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Chris Tyler

I want what I can't have. It's becoming a problem, one that can be solved just as soon as she's old enough. The more I get to know her, the more I crave her and love her. She's sweet, innocent, and she's mine. Claiming her is all I can think about. Forget eating and sleeping; all I want is her and her bratty little mouth, among other things.

Sierra Snow

I want what I can't have. I did bad, naughty things to get him to notice me, but he never took the jailbait I laid out for him. He's the best man I've ever known, but just as soon as I'm old enough, I'm going to give myself to him. I'll be the most irresistible brat he's even had the pleasure of. That's my only goal.

This is a safe, over-the-top, taboo romance instalove with a slow burn side effect. There's so much heat... it's probably illegal... but not really.

Join six authors on a journey of desire, temptation, taboo love, and the finality of giving in. Forbidden Fruit has never tasted sweeter. Coming May 2023. Amazon and KU.

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Dr. Chris Tyler

Sierra Snow is sitting with her legs crossed in the chair in front of my desk and fuck if I don’t desire her. I know for a fact she is as pure as the driven snow. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. For two years, we’ve flirted and discussed things we shouldn’t. I should have known better. She is currently the senior class liaison with the administration of McCray Prep, and as such, she is in my office more often than not. I am the headmaster of this fine institution. As we are also short-staffed, I also oversee students with last names that begin with S-Z. It’s a fulfilling career, but she makes me yearn for things. Things I shouldn’t want and cannot have. For far too long, I’ve dreamt of her long blonde hair splayed across my pillows, being able to touch the surely soft locks. Honestly, I want the ends of that long gorgeous hair to brush my thighs and my balls as she rides me to completion. It’s pretty much all I think about when I jerk my cock. Fuck. Get it the fuck together, Chris.

I love my job, but it’s getting tedious. This waiting game Sierra and I are in is killing me. Established in 1907, McCray Prep is a co-ed boarding school located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chattanooga is home to a surprising number of boarding schools, but McCray is the highest rated, thus, the most expensive. I was one of twenty applicants, and I know that I was lucky to get this job and I’m good at it. I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it, but fuck, she makes me want to say fuck it all.

It’s been several years since I have been with a woman, at least fifteen, and I haven’t even so much as looked at another woman since the day I met her two years ago. Of course, she was only sixteen then. I only looked, never touched, but I know her birthday is coming soon. So soon. Merely one day away, not that I’m counting down like a fucking creeper. At first, it was nothing more than a headmaster/student relationship. I did my best to mentor her, but lately, the more time I’ve spent with her, the more I’ve wanted her. She's my only, well, everything, but temptation comes to mind the strongest. She has been a student at this school since she was five years old, well before my time here. She is well on her way to being valedictorian of her class. She is insanely smart, but she has a bit of a discipline problem which is why she’s here now.

I am scolding her about the marijuana her narc RA brought to my attention. Well, trying to scold her.

“Ms. Snow,” I begin. “As you know this school has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs,” I manage to say before she cuts me off.

“But sir, if you’ll just hear me out,” she starts. I hold up my hand to stop her speech.

“Ms. Snow, you will listen now, then I will give you a chance to speak.” I fiddle with the gold pen my parents bought me when I started working here. I’m a grown man; this little girl shouldn’t make me so fucking crazy, but she does.

“Sierra, please. Ms. Snow makes me sound like a spinster. I’m not there quite yet,” she huffs as though she’s the heroine of a regency romance novel.

“Fine, Sierra,” I emphasize her name when I say it. She blushes prettily. “Drugs are not a safe way to play out your long overdue rebellion. There is a better way to let loose. A safer way.”

“I am going to find anything I can to get these rebellious urges out of my system,” she says. She’s almost eighteen. I am thirty-four. I should know better. I shouldn’t be jealous of the stupid high school fuckers who are allowed to know her like I long to. I definitely shouldn’t say anything, but I know I will.

“Sierra, do you say these things to piss me off?” I ask. I already know she fucking does. Every day for the last six months, we’ve both gotten bolder and bolder, though it would be wrong of me to abuse my position in her life. Logically, I know it, but it doesn’t make me love her any less. Or want her any less. If anything, it makes me want her more. I know she fucking wants me to. I can see it on her face when it flushes or when she presses her thighs together. I can even tell when her breath hitches, and she struggles to breathe. That shouldn’t be so hot, but it fucking is.

“Whatever do you mean, sir?” she asks coyly.

“You know exactly what I mean,”