Dario (The Conti Crime Family #2) Read Online C.M. Steele

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She’s mine. I watch her work and want her to put everything down and come to me. May doesn’t belong in a place like this, working for my enemy. I’ll fix it and hand her everything she wants. Unfortunately, my sweet little waitress graduated with a degree in criminal justice. By all rights, we couldn’t be more wrong for each other, but I’m not letting that stop me.
I didn’t know who he was, but I knew he wasn’t a good guy. Every time he entered the diner, a shroud of darkness cloaked him. His persona screamed dangerous animal to anyone around and even sent customers running. I’m a good girl. My moral compass breaks the second he appears, and all the rule following and aspirations of being in law enforcement fly out the window. I just want to be his

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Chapter One


It’s early, nearly three in the morning, when I walk into Coleman’s Diner. I left everyone at the house except for one of my soldiers. I have no enemies here except Coleman, and I can smash his head in with my bare hands.

He might be in decent shape, but he’s a slouch whereas I take good care of my body, working out daily and taking on hand-to-hand combat with my men to perfect my skills. A part of me is itching for a fight with him, something to release this unexplained growing tension in me.

Coleman has been ducking my calls for the past week, something that wouldn’t be allowed, but I want my money, not bloodshed. At the very least, I’ll collect his property as my own and sell it. So tonight I wanted to take a late-night look at his place or soon to be my place, wondering if I’d catch the fucker off guard.

Unfortunately, it isn’t him that’s caught off guard.

I open the diner door to find the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my twenty-nine years of life. There are a handful of strippers in here after a long night working at the club down the street, but I’m not talking about them. They do nothing for me. No, my eyes are focused on the waitress in that stereotypical pink and black uniform that’s way too short.

She has my attention glued to her like a missile to a fucking honing beacon. A siren summoning me with her song. She’s in the middle of speaking to a customer when I enter. The door has a chime, causing her to look up and in my direction. Our eyes meet and the words on her tongue freeze.

We stay in that moment briefly until a laugh comes from the woman sitting at the table she is serving, getting her attention again, and I’m disappointed. Still, I observe her while making my way to the best spot in the diner, which is the farthest from the entrance.

The sexy waitress’s slender thighs are covered in nude stockings that do nothing to give her any modesty. If anything, she only looks hotter. Her calves are tight from having to walk in those heels all night. I want to run my hands up her legs, massaging them until she’s moaning my name and then I’ll go a little higher, watching her grow wilder as I approach that hot little center. Fuck, my dick needs to calm down. I have business to handle.

Taking a seat in the corner of the diner with my back toward the wall away from all windows and doors, I wait for her to approach. She looks exhausted, as if she’s been on her feet all night long.

My eyes slowly slide over her body without lingering, but my main focus is that ring finger. It’s bare without a hint of a tan line.


It will make it a lot easier to get her to submit. Because I understood at that moment what several others had learned before me. The right woman will make me even more powerful. I have found my woman. Suddenly, the unknown tension has an answer and a solution, and she’s coming this way.

“Hello, I’m May. Here is our menu.” She hands it to me, but I set it on the table without taking my eyes off her because I have no interest in the slop they serve here. My purpose had been to confront Coleman, but now, May had intrigued me in a way that changed my entire mood.

Confused by my actions or my bold staring, she stammers as she asks, “Is there something I can get you to drink?”

“Si, amore, I would like just a coffee.” She smiles nervously, displaying her bright white teeth over her glossy lips. Her pale cheeks stain pink, blushing softly at the endearment as she picks up the menu.

“Okay,” she stammers, biting down on her bottom lip before darting off.

Her long, light brown ponytail swings as she rushes off, and I immediately think about gripping it as I slide into her pussy from behind. A behind that looks juicy and round in that compact, little uniform.

My slacks are growing tighter as I stare at her, so I must gain control of myself.

Again, I need to calm my ass down and remember that I have to stay sharp. If Coleman comes in now, I want to have the upper hand and not be completely distracted by the sexy little thing in the ugly uniform.

A message comes in from my soldier, Luca. Coleman pulled in, saw your car, and took off again.

I’ll be leaving shortly. Stay put. He might come back.

May returns to my table with the mediocre coffee and sets it in front of me. Even the smell insults me. Coleman couldn’t invest in quality grounds for his customers and I wonder if the rubbish was left on the burner longer than it was supposed to be.