed out to go back to their offices.

“Happy to help out,” I say out loud before Janey can repeat herself for everyone to hear. Pretty sure there’s at least someone in this room who would report her language back to the big boss.

The trainer nods at us, thanking everyone who stayed behind. I have to bite back the urge to thank him for giving us an excuse not to go back to our desks. The longer I stay here with Janey and take advantage of this distraction, the less time I have to worry about walking back home alone.