Captured by her Daddies – Harem Of Daddies Read Online Laylah Roberts

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Trapped in a nightmare with no way free . . .

Stuck working for a jerk with a mean streak, Chloe knows there’s no way free.
She’s stuck.
Resigned to her life, at least she gets to visit beautiful places like Escana.
What she never expects is to find four gorgeous, sexy men.
Grumpy and protective Judd. Charming Hux. Mysterious Owen. Possessive Beck.
Too bad her life was already complicated enough . . . because they could have been the answer to her prayers.
But Chloe’s life isn’t her own . . . and that means those men can never be hers.
However, the men of Beta team might just have other ideas.

This is a why choose romance. It contains four sexy Daddy Dominants and one lucky heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

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The weird man was back.

Chloe didn’t like when he came to visit. He smelled funny. And he had a weird accent.

Although he was better than some of the other men. At least he didn’t yell at her . . . or worse.

She didn’t like the way her mommy acted when any of her men friends came around. She’d go into her bedroom for hours, and Chloe would have to stay quiet and hidden. It was safer that way. Then no one could hurt her.

She wouldn’t come out of her hiding place.

Even if she was hungry . . .

Even if she hurt herself . . .

She wasn’t to say a word.

Sometimes, when her mommy was in a good mood, she’d give her some candy first to help her remember to keep silent. Chloe didn’t need the candy to help her, though. Chloe rarely made noise.

She’d learned that was the only way to survive.


Lord Jonathan Fothersam the Fourth was a narcissistic asshole who also thought he was God’s gift to . . . well . . . everyone.

He was arrogant, rich, and a jerk.

Unfortunately, he was also her boss.

“Can you believe this place?” he asked Chloe as they sat in the private plane Prince Kassim had sent to bring them to Escana.

That hadn’t sat well with Jonathan. He didn’t like when someone had something he didn’t.

They were currently reading through the information that had been supplied on Escanaian customs and laws.

It was . . . interesting.

“Can you believe they kidnap women and that it’s legal? Preposterous. And multiple men with one woman. That ought to be illegal. Obviously, they do not care about women at all.”

Like he did? He only ever saw women as a means to an end.

Chloe had to admit that the tabloids in the UK made Escana sound awful, but she’d learned not to trust what she read.

The tabloids loved Jonathan. They thought he was charming and handsome.


“Disgusting,” he said.

She glanced around, looking for the flight attendant. The last thing they needed was for her to overhear Jonathan, who was currently sipping some expensive bourbon. She had to make sure that he didn’t drink too much. He tended to lose control of his tongue and temper when he drank.

“Hopefully, it doesn’t take too long to convince these backward idiots to open up some trade lines. It is in their best interests.”

And his.

He wasn’t doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

“At least you were given an opportunity to meet with them,” she said.

He snorted, taking another gulp of bourbon. “Only because my father was good friends with one of their grandfathers. But I’m sure once they see how my proposal benefits them, they will agree to the terms. Nobody says no to that much money.”

She glanced around the private plane. She didn’t think they were hurting for money.

Looking over their itinerary, she saw it was a mix of meetings with heads of companies, tours of different businesses, as well as some more casual outings and dinners which Jonathan would likely hate.

“Lord Fothersam?”

He looked up with a charming smile as the flight attendant came over. “Yes, dear?”

“Can I get you anything else? We’ll be landing in twenty minutes.”

“No, we have everything we need. You sit down and rest. You have been doing such a good job of taking care of us. Has she not, Chloe?”

The flight attendant blushed and smiled.

“She has,” Chloe said, hoping that Jonathan didn’t set his sights on the young girl.

Surely, he wouldn’t. He was trying to impress the Princes, not show them his true side.

She turned back to the information they’d been given.

“They don’t just kidnap women and keep them, though,” she said after the flight attendant left. “They go through a period where they court them.”

“Don’t be naive, Chloe. It is obvious women have very little choice here. Multiple men sharing one woman? Shocking, just shocking,” he muttered.

Chloe raised an eyebrow, feeling safe to do so since he wasn’t looking her way.

She figured he wouldn’t feel that way if it was the other way around.

“It seems to work for them. From some of the reports I’ve read, the women in Escana are cherished.”

And satisfied, she was betting.

“That’s what they want you to think. The men probably have to share because they don’t have any real skills in the bedroom. It must take three or four of them to satisfy their women. Unlike British men, huh?”

She barely held back a grimace.


Reaching out, he grasped hold of her arm.

She held herself still. Sometimes, sudden touch still startled her. However, he hated when she tried to pull away from him.

“Just remember, this is important. Do not do anything to embarrass me. We need to give these uptight pricks everything they want so they will open some trade routes with us. This is very important, understand?”

“I’m here to help in whatever way you need, Jonathan,” she murmured quietly.