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A sexy billionaire and the one woman he can’t have…

Dane Harrington is the epitome of power, wealth, and success. The self-made billionaire is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. And he’s well aware he wouldn’t be able to get it all done without his brilliant personal assistant, Cammie Chandler.

Cammie is smart, beautiful, and fiercely independent. And before she ever thought she’d work for Dane, the two of them shared a steamy night full of sensual touches and passionate kisses. But once he offered her the fantastic position as his personal assistant, they both agreed the only possible way to make it work was if they remained perfectly professional. But no matter how hard they’ve both tried, neither of them has been able to completely forget their one incredible, sexy night together.

When Dane finally admits the only woman he’s ever truly wanted is Cammie, their burning desire becomes too powerful to resist. Can they throw out the rule book that has kept them safe for so long? Or will a love that seems endless be forever doomed?

ENDLESS IN LOVE is part of Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully’s bestselling series about The Maverick Billionaires. While it can easily be read as a standalone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the other books too.

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Chapter One

“Now, that’s a lot of pregnant ladies.” Eyes on the women on the sidelines, Dane Harrington’s sister Ava pulled her glossy, dark red hair into an elastic band.

Dane couldn’t tell if that was envy in her eyes. Or terror. Knowing his sister, who was thirty-six and a couple of years younger than him, it had to be terror. She didn’t flinch in boardrooms, and a ferocious game of soccer never alarmed her. But babies struck fear into the hearts of all the Harrington siblings—his two sisters and two brothers.

Golden Gate Park on a Sunday afternoon provided the backdrop for one such ferocious soccer game. The Mavericks set up the collapsible goal nets his sister Gabby had brought, and his brothers, Troy and Clay, finished the chalk lines. Since the lawn wasn’t an official soccer field, they shared it with kids flying kites, dog owners throwing Frisbees, families enjoying a picnic, and sunbathers catching rays on the first sunny Sunday anyone had seen in six weeks.

January had been wet in the San Francisco Bay Area, with storms hitting hard along the entire West Coast. The rain, thankfully, had let up a week ago, and now, at the tail end of January, the turf had dried out, making an impromptu game possible without it turning into a mud bath. Not that Dane was averse to getting dirty for something important.

And today was important to him.

The Maverick ladies sat in deck chairs on the grassy sidelines, ready to cheer on their husbands and significant others. And yeah, that was a lot of pregnant women. Paige Collins was the furthest along, her due date somewhere around the end of March.

Fernsby, Dane’s butler, who insisted on going everywhere with Dane, rolled his ubiquitous tea trolley through the gathering, offering his baked treats and cups of tea.

Dane caught Cammie’s eye, and she gave him a thumbs-up. While her hair shimmered red-gold in the sunshine, Cammie’s green eyes seemed to sparkle, something he swore he could see even from this distance. Among the women on the sidelines, she formed the Harrington cheering section—along with T. Rex, the long-haired mini dachshund they shared, who’d run to her the moment Dane unleashed him.

His personal assistant for the last twelve years, Cammie Chandler was one of the most caring, loyal people he knew. He felt exceptionally grateful she’d taken time away from her uncle’s bedside in the San Juan Bautista care home to make the two-hour drive north to Golden Gate Park. Her uncle suffered with late-stage Alzheimer’s, and Cammie had been on family leave for the past five months to be with him.

But Dane needed her input on the Mavericks before he moved forward with his plans. Cammie’s impressions were always spot-on. He thanked his lucky stars for the day Clyde Westerbourne sent her to him for that job interview twelve years ago. His work life had been a shambles, with one assistant after another only making his problems worse. All of twenty-two at the time, Cammie had saved his work life from catastrophe.

Ava kicked his shin. Thinking about Cammie, he’d missed Will Franconi kicking the ball and starting the game. Though soccer normally required at least seven players, there were only five Harringtons. Playing in teams of five, the Mavericks probably thought they had the advantage since they could bring in Cal Danniger or Gideon Jones to spell the others—not that Dane had ever seen an exhausted Maverick.

But they didn’t know Gabby and Ava were the Harringtons’ secret weapons.

Gabby was right there, taking control of the ball, dribbling it down the field, even though she could have kicked it to one of her brothers. But that was Gabby, totally focused on the goal. Youngest of them all at only thirty, she was blond like their mother, while all the males of the family were dark-haired. Ava, with her red locks, was a throwback to their grandfather.