Hot CEO – A Possessive Man Read Online Lena Little

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Came to the bar for a drink, left with a bad case of obsession.
The most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on.
Tastes as sweet as she looks.
And I can’t get enough.
When I find out she’s coming to work for me, I feel like a starved man looking at a buffet.
I try to rein in my desire, but it doesn’t take long before my tether snaps.
Savannah’s mine. No matter what.
She’s worried what people might think. Too bad I don’t share the same concerns.
If anyone has a problem with me claiming her, they can go f*ck themselves.

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“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!”

Ice-cold liquid douses me as the woman who’s just stumbled straight into me stutters out an apology. I don’t even have time to see who she is before she takes rapid steps backward, an empty glass clutched in her hand.

I grimace as I stare down at the aftermath of our collision, peeling the now-soaked fabric of my shirt away from my skin. The smell of fruity alcohol permeates my senses. I came here to wind down after work, and instead, some party girl cut my relaxation short by spilling the entirety of her pink drink down my front within the first ten minutes. Just what I need. Not.

“Let me help!” she insists, slamming her empty glass down on the bar and grabbing a handful of small square napkins. She rushes to dab at my shirt, her efforts utterly useless. The shirt’s already ruined.

Still, I let her try, staring down at her for the first time as she frantically wipes at the pink stain. I’m frozen to the spot as I take her in, unable to move away even if I wanted to. I can’t tear my eyes from her.

She’s young, her pale skin shimmery with some sort of glittery makeup, her blonde hair loose and falling around her shoulders in bouncy waves. Big, bright blue eyes framed by thick, dark lashes shine with worry and the kind of sweetness that steals all the air from my lungs. God, she’s stunning. By comparison, I’m sure my stare seems practically demonic in the face of her embarrassed innocence.

My eyes lower, needing to take in every inch of the clumsy angel still trying to clean up her spill. My jaw clenches as I fight not to let it drop open instead. The low neckline of her dress leaves little to the imagination, the skin-tight pink fabric showing off her generous curves. She totters on her matching pink high heels, making a squeaking noise as she loses her balance again.

I steady her with a hand on her elbow, the touch sending an electric shock through my arm. My eyes narrow at her as her gaze shoots up to meet mine, her hands going still on my chest. I don’t want to let her go.

“What’s your name?” I ask, voice rumbling like the beat of the song playing around us.

This bar is one of my favorites, with low lighting, quick service, and good whisky. But I’ve never seen anything as interesting as this girl in here before. The crowd in here is usually older, closer to my own age, late thirties, hardly attracting the type of girl like this. The clubs in the center of the city are more her speed, and curiosity plagues me as I cock my head at her.

“Savannah,” she says, her plush lips pouting around her name.

It suits her, I think to myself. Sweet, but a little sinful all at once. She shines as brightly as that shimmery stuff on her skin, and I swear the world narrows around us until only she and I exist.

I smile, and she blinks her long lashes at me. Her hands are still on my shirt, napkins clutched in her fists. Savannah seems frozen under my analyzing stare, and I savor the rush her attention gives me.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” I tell her, trying to keep my tone steady. I don’t want to fuck this up by being a bumbling idiot. She jolts a little, cheeks going pink as she untangles herself from me and steps back, dumping her handful of damp napkins next to her glass on the bar.

“I’m new in town,” she admits with a shrug. “This place is close to my apartment, and I’m celebrating so…”

She trails off, not finishing that thought. I take two long strides towards her, trapping her between my body and the bar. I don’t want a single inch of distance between us, and I’m determined to return to the closeness we had a second ago. Savannah has caught my attention, and now I can’t imagine focusing on literally anything else but her.

“What are you celebrating?” I muse, reaching out to tuck a stray piece of her golden hair behind her ear. I don’t even realize I’m doing it, driven by the need to touch her in some way. She shivers, her tongue darting out to wet her glossy lips.

“New job,” she answers with a smile as soft as her hair.

“Congrats,” I say, forcing myself to turn my attention to signal the bartender. He approaches immediately, and I gesture to Savannah’s empty glass. “Another for us both.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that!” Savannah insists immediately, shaking her head.

“You lost your drink,” I remind her, eyes narrowing as I lean closer. Her breath hitches at my closeness. I catalog her every reaction with pride. I shouldn’t be teasing this girl, but fuck I can’t help it. She’s the most stunning thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, and her adorable awkwardness combined with the clear kindness she’s shown in the space of thirty seconds has me needing to know more about her.