His Christmas Vixen Read Online C.C. Monroe

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Spending the Christmas Holiday snowed in with my sin of a Fiancé, has never been more thrilling.

Hanna and Theo are back with their Holly and Jolly Christmas night in. What awaits them this snowy night?

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Chapter One


“The storm is coming in. We aren’t going tonight, babe,” I yell up to Hanna, my fiancée, as she gets ready in the master suite of our rented cabin. I watch out the window as the snow flurries turn into a cascade of thick flakes that collect on the ground at a rapid rate.

“We’re New Yorkers… in New York, Theo. I think we can both handle a little snow.” She laughs with her response.

I smirk, her comment comical and accurate. My sister, Brenda, wanted to see New York for the holidays, since she’s never left Cherryhill, South Carolina for Christmas. We rented this cabin in upstate New York and had plans to spend tonight in the city, to eat a fancy dinner and then end the evening with a nightcap in a horse-drawn carriage ride around the snowy city.

But Mother Nature is angry outside and has other plans. No complaints for me, though. The idea of being snowed in with Hanna, the possibility of our service dropping so we can be completely unbothered—not one complaint would dare fall from my mouth tonight.

Besides, I have other plans of my own. Plans we have yet to get to, because my sister, mother, and dad have occupied all our alone time.

Why Brenda insisted on bringing my parents along is a choice I will not waste my time trying to figure out.

Every time my parents get together, it’s like watching the wild brewing of a war, and we’re all casualties. Part of me thinks my sweet but naïve sister, who still believes in true love, thinks she can fix my parents and bring them back together. As if she’s the divine intervention, the miracle worker, the all-powerful fixer of broken people. I feel bad for her most days, but then again, I think of all the talks we’ve had, all the warnings she refused to listen to, and I can’t help but let go and let be, I guess.

In time, she will learn. It's better I step away. Can’t scold her for being a meddler when I too would meddle in her business. Brenda is hardheaded like me, and the only way she is going to stop trying to fix my parents is if she learns that harsh lesson on her own.

“We lived in the city, where you can walk or take a cab or the subway when it snows. Not in the mountains, where you have to drive on fresh ice. We aren’t going, Hanna. I will call and tell Brenda we will go a different night and to shelter in place.” I pull out my phone, seeing I only have two bars. I better hurry before I have nothing left.

“Shelter in place. We aren’t in The Purge. Calm down, Theo,” she smarts back, and I grumble but dial my sister.

“I already know what you’re going to say. Mom and Dad already told me it’s not safe to go,” Brenda answers, and I hear the displeasure in her voice.

“Good. We have another two days on the trip. We have plenty of time.”

“Well, your cabin is just up the road from ours. You could come stay here tonight, and we can have drinks and play terrible card games. I bet I could beat you at most of them,” she offers, and I debate it, but the idea of being with anyone else tonight when all I want to do is be buried between my woman’s thick thighs and in her tight heat… that’s a game I’d much rather play.

“Not tonight. The snow is piling up at the door and around the rental car tires. Just get some rest, and we will make the most out of the next two days, okay?”

“Yeah, sure thing. We all know what you really want to do, you selfish man.”

My grin widens wickedly. "Goodbye, sis. I will see you in the morning for Christmas breakfast and presents.” I end the call and look out once more, seeing we’re surrounded by white mounds and a midnight-blue sky, with blackness beyond the trees. Closing the curtain, I walk to the fireplace and start to light it. The garland with lights and Christmas ornaments frames the red brick perfectly.

“Hanna, we aren’t going. My parents agreed as well. We can head for the city on our last day,” I holler over my shoulder, lighting a match as I drop to my haunches. It touches the wood and slowly starts to snap and crackle.

“And I’m guessing you aren’t feeling let down in the slightest. I would say you are more likely… elated? Aroused?” Her sensual voice comes from behind me, and I turn to say something mocking in return, but instead, words leave me, and my jaw does the only communicating—by hitting the goddamn floor.

“You tempting vixen. You thought you were going to wear that to dinner?” I eye her full, soft, and thick curves up and down, taking in every ounce of perfect flesh and material, or lack thereof. What a goddess. Wearing a red see-through bodysuit that hides not one part of her luscious body from me. Garters stretch from the bottom of the bodysuit, trail down her thighs, and snap onto sheer thigh-high stockings. Her blonde hair is curled and framing her face. That delicate canvas is painted in a smoky eye, thick lashes, and blush, which I know are going to bleed into one another when I’m done ruining her and fucking her like a goddamn plaything.