Change of Possession (The New York Nighthawks #7) Read Online Fiona Davenport

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Rigby Hunt thought he found the woman who was meant for him in Cleo Fox. But then the grumpy punter saw her on a date with another man and figured he had it all wrong.

Cleo couldn't figure out why Rigby gave her the cold shoulder...until she saw how something innocent had been spun by the media. Now she just had to get him to listen to the truth.

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I pulled the hood of my sweatshirt up as I stepped outside of my building into the cool November air. After returning home from an away game this afternoon and dealing with team business the rest of the day, I hadn’t had a chance to put in a grocery delivery order. So when I got back to my penthouse, I was starving and had nothing to eat.

In the mood for home cooking, I decided to run to the store and grab the ingredients for a healthy chicken stir-fry.

Keeping my head down, I jogged the block to Butler’s Grocery, mindful that the paparazzi sometimes hung around right after a big win. Not that they took an interest in me very often. Despite being a punter for the wildly popular New York Nighthawks, I wasn’t what people would call “personable.” Is it my fault most people annoy me?

As I strolled through the automated double doors, I uncovered my head and lifted my chin at George, the manager, who returned my greeting with a wave. “Nice win,” he called in a thick British accent. Then he smirked and winked. “I guess you walked into the right locker room this time,” he quipped, referring to a T-shirt he’d bought for me last Christmas that said, “Kickers: Soccer players that walked into the wrong locker room.”

Grinning, I rolled my eyes and snarked, “I’d crush it in either locker room.”

I’d first visited the store the day I moved into my apartment, which I bought early in my first year with the Nighthawks. They’d given me a four-season contract, then a year ago, they signed me for another six when the first was about to expire. So I’d been coming to this store for over half a decade. George, his wife, and kids had become like family to me. His daughter had even lived with my parents in Wisconsin during her first year of college.

He laughed and tipped an imaginary hat. “Touché.”

I grabbed a cart and ambled over to the dairy aisle to grab a gallon of milk before making my way to the produce. I’d put in a full order of groceries later, but for now, I just needed the stuff for dinner and some staples.

When my basket was full, I turned with the intent to head to the register, but I was stopped in my tracks by the sexiest ass I’d ever seen.

The woman was bent over, studying the products on the bottom shelf. I admired the view, and to my surprise, the sight of that heart-shaped ass made my pants fit tighter. It was a foreign reaction because I hadn’t been interested in a woman in a long time. And that had suited me just fine since my focus was on my career.

She brushed a waterfall of bright-pink hair back over her shoulder when she stood. It fell in waves to the small of her back, and I pictured wrapping it around my fist as I pumped into her from behind.

I shook my head, trying to clear away the fog of lust clouding my mind. Now was not the time to think about sex. I’d barely managed to take control of my thoughts when she turned around, and my imagination went wild again.

Her long, pink bangs were swept to the side and tucked behind her ear, revealing striking green eyes surrounded by thick, dark lashes. A subtle sprinkling of freckles dotted the bridge of her nose and cheeks, and her plump lips made my mouth water at the thought of tasting them.

My eyes continued to travel south, taking in a lavender sweater that hugged her high, round tits that would spill out of my palms. The bottom sat just above the waistline of her pants, giving me a tantalizing glimpse of her smooth skin and cute belly button. Her jeans were molded to her curvy hips and endless legs, prompting thoughts about what they would feel like wrapped around me.

I was broken out of my stupor when she crossed the aisle and went up on her tiptoes, stretching her arm up to a high shelf she couldn’t reach.

A grin split my face as I recognized the opportunity for what it was and quickly sauntered over to her. “Hi,” I murmured.

I stifled a laugh when she jumped and whirled around, dropping her head back to look up at me. At six foot, three inches, I towered over her smaller frame, and I found that it made me feel protective of her. Although I suspected her body would fit perfectly against mine.

I put on my most charming smile, and her green eyes darted to my lips before meeting my gaze again. A pretty pink blush dusted her cheeks, and her lips curled up. “Um…hi.”

“Which one are you going for?”

“The vanilla extract,” she mumbled, seemingly a little dazed. I silently cheered because she appeared to be as affected by me as I was by her.