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He’s supposed to be off-limits. A man with plenty of options and my big brother’s best friend since they were kids. So why can’t I let my crush go?

For years, I dreamed about being with Kaleb. Some would say it was a silly childhood crush, but it felt like more. It wrecked me when he moved away. I tried to let my crush go, but now he’s back.
When my brother’s hurt, Kaleb comes home to help. It’s been three years since he last saw me in person. I’m older now—nineteen—mature, or so I think.
When a PR scandal throws me and Kaleb together, I can’t resist the growing tension, and crazily, Kaleb can’t either.
I’m shocked the first time he kisses me, doubly so when he gets steamy in other ways. He’s got billions to his name, but he tells me it means nothing next to me.
All my dreams are coming true, but I’m unsure I can give him what he wants with zero experience to my name. Not to mention, I think my brother is getting suspicious.

With everything stacked against us, can we make it through together? Or is my silly crush going to get everyone hurt?

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“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I say as his powerful hands push me against the wall. Heat pulses through my body, originating from his touch. He groans and leans down, giving me a snapshot of his intense blue eyes that seem to hold me in place.

It’s like he’s paralyzing me with passion. He’s making it possible for me to do the impossible… or what should be impossible anyway. Kaleb is making it possible for me to forget that my big brother—Kaleb’s best friend—is resting in the same house. Not just resting, but ill, relying on us, yet here we are, caught up in the steaminess.

“I know,” he finally says, painting me with his hot breath, adding to the steaminess as he brings his body closer to mine.

His manhood brushes against me, rock-solid, pushing against my belly. I’m breathing too fast to think. It’s happening now, after all those years of crushing and wondering if Kaleb Kennison would ever notice the shy girl in the braces. Obviously, he didn’t. That would’ve been wrong, but I’m all grown up now. Except this giddiness has got me feeling like a kid on Christmas morning.

It would be perfect if it weren’t for my brother.

“Tell me to stop,” Kaleb says almost desperately, shuddering as if he can’t hold himself back. His black hair has fallen across his forehead, making him look even more dreamy. “Sophie, tell me to stop.”

His hands are already on my hips. It’s like some magnetic force is drawing us together. It has nothing to do with what’s right or wrong. Morality plays no role here. It’s just his bulge pushing against me. It’s the warmth in his hands as his grip tightens against my hips.

Paul, my brother, is bedbound. There’s no chance of him walking in here unless he suddenly recovers, but that doesn’t make it right. He might hear us if we get carried away.

Kaleb shakes me by the hips as if he wants an answer. Does he really want me to tell him to stop? Or maybe he knows what I know, what I feel deep down, what I’ve always felt on some level when the crush started so many years ago. We can’t fight this. He smooths his hands down to my ass, then pulls me against him hard, his lust pressing through our clothes.

“Fuck,” he whispers, with a note of defeat in his voice. “You’re too damn irresistible.”

I place my hand on his chest, almost push him away, almost tell him that if we’re going to do this, he’s going to have to show me how. He’s so much older than me, my forty-two-year-old Kaleb. Not mine, I correct myself, even if that’s how I’ve often thought about him.

I’m nineteen. Some would say that’s too young for a man as experienced as him. Yet, somehow, it makes this hotter.

He leans down closer. Time seems to slow. I’ll never be able to use the excuse he caught me off-guard. I’ll never be able to tell myself I was too stunned to respond appropriately. I know what I’m doing. I’m betraying my brother. I could stop now, but I don’t.

His body is too hot. There’s too much intense possession in those gleaming blue eyes. His hands feel like they belong on my ass, making my whole body ache with lust. Most of all, there’s the fact he’s my crush. My dreams are coming true, even if they’d be nightmares for Paul.

Finally, our lips touch, and I know nothing will ever be the same again.




“We’re not going to say we’re sustainable just for the sake of it,” I tell the boardroom, standing at the end of the conference table. Many of them stare at me with poorly hidden resentment, especially the two at the end: a Brit called Lisa Townsend and an American called Mark Russel. They exchange a glance. It’s quick. They probably don’t think I notice.