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My best friend and partner in my law firm has a client out to get him.The main problem?His daughter, Raina, is in the line of fire. Someone needs to protect her.Who is better than me for the job?I show up for Raina whenever she needs me and even when she believes she doesn’t. I may take my protective nature over her a bit far, but sometimes a guy has to climb through her window to make sure she’s safe.The tension between us is undeniable. It’s so palpable that her father enlists me to protect her while he dodges a maniac of a client who put him in the hospital.I won’t let that happen to her.I’ll stand in front of a bullet for Raina because that’s the kind of man I am for her. That’s the kind of man she needs in her life. A man to take care of her. A man she actually wants to call Daddy.It takes some convincing for her to let me keep her safe, but once she’s onboard, I need her to know she’s mine. Nothing or no one is going to get in the way of me protecting her.She belongs to me … now and forever.

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Sleep is the only thing I want when my phone rings ten minutes to midnight. The darkness of my bedroom shatters with every flash of the screen, forcing me to roll over to grab the obnoxious device off the nightstand.

“Yeah?” I answer, my voice rough, and sleep desperately wants me to go back to bed.

“Rex.” Owen strains just saying my name, which gets me to sit all the way up. I’m wide awake as I wait for my law partner and best friend to tell me what’s going on.

“Hey, I’m up. What’s happening? Where are you?” I ask him. The bed creaks quietly under my weight while I swing my legs over the side. The dark gray carpet is warm as I pad my way into the bathroom. The lights force me to squint, waiting for my eyes to adjust to being open at this hour.

“Saint Salvatore’s,” he grunts out. I’m already doing the math of how long it will take for me to get dressed and drive over there.

I tell him, “I’ll be there in like twenty minutes.”

“No, don’t.” He strains and grunts from the obvious pain he’s in. “Listen, Lorenzo lost his shit on me earlier today.”

“I can’t believe you still work with that maniac. Are you alright?”

My movements around the bathroom are habitual, with my first being to turn on the shower. After setting my phone in its dock, it connects wirelessly to the speakers nestled beside the lights in the ceiling. It leaves my hands free to shave and brush my teeth. I know he said don’t come, but he has to know that I’m not going to sit at home while this is going down.

Owen groans. “No. A few cracked ribs, broken leg, and my eye’s swollen shut. Lorenzo got confused about some money I was moving for him. He thought it was stolen and tried to beat it out of me. The Feds are here.”

“You’re cooperating, I hope.”

“Yeah, I am. They want me out of town until they can figure out how much information they need from me.”

“Fuck. Lorenzo is going to try to finish the job once he finds out you’re cooperating.” I huff and run my fingers through my hair.

My dark brown strands have a few streaks of gray growing in, undoubtedly from the stress of being a partner with one of the most popular criminal defense lawyers around. If he has to get protection, that means I’m going to need to shuffle some people into different roles at the firm. He’s in danger the longer he stays at that hospital.

“What about Raina?” I ask him.

“She doesn’t want to come with me. I gotta get out of here, but I need her safe. She’s being so fucking stubborn, just like her mother.” Owen’s muttering and cursing under his breath. The relationship with his daughter is not a traditional one, and I try to keep my nose out of it.

“Does she understand the danger she’s in? Why won’t she go with you?”

The strain in his voice sounds painful. He pushes through, saying, “She thinks because Lorenzo didn’t stick around to make sure I was dead that he’s okay with me being alive, so no danger on her part. I don’t have the energy to argue with her, Rex. She’ll listen to you.”

“What makes you think she’ll do that?”

“I’m not stupid, Rex. We’ve both seen the way she looks at you.”

“A harmless crush doesn’t equal compliance.”

Frustration fills his voice. “She thinks she knows everything, and you’ve always been the one who could get through to her. She’s more likely to listen to you because of that crush, and I know you’d keep her safe. Just watch over her until the dust settles. Can you do that for me?”

“Of course I can. You need anything else?”

“No. I’ll call as soon as I can.”

We end the call, and even though he told me not to go to the hospital, there’s too much energy coursing through my body. Going back to sleep isn’t an option, so I decide to head out for the night.

The least I can do is check on Raina, a 20-year-old with a harmless crush. However, it’s not harmless. I feel the tension between us every time I get around her, every time she calls and I show up for her. Every time we’re near, it takes every ounce of willpower not to give in to my own desires. I want Raina, but she’s a good girl. Perhaps too good for the likes of me.

This isn’t the first time Owen’s in the line of fire with his clients. He’s always taking on clients who are guilty until proven innocent, which they rarely are. But this is the first time he’s admitted to having illegal dealings with them. It’s my first time hearing about it too.