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I’m going to marry the playboy Navy SEAL for one million dollars.

Nash Bell is sexy, arrogant, and totally filthy. His war memoir is selling like crazy, making him one of the most famous people in the country. But he hates the limelight and needs me to fix his bad boy reputation to help get him back into active duty.
All I have to do is pretend to be his wife, and then I can afford my father’s medical bills.I know I’m just a tool to him, but I can’t help but let him use me.
I don’t want to lie to America. But the cameras are on all the time and I need to play my role.
It’s strictly business between us. Except for when he whispers how badly he wants my body.
This should be easy. We just need to convince everyone we’re the perfect couple, despite the fact that I think he’s an arrogant a**hole.

Then Nash can leave, and I can help my family.This should be simple.So why do I want him to stay?

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The lights flashed as he put his hand on the small of my back.

Tingles ran up my spine.

“Smile real pretty,” he whispered in my ear. “I need to show you off.”

I glanced at him and felt that familiar thrill run through me, a mixture of fear and lust.

“Go ahead,” he said. “Show them that pretty ass of yours.”

He twirled me around in front of the cameras. My short dress barely concealed my ass, and the reporters all laughed.

He was handsome, charming, and the darling of paparazzi and serious journalists alike.

And he was also deadly as hell.

Later, back in the hotel room we were forced to share, he stripped off his shirt and poured himself a drink. “You did good today,” he said. “Wife.”

I stared at his muscular body, at the scars from a hundred battles dotting his chest and stomach, at the tattoos that snaked up along his skin. His crooked grin drove me crazy, and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Your turn,” he said. “Take that dress off.”

I had to resist him.

He was an asshole, crude, rude, violent, and dangerous.

And I was only in it for the money.

“Don’t be shy. We have this big bed. I might as well work that sweet pussy of yours for a few hours while we’re here.”

I had to resist him.

Even if it was getting harder every day we were together.

In front of the cameras. At lavish dinners, expensive parties.

“That fucking body of yours drives me insane,” he said, crossing the room toward me. “I’ll have you begging my name by the end of this night.”

I shook my head. I was only in it for the money. I had to keep telling myself that. It was just business between us, a way for him to fix his image and a way for me to help my family.

“You know you want this cock deep between those pretty legs,” he whispered.

Rude. Crude. And absolutely correct.

I was totally screwed.



I didn’t know anything about the military.

As far as I was concerned, military guys existed only in the movies and on TV. I mean, I understood that our troops were living and dying every day for our freedom, but I didn’t really know any of them. They were just abstract people in my mind.

Until I got the assignment that changed everything.

I stood in line nervously. The campus bookstore was an absolute madhouse. I’d been in there hundreds of times, but I’d never seen it so full before. The place was pretty big with a second floor balcony that wrapped around the main first floor, and there were people on almost every square inch. That was how famous he'd become over the last few month.

I chewed my lip nervously. It seemed like the majority of people waiting to get their copy of Death From Below: The Story of An American Hero were women, and young women. There were a few macho-looking guys in camouflage shorts who were sporting beer bellies, but they were the outliers.

No, it was pretty obvious by now who the main target audience was.

It wasn’t like I didn’t get it. I had eyes, after all. He was tall, muscular, and handsome as hell. Women practically threw themselves at him, and for pretty good reason.

But he was just so arrogant. In every interview I’d seen him do, he had this cocky smile, this swagger about him. Sure, the book was amazing, and if it was even half true, then the man was incredible, but still. He acted like he was the best thing in the entire world, and it drove me insane.

I stood around impatiently, my copy of Death From Below dangling loosely in my hand, my notebook in my other. If I hadn’t been assigned to try to get an interview with him, or at least to get a quote from him, by my paper, well, I’d be anywhere but that line.

“Isn’t he so cute?” the girl standing in front of me whispered. She was wearing Ugg boots, black tights, a short skirt, and a top that was way too revealing for a bookstore.

“Cute?” her friend answered. “He’s a freaking hunk. I’d let him do anything to me.”

“Lisa! You’re so bad.”

“What? Wouldn’t you? I bet he could make me feel things I’ve never dreamed about.”

“Oh my god!”

I frowned, looking away, trying to tune them out. I wanted to pretend like they were an anomaly, but the truth was, most of the women in that line were thinking the same thing.

Slowly I got closer and closer to him, and I found myself suddenly nervous. I was only a few spots away, and I could see him clearly from where I was standing. Sure, he was surrounded by a bunch of people, probably bodyguards and publicists, but they seemed to fade into the background around him.

Nash Bell, Navy SEAL, American hero, and probably the hottest thing around at the moment. His mega bestselling book about his time in the military was being optioned for a movie, and everyone wanted a piece of him