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Blood & Bones - Rev (Blood Fury MC #8)

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Jeanne St. James

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From a past of righteousness to a future of anything but…
Rev rarely does what’s expected of him. The Blood Fury member’s rebellious nature tends to lead him on the road less traveled.
In his youth, he fought the chains meant to restrain him, meant to force him on a righteous path. A path he never chose. A path he never planned to follow.
He prefers to pave his own road, taking detours to forge his own future. Even if it’s one full of sin.
But an unexpected call drags him back to the painful past he’s left far behind. One he’s tried to forget.
No good reason exists for him to return. Except to witness the final moments of the person who made him and his sister suffer.
Maybe even get a taste of revenge. However, he’s not sure he can deal with it alone. He wants someone to stand by him and help give him strength.
A woman who also carves her own path and spits in the face of restrictive rules. The problem is, she’s off limits. No matter how tempting she is, no matter how satisfying the sin would be, touching her is one rule he can’t break.
Ultimately, mistakes are made. Secrets are forced to be kept. Because he’s a sinner.
He was born one. He will die one.
And in between, he plans to enjoy the life he chose. Sins and all.
****Note: Blood & Bones: Rev is the eighth book in the Blood Fury MC series. As always, this book has no cheating, no cliffhanger and has an HEA. It’s recommended to read this series in order.
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Blood Fury MC Series by Jeanne St. James

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Jeanne St. James

Character List

To avoid spoilers this list only includes the characters mentioned in the previous books

BFMC Members:

Trip Davis – President – Son of Buck Davis, half-brother to Sig, mother is Tammy, Runs Buck You Recovery

Sig Stevens – Vice President – Son of Buck Davis, mother is Silvia, three years younger than Trip, helps run Buck You Recovery

Judge (Judd Scott) – Sgt at Arms - Father (Ox) was an Original, owns Justice Bail Bonds

Deacon Edwards – Treasurer – Judge’s cousin, Skip Tracer/Bounty Hunter at Justice Bail Bonds

Cage (Chris Dietrich) – Road Captain – Dutch’s youngest son, mechanic at Dutch’s Garage

Ozzy (Thomas Oswald) – Secretary – Original – manages club-owned The Grove Inn.

Rook (Randy Dietrich) – Dutch’s oldest son, mechanic at Dutch’s Garage

Dutch (David Dietrich) – Original – Owns Dutch’s Garage, sons: Cage & Rook

Dodge – Manager at Crazy Pete’s Bar, did time with Rook in jail

Whip – Mechanic at Dutch’s Garage (formerly known as the prospect Sparky)

Rev (Mickey Rivers) – Mechanic at Dutch’s Garage (formerly known as the prospect Mouse)

Shade (Julian Bennett) – Works at Tioga Pet Crematorium (formerly known as the prospect Shady)

Easy – Works at Tioga Pet Crematorium

Tater Tot – Prospect – Works at Crazy Pete’s

Possum – Prospect – Works at Crazy Pete’s

Castle - Prospect

Scar - Prospect

Bones – Prospect

Ol’ Ladies:

Stella – Trip’s ol’ lady - Crazy Pete’s daughter, owns Crazy Pete’s Bar

Autumn (Red) – Sig’s ol’ lady – Accountant for the club’s businesses

Cassidy (Cassie) – Judge’s ol’ lady – Manages Tioga Pet Crematorium

Reese – Deacon’s ol’ lady – Civil law attorney

Jemma – Cage’s ol’ lady – Hospice Nurse, Judge’s younger sister

Chelle (Rachelle) – Shade’s ol’ lady – Elementary school librarian

Jet Bryson – Rook’s ol’ lady – Works at Justice Bail Bonds, Adam Bryson’s sister

Former Originals:

Buck Davis – President – Deceased, Trip & Sig’s father

Ox – Sgt at Arms – Deceased, Judge & Jemma’s father

Crazy Pete – Treasurer – Deceased, Stella’s father


Tessa – Trip’s younger sister, Cage and Jemma’s house mouse

Reilly – Reese’s sister, works at Dutch’s Garage

Henry (Ry) – Judge’s son

Daisy – Cassie’s daughter

Syn Stevens – Sig’s half-sister

Saylor – Rev’s sister, Judge and Cassie’s house mouse

Dyna – Cage’s daughter

Josie (Josephine) – Chelle’s younger daughter

Maddie (Madison) – Chelle’s older daughter

Jude – 12 yro rescued by Shade, Shade & Chelle’s adopted son

Silvia Stevens – Sig’s mother, Razor’s former ol’ lady

Tammy Davis – Trip’s mother, Buck’s former ol’ lady

Bebe Dietrich – Cage & Rook’s mother, Dutch’s former ol’ lady

Clyde Davis – Buck’s father, Trip & Sig’s grandfather, deceased

Lizzy/Billie/Angel/Amber/Crystal/Brandy – Sweet butts

Max Bryson – Chief of Police – Manning Grove PD, Bryson brother

Marc Bryson – Corporal – Manning Grove PD, Bryson brother

Matt Bryson – Officer – Manning Grove PD, Bryson brother

Adam Bryson – Officer – Manning Grove PD, Bryson’s cousin, Teddy’s husband

Leah Bryson – Officer – Manning Grove PD, Marc’s wife

Tommy Dunn – Officer – Manning Grove PD

Teddy Sullivan – Owner Manes on Main, Adam Bryson’s husband

Amanda Bryson – Max’s wife, owner Boneyard Bakery

Carly Bryson – Matt’s wife, OB/GYN doctor

Levi Bryson – Adopted son of Matt & Carly Bryson (birth mother: Autumn)


For I have sinned

He hated it.

Hated her.

Hated them.

All of them. Every last one.

He hated kneeling.

He hated praying.

He hated the endless drone of their voices.

He even hated the ten wooden chairs that formed a circle around him.

In those chairs sat his mother and nine other women from their church. When the women had entered the room, they refused to look at him and his mother demanded he keep his eyes lowered to the open book in his hand.


Because Michael was a sinner.

His spine, from his tailbone to the top of his neck, felt ready to splinter.

The skin on his bare knees was about to split open from kneeling on the stack of wooden rulers.

His muscles cramped from keeping perfectly still so the bible balanced on his head wouldn’t tumble to the floor.

His arms trembled from holding the “good book” open in his hands.

He wasn’t allowed to move except to turn the wafer-thin pages.

His mouth moved as he followed along with the passage but not one word escaped. His eyes didn’t need to focus on the tiny print on the well-worn pages because he had been forced to read the bible so many times he knew the passage by heart.

Not that this particular scripture meant anything to him. It didn’t.

Because he was a sinner.

He was born one.

He would die one.

And in between, he planned on living a life full of sin.

Keeping his head tipped down to hide it, one corner of his upper lip pulled up into a sneer.

He would remain in the center of that circle surrounded by these women and their monotone voices until the elder, the one who looked like a walking corpse, decided he had atoned for his latest transgression.

In the meantime, if he dropped the bible, he’d get ten lashes. If he stood without permission, he’d get twenty. If he told them all to fuck off, he had no idea how many lashes he’d be blessed with, but a bar of soap would be forced into his mouth, and he’d be locked in his room without supper. To think about his inexcusable actions, he would have to sit in a wooden chair with his hands in his lap, his feet flat on the floor while he continued to pray and ask for forgiveness until his father came home.