Courage Runs Deep – Tungsten Protective Services Read Online Aliyah Burke

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Sometimes it takes more strength to let someone beyond the wall than keeping everyone out…Submarine Navigator Neha Kirk has the honor of being first. An honor which comes with more than it’s share of tribulations and a magnifying glass, she’s no longer sure she wants. Her life is no longer her own. A desire which ratchets up when she meets one man she would like to get to know better.Commander Davin Bly is content with his life as Range Master. At least until Lieutenant Kirk strolls into it. He wants to know the woman more than anything but she has walls that make the submarine’s hull thick as an egg. Not everyone is pleased with this woman breaking all kinds of barriers and he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.They will both need to dig deep for the courage to face what’s out there.

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Chapter 1

Neha Kirk returned the salute before she walked off the boat on which she served. The USS Puerto Rico SSBN-906. A boomer. She was one of only a handful of women who served on any sub and she was the navigational officer and sole source of ovaries on this particular submarine.

It wasn’t easy, she wasn’t going to lie about that but when the opportunity had been presented to her, she jumped at the chance. She may not have a lot going for her but she sure as fuck had courage. And to be the one of the first to serve on a boomer, was something she wanted more than anything.

She walked briskly up the pier, needing to get away from everything for a while. They’d just come back from a deployment and she’d stayed onboard to let those with families reunite. There wasn’t anyone waiting for her, so no need to rush. She didn’t mind pulling a watch to make sure that happened.

Besides, it was a two-fold reason. Not being one of the first off the boat, also kept her out of the media’s eye. The other women from what she’d seen enjoyed the limelight, however, personally, she preferred to keep it off her. Sailors saluted her as she moved by them but even though it was returned, she didn’t slow to talk, just continued on.

She had her own priorities and right now, that included a shower that wasn’t timed and a bed that gave her a bit more room to roll around in.

Because we have someone to roll around in it with? Oh no, that’s right we don’t. We’re fucking single because our last man didn’t want anything to do with a woman on a submarine. He thought I was going to be the crew’s whore.

Not just her ex had been of that belief, but her siblings as well. She didn’t even bother asking her father what he’d thought. He’d not been proud of her in her entire life, why should he start now?

Getting back to her place took a bit but if anything, she’d learned how to be patient. Had to be if you spent most of your life in a black tube beneath the ocean’s surface. Even so, when she unlocked the door, she closed it behind her with a click and sighed in relief.


She had a cleaning lady she paid once a month to come make sure everything was in working order. The woman was a saint and did an incredible job. And she would call her letting her know she was home. Just…not right now.

Neha stripped as she walked to the bathroom and turned the water on as hot as she could handle it. Stepping beneath the streams, she closed her eyes as it rained down on her.

Oh fuck yes.

She allowed it to work its magic for a while then got cleaned up. Wrapped in a large towel, she padded to her bedroom and smiled at the sight of her bed. Her one big purchase, a California king. She wanted to be able to spread out and roll around when she was home. Not that she did, but, the capability was there if she started.

Or if I get some man over here to knock the dust out and rid me of the cobwebs that have begun to spawn their own colony they’ve been in there for so long.

There were people she was interested in, but she was resolute in not going there. She had her life under a microscope because of being one of not only the first women on a boomer, but a woman of color. Any man, if he was brave enough to hook up with her, probably wouldn’t want their sexual life brought to the forefront of everything.

And I do mean everything.

Rooting around for an oversized t-shirt, she drew it on over her head and draped the towel over the chair. After making sure she was properly lotioned, she yanked the towel and padded back to the bathroom and hung it up.

This time when she returned to the bedroom, she crawled in and closed her eyes. It may be early and many would be out, but she didn’t care. She was heading off to a land of sleep where sirens wouldn’t wake her or being tossed off her rack.

She’d forgotten about the fucking doorbell and when it pealed and woke her, she was in a mood. Pushing a hand through her hair, she climbed from bed and yanked it open. She scowled at the person standing there.

“Hey sis.”

“Go away, Hank.”

“Are you kidding me? You just got off deployment. Let’s go out and celebrate.”

She didn’t move back, didn’t allow him in her space. “The fact you know I’m back already means you’ve been watching for me to return. And you only want to go out, so I pay for you. It’s not happening. I’m staying in.” She shook her head. “In fact, I’m staying in bed for at least a day.”