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Charlie’s got a problem—well, two if you count his helpful and overly enthusiastic protector, Austin—but being painfully shy is the biggest one since most Daddies seem to feel being able to communicate is an important part of asking someone out. Who knew? But when panicking is his default response, most alphas don’t wait around long enough to see the naughty omega that’s hiding just under the surface.

Ansel’s got a problem. He has no idea how to be a Daddy or how to get to know the painfully shy cutie who’s dramatically adorable when it comes to boo-boos. Unfortunately, wide eyes and a firm belief about which crayons are best aren’t enough to build a relationship…or let Ansel know if the sweet sub considers him Daddy material.

When a new Daddy and a shy little meet, it will take patience and a nosy protector to help a sweet sub find the confidence to come out of his shell.

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Chapter 1


“He’s basically the gatekeeper for the littles. Don’t piss him off. Wear clothes. Don’t try to bribe them with junk food.” The dramatic sigh that followed the frustrating sub’s lecture almost made me smile as I watched the littles in the playroom. “They get to control the crayons. I know. It’s a ridiculous rule but Jarrett is very firm about enforcing it.”

Austin was the gatekeeper into the rest of the club, so I thought it was only fair that he had to share control of the playroom. But I wasn’t going to point that out to the crazy half-naked omega who seemed to own a large portion of the world.

“Thank you for the information.” I wasn’t sure what else to say, and that was partly because I wasn’t sure what I was doing there to begin with. “Jarrett said the littles don’t have an issue with visitors.”


Did that make them sound like prisoners or zoo animals?

Jarrett, the stern-looking alpha that kept glaring at me from the low table in the playroom, had been much more welcoming when he’d done a show-and-tell kind of presentation about age play. He was the gatekeeper and something like a babysitter to the littles, and he protected them nearly as passionately as Austin.

It’d initially sounded like an odd thing to do a presentation on, but it’d turned out that I wasn’t the only Dom at the BDSM club who’d never met a little before. Everything from spankings to sounding rods was much easier to find information about online and it’d made a lot of us question what else we hadn’t thought of. I was pretty sure they were going to need to do a few more Let’s Explain this Kink presentations, but it seemed like the littles were the best place to start.

And now I was curious…they were subs who wanted to cuddle and play and have someone dote on them. It seemed too good to be true, but I’d seen glimpses of Jarrett and Gideon, his sub and little, around the club. I wasn’t going to frame it as lusting after someone else’s sub but I wanted what they had.

I just wasn’t sure what that was yet.

Austin rolled his eyes like I was stupid. “Every sub is an attention-whore in their own way. Just give them attention.”

I wasn’t sure if he was being ridiculous or brilliant, so I ignored it. “Are there any protocols I should be aware of?”

They were littles, not alien ambassadors, but for some reason, it felt important that I got it right on the first try. I just didn’t know what that should look like. Information on BDSM was hard to come by in general, but before coming to the new club, I’d only heard of age play in passing…and I hadn’t even known what the acronym the site had used for it meant.

ABDL hadn’t meant a damned thing to me at the time, but now I was staring at six honestly adorable littles and watching two threaten each other with crayons for the attention of the large alpha that ran the playroom. The fact that he was obviously in a relationship with his own little didn’t seem to matter to anyone, which made Austin’s comment about attention-whores seem a lot more relevant.

“No.” He shrugged, whirling his hips to make the sheer ball gown sway around him. He was a known attention-whore himself but the movement seemed innocent and not designed to draw attention to his ass. “Just be nice and follow Jarrett’s directions.”

Turning in a circle to make the see-through skirt billow out again, he paused and smiled sweetly. It was a dangerous look on the slightly insane omega. “Oh, and if you’re just going to screw with them, I’ll bury your body in a shallow grave.”

Nothing the man did would surprise me, so I gave a curt nod. “Understood.”

I’d worked with him just enough not to question his threat. If anyone could do it without getting caught, Austin could. The man seemed to be able to do anything he put his mind to, whether that was setting up a BDSM club or somehow becoming partners in an adult novelty store.

His life was the stuff of dirty fairy tales and I knew better than to poke him.

“I have no desire to hurt anyone. I’m simply curious because the presentation was interesting.” And there’d been something about the way Jarrett had talked about his boy and the littles in general that’d given me a thousand questions I couldn’t answer.

It’d been enough of a push to have me coming up to the playroom, but it was going to be the shy smiles and the sweetness that would pull me in.

Austin’s beaming smile was less worrisome as he started to bounce toward the stairs in towering heels. “Then go play and have fun.”