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An all-new dark standalone romance from the USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Shantel Tessier. Carnage is based in the Lords' world and can be read as a standalone.

The men in the secret society known as the Lords think they rule the world. And in a way, they do. Each has sold their soul to the devil at a young age in exchange for power and wealth. Like anything else, they have different levels of success. The more they’re willing to serve, the more power they have.

Among them are the Spade brothers, who run Carnage. It’s where the Lords who have not held up their oath go to live out the rest of their lives in shackles. Tucked away from the world as if they never existed.


I once belonged to a Lord—Saint Beckham Carter. Although nothing was holy about him, I still kneeled as if he could grant me eternity in a world where only evil existed.

At the time, I willingly vowed to be his and allowed him to share me with his “brothers.” But things changed. And what I thought couldn’t get any better got exceptionally worse. So I did the only thing I could and ran from him, knowing I could never return.

Now he’s found me and dragged me back to his hell, where he will make me his pet. The world already thinks I’m dead, so no one will miss me. And I’m just another name on a long list of those who will never know freedom.

What he doesn’t know is why I ran from him in the first place. A Lord doesn’t listen to reason, so it’s not like he’d care anyway. Saint was born a Lord, and he will die as one.

If life has taught me anything, it’s that we all pay for our sins. And Saint will never let me forget that my place is at Carnage, serving him on my knees until death is granted.

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A Lord takes his oath seriously. Only blood will solidify their commitment to serve those who demand their complete devotion.

He is a Leader, believes in Order, knows when to Rule, and is a Deity.

A Lord must be initiated in order to become a member but can be removed at any time for any reason. If he makes it past the three trials of initiation, he will forever know power and wealth. But not all Lords are built the same. Some are stronger, smarter, hungrier than others.

They are challenged just to see how far their loyalty will go.

They are pushed to their limits in order to prove their devotion.

They are willing to show their commitment.

Nothing except their life will suffice.

Limits will be tested, and morals forgotten.

A Lord can be a judge, jury, and executioner. He holds power that is unmatched by anyone other than his brother.

Chosen one:

A Lord must remain celibate during his first three years at Barrington University. Once he is initiated into the Lords, he is gifted a chosen for his senior year.

A Lady:

After they graduate from Barrington, they are to marry a Lady—a wife to serve him. If he shall die before her, she is then gifted to another Lord to ensure the secrets are kept within the secret society.

A Spade brother:

A Lord is placed strategically out into the world. But no Lord is safe from their own if they break their oath. If you don’t believe in hell, the Spade brothers will change your mind. They are a special kind of Lord. They will sit on their thrones and watch you burn to death for eternity with the fire they started. They give no fucks and have no limits. They collect the names they are given, and erase you from the world as if you never existed, and make you wish that was the truth.





Freshman year at Barrington University

I was born into a secret society. They say we’re the lucky ones. That the world will bow to us and we’ll never go without anything. As long as we pass our initiations, we’ll know riches beyond our wildest dreams.

I’m a Spade brother. To anyone on the street who hears that, they would think I have siblings, and in a sense, I do. Our last names aren’t Spade, and we don’t share the same parents. But we might as well be blood brothers. We grew up together. And one day, we’ll graduate from Barrington and run Carnage together.

Just like our fathers.

And their fathers.

And their fathers.

We’re a long line of Spade brothers. It was some bullshit title that the Lords gave our families centuries ago. Someone has to run their hell, and we were the unlucky ones.

Is it what we want? Doesn’t fucking matter what we want. We serve the Lords, and as a servant, you do as you’re told.

I’ve known that we’re different since as far back as I can remember, and my father won’t let me forget it. He told me I’d have my chance to make him proud. That time has come.

It’s my freshman year at Barrington University. My first year of initiation. Even though we were born into this world, we’re forced to earn our spot. Kill or be killed would be the Lord’s motto if they had one.

I kneel with a black hood over my head, keeping me from seeing where I’m at or who else is in the room with me. My wrists are shackled in front of me as they rest on my jean-clad thighs. I’m shirtless. My right eye is starting to swell shut, and I’m pretty sure my nose is broken. I can’t breathe through it, but I can taste the blood covering my lips that runs down my face. The lack of light takes everything I have not to pass out. At this point, I’m not sure how many days I’ve been awake fighting. I’ve been fed bread and water. That’s it. They want us to be weak and vulnerable.

All Lords go through initiations, but as a Spade brother, ours are different. More intense. There are countless Lords throughout the world. But a Spade brother? We’re limited. See, I only qualify because my father is one. And one day, if I have a son, he’ll be one.

We must all prove that we can do what is needed for the society.

It’s our purpose.

The Lords test you so they can toss the weak out early on. You’re born into this world, but they can deem you inadequate at any time. So you show up and kill whoever your target is.

If I had to explain a Spade brother to some Joe on the street who doesn’t know that the Lords exist, I’d say we’re the hit men of the society. But instead of killing, we capture and torture. If we’re sent to retrieve you, you will not escape us.