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Biker Baby (Kings of Mayhem MC #3)

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I was about to make a huge mistake. And when I say huge, I mean, approximately ten inches’ worth of mistake. But after the week I’d had, this was just what I needed. A night of big bad mistakes with a big bad biker.
Honey Scott
Finding out your boyfriend is a cheating loser is a real buzz kill. Finding out you’re actually the other woman, is devastating. Call it temporary insanity, but I decide the best way to get over the loser I’d dated for two years is to get under a biker with tattoos, dimples and a hard body he knows how to use.
He’s going to make everything better with numerous mind-blowing orgasms. But just for one night. Except one faulty condom means my one-night stand isn’t so one-night after all.
Caleb Calley
After a night of insane sex, the beautiful blue-eyed brunette gave me the slip. And even with all the women on offer afterwards, I can’t get her off my mind. So when she turns up at the Kings of Mayhem MC compound I’m quick to give her a second night of amazing sex and crazy orgasms. But this time, I’m not ready to let her go.
There’s just one problem— she’s not interested. But if she thinks she’s going to give me the slip again, then she’s got another thing coming. I know she is keeping a secret from me but I don’t care what it is. I want her and I’m going to make her mine.
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Kings of Mayhem MC Series by Penny Dee

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I was about to make a huge mistake.

And when I say huge, I mean, approximately ten inches’ worth of mistake.

But after the week I’d had, it was just what I needed. A night of big bad mistakes with a big bad cock.

I focused on the mouth moving sensually over mine. The way this guy kissed had me pulsing in places I hadn’t pulsed in months.

“What’s your name again?” The guy with the tattoos and all those muscles asked between kisses.

“Let’s just keep that to ourselves,” I said, drawing his mouth to mine again and kissing him hard. “It adds to the mystery, don’t you think?”

We tumbled through the door to the motel room we had just paid for. The guy behind the counter had hardly batted an eye at us when he took down our details. And I shouldn’t be surprised. This place probably rented rooms by the hour.

We fell into the room, and the man who was kissing me into nirvana kicked the door closed behind us and pressed me up against the wall.

He pulled away briefly and his eyes rolled over me, they were full of heat. “You’re so fucking hot.”

I grinned and tugged at his belt buckle. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

When my hand brushed over the hardness punching against his zipper, I gasped. My hand went in for a second look. Holy hell. This guy was packing a giant erection.

An unfamiliar thrill ran through me.

This guy was something else. He had muscles for miles and the type of height that commanded everyone’s attention.

I dropped to my knees and peeled his jeans down to reveal the biggest cock I’d ever seen in my life. I looked up at him, unsure how I was going to fit all of him in my mouth. He grinned down at me, but it faded into a look of pure molten heat as I took him in my hand and ran my tongue along the length of him and across the shiny, throbbing head. My mouth closed over him and my tongue tortured the wide crest, licking at it, sucking it, curling and swirling around the sensitive skin at the base of the head. He groaned and it was primal. Virile. Pure man. His hands tangled in my hair and his knees weakened. As his arousal started to peak, his cock began to dip and lift against my lips.

One big arm guided me to my feet and he cupped my face in his hands. “When I come, I’m going to come inside you.”

He pulled my face to his, and with a groan, kissed me hard. He moved me across to the bed where he peeled every item of clothing from my body, savoring the experience by removing them slowly and kissing every area of exposed flesh. My head spun and my body clenched with every purposeful lick and touch of his lips against my skin. He lay me down and crawled over me, his hard body covering me in heat and rock-hard muscle. I’m not sure when he took his jeans off, I was too lost in sensation, too lost in the feel of his tongue on my skin and the deep moans of appreciation escaping him as he slowly worked my body into a fever.

I was drowning in desire when he reached for the condom in his wallet. And I could barely breathe as he ripped the foil package open and rolled the sheath of latex over his very hard, very big cock.

He crawled back over me, and the heat on his face and the vibrant need in his eyes made me forget to breathe. With one long, hard push he was inside me, and the sudden intrusion sent fireworks zip-zapping through me. His size opened me, stretched me, and he thrust into me with a physical prowess I’d never known, hitting every delicious spot inside of me. He was a lot of man to take. He was big, with broad shoulders and huge biceps, and just the sensation of all that muscle on top of me was enough to send pleasure soaring throughout my body. What he did with his mouth, his tongue, his body, it made me crazy.

My orgasm was swift, its ferocity overwhelming me completely. My eyes closed and I clutched his massive shoulders as I cried out again and again, utterly lost in ecstasy. He thrust my arms above my head, grinding hard into me to draw out the pleasure spiraling out from where our bodies connected.

“That was amazing,” I gasped, floating on the dizzying heights of my afterglow.

He smiled against my lips as I panted against him. “You think that was amazing? Baby, I’ve only just started.”

With a deep thrust of his hips, he made me cry out again and again as he drove my body toward more delicious orgasms. He was relentless. Powerful. He knew how to use his cock, and he wasn’t afraid to show me.