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I was hellbent on making them pay. Instead, they bent and twisted me.

I am the golden child, the one who’s supposed to be perfect.
During the day I attend Spine Ridge University as my father wishes, but when darkness falls I put on my mask to hunt criminals and destroy them.

Until one night when I come face to face with three evil boys …
Kai, Nathan, and Milo from the Phantom Society. Secretive, violent, dirty guys who promise to expose my vigilante justice and put my dangerous side-job in the limelight.

They’ll show the world how savage I truly am … unless I let them have their way with me.
My body bartered for their silence … And I say yes.

They’re shameless in claiming me, not even my dignity is spared.
With their devious games they make me question my sanity.
Worst of all … I’m beginning to love every inch of their corruption.

Until it’s no longer just bodies against bodies, but four hearts beating in sync.
But if I’m really going to go down this path to hell …
I’m taking those devils with me.

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“Assassin” by Au/Ra (Slowed & Reverb)

“The Death Of Piece Of Mind” by Bad Omens (Slowed & Reverb)

“Kiss The Night” by Twoxi Poletay (Slowed & Reverb)

“Money” by 6sixsix & sinister (Slowed & Reverb)

“Inside” by chuddnelius (Slowed & Reverb)

“Moondeity” by neon blade (Slowed & Reverb)

“MURDER IN MY MIND” by Kordhell

“Who’s your daddy” by Benny Benassi (slowed & reverb)

“Infected” By Sickick (Slowed & Reverb)

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“Never Break” by Ethan Ross

“Half Remembered Dream” by Aaryan Shah (Slowed & Reverb)

“Inside” by Chuddnelius (Slowed & Reverb)

“Sweet Karma” by Besomorph ft. Adam Woods (Slowed & Reverb)

“Babydoll” by Ari Abdul (Slowed & Reverb)

“Girlfriend” Trevor Something (Slowed & Reverb)

“RunRunRun” by Dutch Melrose


To all the book sluts who go feral over masked strangers that fuck like they kill …

I got you.



“Look at me,” he says, gripping my chin. “Look at the man who owns this fucking pussy.”

His pierced shaft stretches me, pushing me to my limits while his fingers slowly tighten around my neck. I can’t breathe. I can’t fucking breathe. And through all of that … my pussy throbs with a need I’ve never felt before.

A need only they manage to coax out of me.

Kai Torres, Nathan Reed, Milo Fletcher.

Names I was told were forbidden, unspeakable.

Names I would soon moan from my lips.

Nathan and Milo each grasp a breast, twisting my nipples until I squeal, the sound making their cocks throb in their hands. And all it does is make me want to beg.

These boys from the Phantom Society have tainted me beyond repair.

I’m a fighter, but I’m defenseless against their obsession.

“Yes, give me everything,” Kai groans, burying himself inside me to the hilt. “Even your fucking breath.”

But I couldn’t possibly give something I no longer possess.

Because all I am, all I’ve ever been …

Was always theirs for the taking.


I stare at the list of names hastily scribbled on the paper Felix stuffs into my hand.

“I don’t want you hanging out with any of these people. Got it?” he says, staring me down. “You’ve been here a couple of months now, so I hope for your sake you haven’t talked to any of them.”

My eyes transfix on the names.

At the top in bold are two names, Nathan Reed and Kai Torres, and beneath that, practically all the guys from the same fraternity … Phantom Society.

“I don’t even know who these people are,” I mutter, annoyed he’s making my life more difficult, as usual.

“Good, keep it that way,” he says, stuffing his hands into his pocket.

I lower the paper and raise my brow at him. “You for real?”

He squints. “It’s your first real fucking year here, and you don’t know this university like I do. Those fucking Phantoms can’t be trusted.”

“Why?” I ask.

Felix’s eyes narrow. “Doesn’t matter. Don’t even think about them.” He looks around the campus at the people walking and sitting in the grass, nervously biting the inside of his cheek. His eyes settle on three boys smoking near the fountain.

One of them hides his face beneath a black hoodie like he doesn’t want to be spotted, dark streaks of wavy hair peeking out, and both hands stuck in pockets of his track pants. Tattoos can be seen under his sleeves.

Another one with light blond hair and a side sweep, along with sharp, piercing blue eyes, has his hand tightly tucked into his expensive jeans like he’s clutching a knife. A bunch of tattoos peeks out from underneath the white shirt covered by a leather jacket.

The third is tall and thin but muscular looking in a lean way, with short red-dyed hair in a side part. He’s wearing an actual white button-up shirt and tie. How odd. His thin lips crack a mischievous smile as he toys with the end of his tie.

All of them stare at Felix.

Or us both.

I can’t tell.

“You don’t know who else is listening,” Felix grits.

I laugh. “Oh please. Like anyone cares.”

He makes a big fuss out of everything. Dad already said he had enough of all the fighting on this campus. And now that he’s taken over this school as dean, I don’t see a reason Felix should continue to be so vigilant, especially regarding me.