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Cyclone -- I might be a whirlwind when I get angry or hyper-focused on something, but I’m usually the laid-back brother. I’m calm, cool, and collected under fire. Until I’m not. My passions burn hot but cool quickly, and any woman in my bed knows that. Which is why I make a point to only take women who know the score. I’m up for a good time, but that’s it. My club comes first. I don’t have time for, nor do I want, a permanent woman. Then a party happens and I make a huge mistake. When I finally come to my senses, I realize this is one mistake that could cost me my position as vice president of Bones MC. And my life.

Willa -- To say my daddy is a shade over-protective is the understatement of the century. I try to be a good girl -- and really, I’m sure the car in the tree was not my fault -- but trouble seems to find me and hold me hostage. Sneaking into a Bones MC party, though? That was all me. I was lonely. And bored. I called it an early Christmas present to myself. Unfortunately, when I was downing Long Island Ice Teas, I didn’t take into account that I’d never drunk alcohol before. Next thing I know I wake up in bed with one of the men from the club. I have no idea what we did or if I enjoyed myself, but I’m pleasantly sore, and there are condom wrappers all over the place. Then my gaze collides with the man who’s draped half over me. Yeah. This isn’t going to end well.

Cyclone features a protective hero, a determined heroine and includes adult situations that may be triggers for some readers. Eventual happy ending and NO CHEATING, as always.

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Chapter One


“Hey there, baby. How about I take you on tonight for a good time?” A svelte brunette with big tits straddled my lap in a bid for my attention. I was pretty sure I’d had her a few times but wasn’t certain. Especially not now. I was drunk off my fucking ass. And getting drunker by the moment.

“Another time, sugar.” Right. Not any time soon. I didn’t keep coming back to the same women. Not often. And not without some time between fucks. The last thing I needed at this point was a woman clinging to me.

“Come on, Cyclone.” The woman’s whiny voice was getting on my everloving last nerve. “You’ve not been with any of us in weeks. It’s my turn.” She pouted, her plump red lips begging to be kissed. If I hadn’t already told her no, I might have given in. I’d learned a long time ago not to give the club whores a reason to go against me. If I did, she’d be pushing back every inch she could. Reversing myself with her was the best reason she could have.

“I said no,” I growled at her, pushing up from my chair. The room spun, but I refused to give into it, concentrating on keeping a steady gait. Moving toward the bar, I signaled the prospect behind the bar for a beer. It was probably time to slow down on the hard liquor. The younger man nodded once and pulled out a Bud Light from the fridge. He handed me the bottle unopened because everyone knew I was picky about shit like that.

“Thanks.” I gave the prospect a nod before moving away from the bar to a table with a few of my other brothers. Most of them had a woman either on their lap or kneeling in front of them, giving them head.

As party clubs went, Bones had pretty mild parties. But occasionally, the guys needed to let off some steam. Tonight was one of those nights. Normally my brother, Ice, would be here with me. He kept the demons at bay for me. Ice had a woman now. Dawn was the daughter of El Diablo from Black Reign in Lake Worth, Florida. While I was happy for my brother, that made me the most eligible bachelor in the fucking club. Which meant the club girls were getting more aggressive.

Not interested.

The second I sat down, one of the girls near me turned and straddled my hips. “Been lookin’ for you all night, baby.” She ground herself over my crotch. While I was at half mast, I wasn’t really feeling it. Likely the alcohol. Besides, the bitch had so much perfume on I could barely breathe.

I lifted her by the waist and set her on the floor. “Not tonight.” I turned her away from me. “Go find someone else.”

She looked back over her shoulder, pouting prettily. It was all I could do to keep from rolling my eyes. Being the president’s son had gotten me women since I was old enough to not look like a fresh-faced kid. But that attention was nothing compared to what I got the second I became vice president. Now all of a sudden I literally had to throw women out of my room every fucking night. I was going to have to take some kind of stand before I lost my temper.

This woman just wouldn’t take the fucking hint. Instead of slinking away to find another brother to bother, she climbed right back on my lap, this time fusing her lips against mine. When she thrust her tongue into my mouth, I thought I might puke. And not just because of the alcohol. I think the woman had gargled with curry and onions.

I grabbed her upper arms and shoved her off me before using the neckline of my T-shirt to scrub my mouth. “Christ! Wha’ the fuck’d you eat?” My words were slurring but I didn’t care. The fucking taste! “You swaller a fuckin’ skunk?”

“What the fuck, Cyclone?” the woman screeched. I winced at the sound. It was about as pleasing as nails on a chalkboard and had my fucking head throbbing. “All you had to do was say you weren’t interested.”

“Pretty sure I already told you to find someone else.” The hit of adrenaline I got from trying to fight off the nausea cleared my head somewhat, but I still wasn’t in any way sober. Not even a little.

“You said you wanted me. I was gonna be your old lady, Dan.”

“Never in hell have I ever been that drunk. I don’t think it’s even possible to be that drunk.” I stood, somehow managing to be steady on my feet. When I took a step toward her, she wisely backed up. “Ain’t never hurt a woman who didn’t need it, but the only name you’re allowed to call me is Cyclone. Get me?” I stared her down. Hard. The woman backed up several steps before tripping over her high-heeled boots and falling on her ass. A couple of the nearby club girls giggled or outright laughed at the busty blonde as she fumed. “You ain’t ever gonna be my old lady. Only an old lady gets to call me by my given name.” I pointed a finger at her. “You ever call me by anything other than my road name again… I’ll fuckin’ kill you.”