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As thunder rumbles and lightning flashes, the anticipation of reuniting with her weighs heavily on his mind. He remembers how his family sent him away due to concerns about his feelings for her, knowing he could pose a threat. Despite the simplicity of her letter, he senses the unspoken words and feels compelled to reach her. Approaching her cabin cautiously, he relies on his hybrid nature – human in form with wolf-like features – to silently navigate the area, remaining aware of potential danger. The dark fur and wolfish characteristics set him apart, a trait that led to his isolation among his pack. As he nears the cabin, he reflects on his untamed capabilities, ready to see her once more.

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Chapter One


It’s dark out, and the rain is pouring, but I don’t mind it so much. Running in the rain was my favorite thing when I was a pup, but I haven’t gotten to do it in a long time. Not since they locked me away. I turn my face up to the moon and howl as I let my wolf take over. They won’t come looking for me until tomorrow, and by then it will be too late.

My claws dig into the damp earth as the scent gets stronger and my need bears down on me. I’m in heat, and there’s only one thing that’s going to satisfy my urges.

Two days ago, I had a visitor where they kept me locked up, and that’s when I started planning my escape. The compound is supposed to be a safe haven for shifters like me, but really, it’s just a place for them to maintain control of the feral wolves.

My cousin came by to drop off some new clothes, and after he left, I found a letter tucked deep inside a hidden pocket. It was from my sister Megan, and my cousin must not have scented it or he would have never let it get to me. The moment I inhaled her sweet fragrance, my body began to change. It was all I could do to keep from shifting long enough to make a plan. A single hint of her and I was transported back to when we were pups and how much I wanted her.

She’s the reason I was sent away because my family was worried that I’d do something to hurt her. Or worse, breed her.

Her letter was simple, and maybe if any of the guards had found it, they might have let it through. But I saw what she wasn’t saying, and I knew I had to get to her.

Thunder rolls over my head, and lightning strikes in the distance, illuminating the little house in the woods. It’s not too long now and I’ll be there.

When I’m close, I slow down and watch for danger. Slowly, I make my way around the cabin and scent the area. There are a few strange scents that I don’t recognize, but they aren’t fresh. Still, I don’t make a sound as I approach the cabin cautiously.

I’m something my pack calls a hybrid when I shift. I still keep the body shape of my human form, but everything else about me is a wolf. I’m covered in dark fur, and my hands have claws, but my face has wolf-like features. That’s what some find the most disturbing and part of the reason I was sent to the compound. Wolf packs don’t like anyone to be different, and the fact that I was a feral hybrid made me dangerous.

They have no idea how dangerous I can be.

Easing myself against the outside of the cabin, I peek inside one of the windows. It’s dark, and I don’t hear anyone inside, but I can’t be too careful. I brace one hand against the cabin, and the other goes to my cock. It’s hard and throbbing from all my adrenaline and the fact that I’m in heat.

Wrapping my hand around the thick shaft, I stroke myself a few times. All it takes is a couple of pumps before I’m spurting cum against the cabin. Once I’ve finished marking it, I go around to the back of the cabin and do it again near the door. I mark the cabin three more times so I can be sure that any shifter within ten miles of here will know that this one is claimed and protected.

Now that I’m in heat, I’ve got an endless supply of cum. I'll be hard for days, and the only thing that can relieve the ache is my mate. They tried to give me bitches at the compound, but it never worked. The females would shift and bend over, but I would turn my back on them, and eventually they’d leave. The guards thought that if I mounted someone, anyone, it would keep me sane. They had no idea that no matter how hard I was or how bad I hurt I’d never fuck anyone but my litter mate Megan.

After securing the cabin and setting, I set a few traps in case someone comes poking around. Once I feel like the area is safe, I silently make my way up the front porch.

Reaching for the handle of the heavy wood door, I’m surprised when it turns. There’s no lock as I quietly push it open and step inside. The room is dark, but my wolf eyes adjust as I close the door behind me and turn the deadbolt.

The scent of Megan is so strong my body begins to shake, and I can feel the fur along my back standing up.