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Brute has vowed to kill all of the Golubev Bratva. They are the enemy and he has formed a group of men, an MC, who want nothing more than to see them all fall.When Faith Dawson goes on a date from hell for her mother, she had no idea it was going to end up getting her kidnapped. She tried to hide the fact her grandfather is Sergey Golubev, but there is no hiding anything.The man who has taken her knows who she is. In this war, there is never any chance for survivors. It is well known that Sergey adores his granddaughter, and Brute wants to see how far he’s willing to go to protect her.When Sergey offers a trade, Faith for one of his men, he has no choice but to take it. He has no interest in Faith—she was a means to an end, and so, he sends her off.Brute may have released her, but when he learns of her upcoming marriage to a trafficker, he cannot just let it happen. He takes her. Faith will belong to him. But Brute knows it is only a matter of time until Sergey retaliates. He will be ready. Until then, he was going to have his fun with Faith. She has gotten under his skin and seeped into his heart. There is no turning back.

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“Who sent you?” Brute asked. He had a gun pointed at the soldier’s head. The white dove was clear to see, displayed on the man’s neck. He knew exactly who sent them, but he wanted to hear the name straight from his lips before he snuffed him out. All he wanted to know was which fucking Brigadier thought they could mess with him.

For several seconds none of them spoke

Three men all looked the opposite way, hands by their sides. He’d stripped them of their weapons before coming out into the woods. The weather held cleared but he knew time was ticking. A storm was coming and he wanted to handle these traitors before it hit.

The one on the right turned around. “Come on, Brute, you know what the deal—” He never got to finish as he fired his gun straight into the man’s skull.

Brute wasn’t listening to reason or any of the shit they thought he needed to listen to. They were on his territory and he’d already told the Golubev Bratva if they came anywhere near the Evil Fallen Bratva MC and his territory, the whole lot of them would be dead. There wouldn’t be any mercy from him. He’d kill them all.

He wasn’t joking. They would all die and he’d gladly go to war to make it so.

One of the men whimpered.

Brute tutted. “Since when did the Golubev send spineless little wimps?” he asked.

No one spoke.

He was getting bored and the truth was, he wanted a good fuck. After being on the road for two weeks, he had every intention of coming back to his clubhouse, finding a willing pussy, which was never hard to do, and just enjoying her until he was done. Instead, he found these three fucking traitors at his clubhouse, sneaking around.

There was no way anyone associated with the Golubev Bratva would ever survive. He had made a vow, one he intended to keep. So long as they stayed in their territory and didn’t invade his business, they could live. Anyone who attempted to threaten or take him out would be eliminated.

He gave them a warning.

Brute killed the man on the left, and then kept his gun pointed at the guy in the center, moving around the dead body on the right to stand in front of the guy remaining. He’d not pissed or shit himself, and he considered that a huge plus.

He stared him straight in the eye, gun not wavering, ready to do what needed to be done.

“Tell me,” he said.

“What’s the point? You’re going to kill me anyway.”

This made him smile. “True, I am going to kill you, but you see, I can make it quick, or I can make it take a very long time. I love to hear men scream and listen to them beg for their mommy or daddy to come and save them. It’s one of the highlights of my day.” He winked at him and then blew him an air kiss.

“Golubev sent us,” he said.


“He wanted to see if you … would consider any chance of reconciliation. He wants this territory and knows the only way to do it is to create peace.”

“Peace.” Brute laughed. “The time for peace has ended, now all I want is war.” And with that, he fired the gun, killing the final man.

“Do you think killing all three of them was really necessary?” Igor asked, sounding disappointed. He’d been waiting silently while Brute dealt with them.

“I’m not giving you toys to play with,” Brute said.

The storm was coming and now it was time to dispose of the bodies, but he would make sure Golubev got what he wanted. He pulled out his knife and with each body, he cut away the picture of the dove. All three pieces would get mailed to Golubev.

Chapter One

Faith Dawson knew she shouldn’t be at the Evil Fallen Bratva MC clubhouse. She had no intention of being here, but this date, which was a disaster, wasn’t helping. She stood out like a sore thumb. Every other woman wore a skimpy outfit that showed more flesh than covered it, while she was in a long circle skirt with a top tucked inside. Her mother always told her she had a weird body with big tits, hips, and thighs, but a small waist.

It wasn’t that tiny, but on her body, it looked tiny, because everything else was so much bigger. All her life, her mother had complained about her weight, but Faith knew it had to do with her image and the attention she hoped to gain. Faith was nothing but a huge disappointment to Beverly, her mother.

She attempted to push all those insecurities to the back of her mind and instead focus on the party happening right in front of her. The last thing she wanted to do was go on this date with Pete, who was currently pulling in another woman to kiss her on the lips. She didn’t mind that he was kissing other women. Her mother had organized this date and it had been awful.